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1920 Dodge Roadster
Copy negative of Hans Thorvald and Anna Andersen standing in front of their Dodge Roadster on their honeymoon in Parlier, California. Anna is wearing a loose long-sleeved shirt that gathers at both cuffs, a scarf tied around her neck, loose pants, and a hat with a gathered ribbon across the rim. Hans, who is standing beside Anna, is wearing a buttoned shirt, a tie, loose trousers, a tool belt, and is holding a hat in his hand. The couple had to change thirty-five flat tires on their honeymoon trip from California to Texas.
Hans Thorvald Andersen and Anna Kristine Thomsen
Copy negative of Hans Thorvald Andersen and his wife, Anne Kristine Andersen. Anne is standing slightly behind Hans, wearing a short-sleeved lace wedding gown, tulle veil, floral head piece, and holding a large floral bouquet. Hans is wearing a dark suit and necktie.