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[Abelone Wind in Her Confirmation Dress]
Postcard featuring a black and white portrait of a young woman, identified as Abelone Wind, standing on top of a couple of intricate rugs. Behind her is a painted backdrop. She is wearing a white Confirmation dress, a white bow in her hair, and black shoes. Her right arm is resting on a elaborately woven wicker chair.
Annette and Beverly Waldman
Black and white photograph of two young girls who are sisters, standing outdoors on a lawn and posing for a photograph. The girls, who are holding hands, are identified as Annette Waldman and Beverly Waldman. They are both wearing dresses and the older sister has a purse in one of her hands. Behind them is a large bush.
Emma Nielsen Hansen and John Allenson
Black and white photograph of a man and a woman, identified as John Allenson and Emma Nielsen Hansen, standing outdoors next to other unidentified individuals that are mingling with their backs to their camera. Emma, who is wearing a vest and a dress with flocked sleeves, has her arms crossed and is smiling at the camera. To her right, John is standing and fixing his tie. He is wearing a three-piece suit and a hat. Behind them, the side of a house is visible. A child's head is partially in view at the bottom of the foreground.
The Emmas
Black and white photograph of two women, a mother and a daughter, who share the same name; they are posed outdoors in front of a set of windows on a house located in Danevang. On the left is Emma Nielsen Hansen and on the right is her daughter, Emma Hansen Berndt. They are both wearing dark dresses with long sleeves. The younger Emma is wearing glasses. In the windows behind them, lace curtains are visible.
[Lutheran Church Women]
Photograph of several women gathered for a group picture in front of a red curtain. They are part of a Lutheran church in Danevang, Texas. They wear formal attire and over half wear glasses. From left to right, they have been identified as: Top row: Martha Graff, Margaret Moller, Louise Petersen, Helena Lauritsen, Edna Olson, Julia Knudsen, Ella Hansen, Myrtle Waldman, and Dora Wind. Second row: Essie White, Joyce Nielsen, Gertrude Hansen, Bertha Jensen, Marie Swendsen, Gudrun Jensen, Heneritta Bram, Elsie Christensen, Anita Schulz, Alice Hansen, and Myrtle Lauritsen. Bottom row: Margaret Juhl, Delpha Carlsen, Lillian Roberts, Emma Berndt, Ester Hutson, Lillian Hansen, Ruth Brodsgaard, and Pastor Erik Moller.
Martin & Lizzie Christiansen Golden Wedding (?)
Photograph of a group of people standing close together on the front steps of Danevang Community Hall. According to accompanying information, they are at the wedding of Martin and Lizzie Christiansen, who possibly could be the two individuals pictured in the center with the large bouquet of flowers. Other names have been provided, but they have not been matched to any one individual. The community hall behind them is a large two-story structure with horizontal siding and several windows. An open entryway can be seen far left.
[Myrtle Waldman and Her Daughters Beverly and Annette]
Black and white photograph of a mother, Myrtle Waldman, and her two daughters, Annette Waldman and Beverly Waldman. They are standing outdoors in a shaded grassy area that is surrounded by trees. Myrtle is holding the hands of her younger daughter, who is standing in front of her with a look of wonderment on her face. The older daughter is standing to their right, with her hand on her mouth and her ankles crossed. An unidentified young girl is standing next to a bench behind them in the distance.
Patty at Piano in Church
Photograph of a woman, identified as Patty Jensen, seated on a wooden bench in front of an organ inside Danevang Lutheran Church. She wears glasses, a white pearl necklace, and a white dress. Several bell-shaped plants have been set on top of the organ. To the right, there are various religious implements: a white basin, a wooden podium, and candlestick on top of a table. Accompanying information states: "Patty played the piano and organ for Danevang Lutheran Church from 1967 thru 2010."
Wedding of Elna Petersen and Michael Mikkelsen
Black and white postcard of a wedding party posed for a portrait in front of a building. The bride and the groom are standing just left of the group's center. The bride, Elna Petersen, is cradling a bouquet of white flowers, and wearing a veil with a white dress. Several women that may be her bridesmaids are standing in the front row are also wearing white dresses and holding bouquets. The groom, Michael Mikkelsen, is standing to the right of Elna. Seated in front of the standing adults is a group of children. Two large bushes frame the group on either side.
Wilhelm Harton - 3 Months Old
Photograph of Wilhelm Harton, three months old, wearing a long, child's gown with a crochet trim sewn to the neckline. He sits on what appears to be a wicker chair. Text on the front of the mat on which the picture is pasted to reads "Luck's East 6th Studio, Austin, TX." Hand-written text on the back of the mat reads, "Wilhelm Harton. Apr. 1, 04. 3 months old. Born: 1/1/04 Died : 1/23/72 Son of Peter Harton Stephanie Reif Harton (sic)"