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Andrew Jensen's Declaration of Intention
Declaration of Intention given to Andrew Jensen from the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization. Signed in the county of Matagorda, the document declares Andrew's intention to become a natural citizen of the United States. It renounces his citizenship in Denmark and the King Frederick VIII. An embossed seal can be seen on the bottom left corner.
[Group Posing for a Picture at Lars and Dora Wind's Wedding]
Black and white photograph of a sizeable group of women and men gathered for a picture at the celebration for newlyweds Lars and Dora Wind, who are not pictured. Each individual is wearing light-colored semi-formal clothing; some of them are wearing aprons over their attire. According to information from related pictures from the same event, these individuals were servers at the wedding. The men are wearing hats. Behind the group to the left is an outdoor pavilion which is partially visible; its roof has scalloped shingles. To the right of the group, a cloth tarp is covering another outdoor gathering area.
[Portrait of Jeanette Olson]
Studio photograph of a young girl, identified as Jeanette Olson, in front of a light-colored backdrop. She wears a pleated jumper with a ruffled neckline over a dark top with bulging sleeves. She also wears light-colored shoes and a bow on her head. A rectangular frame has been placed over the photograph. Both have been placed inside a folder.
[Postcard from John Nielsen to Christine Olson]
Black and white postcard that has on its front side a portrait of a man identified as John Nielsen. He is wearing a heavy jacket with a sweater, a shirt, and a tie underneath. His right forearm is poised in front of his torso. On the back side is a note written in pen by John to his friend Christine. Because of some discontinued text, it appears that the postcard has been cut down to size. The text that has been left intact reads, "Los Angeles Cal, December 27, 1913. Dear Friend- I will send you a copy of myself in my street car suit. I was going to have it taken with my hat on but I changed my mind. Your friend, John."
Power of Attoney from Lykke Heirs to Peter Harton
Power of attorney document, also known as a letter of attorney, between the Lykke heirs and Peter Harton. The first page lists the individuals present during the document's creation. The second page describes the transaction between the Lykkes and Peter Harton, who is receiving a sizable amount of property, as well as the right to manage and control the property in any way he sees fit.
[Servers at Lars and Dora Wind's Wedding]
Black and white photograph of a five women standing in a row at the outdoor wedding celebration of Lars and Dora Wind. According to accompanying information they are servers at the wedding celebration. They are all wearing unique light-colored dresses as their uniform; some of them have aprons on over their attire. The beams of an outdoor pavilion are visible above their heads in the background. The leaves of a floral bush in the foreground are covering part of some of the girls' bodies.
[Wedding of Lars and Dora Harton Wind]
Copy negative of a black and white photograph of eight people lined up in a row for a photograph; the two individuals in the center are a newlywed couple, identified as Lars Wind and Dora Harton Wind. Lars is wearing suit that is buttoned up and a flower on his lapel. To his right, Dora is standing and wearing a white dress and a veil while holding a bouquet of flowers. Both the bride and the groom have 3 accompanying individuals on either side of them. Behind them and to the left of them, covered pavilions are visible.
[Wedding Party of Lars and Dora Wind]
Black and white photograph of a group of men and women standing at the wedding of Lars and Dora Wind. They are lined up on a grassy area that is adjacent to a covered pavilion that is to the left of the group. A small, verdant tree is embedded in the ground right in front of the group. According to information that accompanies a related picture from the same set and same event, these individuals were servers at the wedding, which is the reason for their aprons and hats (on the men).