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[Photograph of Seventeen High School Seniors]

Description: Seventeen high school seniors standing and kneeling in the snow. All are wearing hats and coats, and some of the boys are holding snowballs and engaging in a snowball fight. All of girls wear skirts and dark leggings beneath their coats; and all of the boys wear neckties. Back of the photo is inscribed, "Seniors of '24. January - snow below campus". Numbers have been written on the image to identify each individual. Corresponding numbers and names are inscribed on the back as follows: 1. Alice Braeutigam; 2. Bertha Horlen (?); 3. Julia Knopp; 4. Edgar Kordiz; 5. Anita Winkle; 6. Theo Heyland; 7. Kurt Welgehausen; 8. William Petmecky; 9. Winton Scott; 10. Henry Rheinbach; 11. Harvey Streigler; 12. Enoch St. Clair; 13. Nolan Brown; 14. Eugene Jung; 15. Fred Oehler; 16. Herbert Merz; 17. Wesley Kuenemann. Also on the back of the photo is the processer's stamp which reads as follows: "Welgehausen's Fredericksburg, Tex. Kodak Finishing, Enlarging"
Date: January 1924
Partner: Gillespie County Historical Society

[Photograph of the O. D. H. S. Archway in Fredericksburg]

Description: Photograph of the O. D. H. S. decorative archway in Fredericksburg. The archway has a man on top and the letters O D H S on it, and it is covered in garland and lights. The following is printed in white at the bottom: "21. TE. Gross Loge. O. D. H. S. Fredericksburg, Texas. April. 14, 15, 16, 1924." The following stamp appears on the back: "Welgehausen's Kodak Finishing, Enlarging Fredericksburg, Tex."
Date: April 1924
Partner: Gillespie County Historical Society