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(Karen) Mrs. Hans Berndt
Copy negative of a portrait of Karen Berndt. She is wearing a dark, high-collar dress decorated with flowers pinned to the shoulder. Karen is facing toward the right side of the image with her arms resting on the top of an upholstered dining chair. There is a palm plant, a vase, and a carved wood fireplace visible in the background of the image. There is a banner at the bottom of the image that reads, "Olsen Hartford Portraits".
Quarterly Occupation Tax Receipt Number 35
Quarterly occupation tax receipt given to P. B. Bundick of Matagorda County, Texas for his occupation of Ferryman. Mr. Bundick appears have paid a total of $2.62 on this particular quarter. The transaction was confirmed by the comptroller of public accounts, Jno. D. McCall, whose signature can be seen on the bottom right corner.