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[Photograph of Baby Carolyn Franks]
Photograph of a baby, identified as "Carolyn Franks," seated on a bed in front of a large pillow. The baby is dressed in a diaper held on by several safety pins.
[Portrait of Baby Francis Hamilton]
Photograph of a baby, dressed in a long, white gown, laying on a dark blanket. The image is labeled "Francis Hamilton."
[Portrait of Baby in Stroller]
Photograph of a very young baby, wearing a white gown, laying on a white lace pillow in a stroller. The image is labeled "Billee Smoote."
[Portrait of Boy on Rocking Horse]
Photograph of a young boy wearing a light-colored sailor suit with shorts, seated on a white rocking horse. The boy is labeled as "Lee Glen Kokernot."
[Portrait of John Holland, Jr.]
Photograph of a young boy, wearing a dark gown and seated on a large, wooden chair. The image is labeled "John Holland, Jr."
[Portrait of Lola Lee Young]
Portrait of an infant wearing a white dress, laying on a large white pillow. The picture is labeled as "Lola Lee Young."
[Portrait of Louise Adelle Perkins]
Photograph of a young girl with short blonde hair, wearing a white gown and seated on a wicker basket.
[Portrait of Nellie Lea]
Photograph of a young child labeled as "Nellie Lea" wearing a white gown and white, lace bonnet with large bows at her ears.
[Portrait of Two Brothers]
Photograph of two young boys seated next to each other on a wooden piece of furniture. They are identified, left to right, as Jack Stewart and Billy Stewart.
[Portrait of Virginia Holland]
Photograph of a young baby looking over the edge of a crib, labeled as "Virginia Holland." The crib is lined with a large, white blanket.
[Portrait of Young Baby]
Photograph of young baby, dressed in a white gown, lying on her side in a white bed. The photograph is labeled "Dorothy-Elizabeth Davis."
[Portrait of Young Boy]
Photograph of a young boy seated on a wooden chair. The boy is labeled as "Raymond Fierro."
[Portrait of Young Boy in Bed]
Photograph of shirtless young boy, wearing a diaper and seated on a bed in front of a dark pillow. The image is labeled "John Gentry."
[Young Holland Children]
Photograph of two children, seated on a large wooden chair. The older child on the right is holding the young baby against its chest. The text "Holland Children" is written across the photograph.
[Young John William Kokernot]
Portrait of a young boy, labeled as "John William Kokernot," seated on a round, wooden table. The boy is wearing a light shirt with a dark tie and shorts.