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1945 Storm
Copy negative of hurricane damage after a storm in Danevange, Texas, which is located in Wharton County. In the image, a building is knocked over on it's side against the telephone office. The other two buildings pictured are missing roof shingles and boards.
[Andrew Berndt and Myrtle Waldman]
Black and white photograph of a woman and a man (identified as Myrtle Hansen Waldman and Andrew E. Berndt) standing in a grassy area near an automobile. The two individuals are both wearing hats. Near Myrtle's feet are a basket and a suitcase. Andrew is standing directly next to the car. A dirt road is visible behind them.
[Boy Scouts Field Day in El Campo, Texas]
Black and white photograph of a large group of boys that make up a chapter of the Boy Scouts of America. According to the title written on the photograph, they are all cub scouts from Wharton County and they are posing for a portrait to commemorate a summer field day. Positioned in front of the side of a wooden cabin, they are arranged in four rows with the first row seated with their legs crossed and the second row seated on a bench. Four adult scout leaders are present; one is sitting on the first row with the boys, one is standing to the left of the group, and two are on the right.
Christian and Katrine Nissen
A postcard and photograph of the Nissen family and their home, respectively, held together by a sticker which reads, "Chv. Nissen (Both)." Christian and Katrine Nissen, husband and wife, are presumably pictured in the postcard, but names, although provided, were not matched to individuals. There are several women, men, and children on the postcard. They are in front of a single-story structure with intersecting gable roofs, on a dirt ground with no visible trees or plants. In the photograph, a two-story home with horizontal siding stands amidst several bushes and trees. Intersecting gable roofs cover the second story. A mansard roof further down creates a second-story balcony bordered by railing. This same roof projects outwardly as an overhang supported by four pillars. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph reads, "This home and 80 acres of land was sold. The money sent to Ebenezer Home, Brush, Colorado. The home of Christian and Katrine Nissen (south of the Carl Thyssen home). Aunt Katrine lived there until her death 1/23/53. This was their 2nd home." There is additional text but it cannot be read with certainty.
[Family Relaxing in Their Yard]
Black and white photograph of a woman and two men sitting on lawn chairs in the yard of a house that is partially visible behind them. The woman, identified as Anna Nielsen, is wearing a dress and glasses and has her hair in a bun; she is checking her fingernails. To her immediate right is her husband, Peter, who is leaning forward in his chair with his arms on his knees. Beside him is Alfred Nielsen, the couples' nephew; he is leaning back in his seat with his hands behind his head.
[Fritz Swendsen and Family]
Black and white photograph of the Swendsen family grouped together on a wooden deck for a picture at an unknown outdoor location. The branches of a tree on the left hang over their heads.
A. Longwood Home
Photograph of the A. Longwood farmstead property in Danevang, Texas. A dirt path in the foreground leads up to the main structure, a two-story house with white siding, intersecting gable roofs with light gray shingles, and double-hung windows on the first and second floors. A parked car is to the left underneath a tree. To the right, there is a red mechanical plow, and behind it, what appears to be an outbuilding. A white sticker placed on the front of the photograph indicates that it is "now Fred Swendsen rent house."
Mads Andersen Home
Photograph of a homestead in Danevang, Texas, belonging to Mads Andersen. Across a narrow body of water in the foreground, various plants and bushes surround the main property off to the left in the back. It is a two-story structure with intersecting gable roofs and a balcony on the second floor bordered by post railings. This same balcony creates an overhang for a first floor entrance. A thick blanket of snow covers the property.
Myrtle Waldman
Black and white photograph of Myrtle Waldman standing outdoors and smiling for the camera in the yard of a wooden-sided house that is visible in the background. She is wearing glasses and a dress with an asymmetrical button placket. The back of a wooden chair is partially visible on the bottom left corner of the picture; she has her hand placed atop its back.
[Myrtle Waldman and Her Children]
Black and white photograph of a mother and her children posed outdoors for a picture in front of a house. The mother, Myrtle Waldman, is visible from the chest up; on her lap is a sizable blanket where her infant daughter is laying. To her left, Myrtle's other daughter is seen peeking from behind the blanket, visible from the chin up. The trunk of a tree and a few bushes are in the background.
Notice of Classification
Notice of classification document sent out by the Local Board in Wharton, Texas, to Ejner Larsen Wind in Danevang. The front side lists the registrant name as well as a stamp of approval and a signature by a member of the Local Board (name is partially visible but a hard crease halfway down the middle of the postcard has rendered it difficult to read). It ends with fine print concerning the right to appeal. On the back, there is postage information.
Pastor Erik and Margaret Moller
Studio photograph of Pastor Erik and his wife, Margaret Moller, in a well-lit space with a blank backdrop. Margaret, on the left, wears a v-neck blouse with a brooch pinned to her left lapel, post earrings, and horn-rimmed glasses. Pastor Erik, on the right, wears a dark suit jacket and tie over a light-colored shirt. There is a folded handkerchief in his left pocket. He also wears horn-rimmed glasses. Hand-written text in pencil on the back of the photograph reads, "Margaret and Rev. Erik Moller, last Danish minister to serve Danevang - the Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church."
Revaluation Policy of Property
Insurance policy document written in Danish. It was sent by Carl Harton in order to apply for membership to cover household goods against fire or lightning damages. When folded, the document acts as a pamphlet on the back, where much of its bylaws and fine print policies appear to be stated.
[Reverend Eric Moller and Pastor Dan Laudedale]
Photograph of Reverend Eric Moller and Pastor Dan Lauderdale at Pastor Dan's farewell party. They are standing in front of a table, on which a folded piece of paper has been opened. Two small Danish flags emerge from the bottom left corner. Reverend Eric is standing on the left smiling toothily. He wears a two-piece gray suit and striped tie. To the right is Pastor Dan Lauderdale, who holds his hands behind his back and restrains a smile. He wears a dark blue shirt and dark pants. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph indicates that the photograph was taken at "Com. Hall", perhaps an abbreviation for Community Hall.
[St. Ansgar's Church After 1945 Storm]
Photograph of the front facade of St. Ansgar's Church in Danevang, Texas. According to accompanying information, the photograph was taken shortly after a 1945 hurricane destroyed the church. Left standing is the main entry to the church. This structure is surrounded by different construction materials - roofing, large wooden poles, walls and siding - piled up in large heaps. A few small trees are scattered around the church. To the left of this destruction, in the foreground of the image, is a tombstone with text on the front that reads "Gudsfred", but the smaller text on it cannot be read with certainty.
[A Woman and a Man Posing for a Picture Outdoors]
Black and white photograph of an unidentified woman and man standing together in the yard of a white house with several windows. A tree trunk is visible to the left of the them. In the background, a few people are relaxing in wooden Adirondack lawn chairs. One of the figures is Alfred Hansen.