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1940 Confirmation
Black and white photograph of a confirmation class standing in a grassy outdoor area close by some trees. Six girls in white dresses stand in the front row while five boys who are mostly only able to seen from the neck up, stand directly behind them. In the background a steeple with a cross on the top is visible.
1940 Confirmation
Black and white photograph of the 1940 confirmation class of the [Danevang Lutheran Church]. Six girls in white dresses stand in the front row while five boys in suits stand directly behind them on the steps of the church building. Two windows are visible behind them.
Birthday at Sam Brodsgaard's Home
Photograph of a group of people celebrating a birthday at a home belonging to Sam Brodsgaard. They are just outside of an entrance, on a lawn that has been cut short. The house has a shingled gable roof and light-colored siding. Four double-hung windows can be seen as well. Names have been provided by accompanying information, but have not been matched properly to the individuals pictured.
[Boy Scouts Biting Into Watermelon Slices]
Photograph of the Boy Scouts of America standing before a single-story structure with the word "Douglass" written on it. The children, with the exception of a few who are in the back, are wearing traditional Boy Scout uniforms: shirts with button-flap pockets, caps, and neckerchiefs. They are all holding large slices of watermelons; some are biting into them. An adult female and an adult male are in the back on the right. Although names have been provided, they can only be applied with certainty to the first three children on the left - Kenneth Strarup, Donald Lykke, and Carl Hansen - and to the last five on the right - Lester Wind, Gertrude Hansen, Leroy Strarup, Lawrence Harton, and Carl Marius Hansen Sr.
Photograph of a group of people in front of several small pine trees. The woman on the far left has been identified as Kathyrn Nielsen. She wears a belted coat and holds a purse. A man next to her, identified as Andrew Andersen, has his arms around her and a second woman's shoulder, identified as Anna Hansen, who is on the right. A second man, identified as Ingvard Andersen, is kneeling down next to them on the far right. He wears a hat, suit jacket, and glasses.
[Group of Women in Front of Building]
Postcard of a group of women outside of the Danevang Community Hall. A Red Cross flag has been hanged behind them partially covering a window and fully covering a door. Three more windows are seen on the same face of the building, and a fourth, of similar dimensions, can be seen on the left adjacent wall. Some of the women present are dressed in nursing uniforms, while others are more casually dressed in light-colored gowns. There are also a few children on the front row. Hand-written text on the back of the postcard indicates setting as community hall and donor Lillian Hansen. It has not been addressed to anybody.
A. H. Andersen Home
Photograph of a two-story structure in Danevang, Texas, belonging to Andrew H. Andersen. It has intersecting roofs; a gable one at one end and two gambrel-like ones at the other. Several windows are visible on the first and second floor, but much of the house is hidden by the nearby species of plants, bushes, and trees surrounding it. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph lists two names, that of Arthur Andersen and Frank Ott.
Copy negative of Hans Michaelsen, a World War II veteran in San Antonio, Texas. Hans is sitting down on a large rock platform, facing forward. He is dressed in a suit and a military hat. There is a house and a car visible in the background of the photograph.
[Hansen Family Portrait]
Copy print portrait of the Hansen family in front of a blank backdrop. From left to right, the five individuals in the front row have been identified as Wilbert Hansen, Agnes Hansen, Johannes Hansen, Jack Hansen, and Louise Hansen. From left to right, those in the back row have been identified as Irene Hansen, Ellnora Hansen, and Cecelia Hansen. They are all dressed in formal attire.
Ingvard & Mary Andersen
Photograph of an elder couple standing outdoors near a bush. The woman, standing on the left, has been identified as Mary Hansen Andersen. She wears glasses and a button-up dress cinched at the waist. On the right, her husband, Ingvard Andersen, has his hand around her shoulders. He wears a suit jacket, shirt, dark pants, and glasses. A house can be seen in the distance across a narrow road.
[The Jensen Family]
Copy negative of a black and white photograph of the Hans Peter Jensen family standing on the lawn of Ted Jensen's home. They are lined up in front of an exterior side of the house, where two windows are visible. Standing on the left are two men identified as H.F. Jensen and George Jensen. They are wearing suits and ties. H.F. is holding a hat at his side. Toward the middle of the group are three women identified as Elizabeth Jensen Juhl, Maren Jensen, and Lena Jensen Lauritsen; they are all wearing dresses and hats. On the right end is Theodore Jensen, who sports a tie and button-up shirt with pants. His right shirt sleeve is tucked into his pants; he seems to be missing that arm.
Maren Jensen
Copy negative of Maren Jensen on her 81st birthday in Danevang, Texas, which is located in Wharton County. In the photograph, Maren is sitting in a yard next to a large, three-tiered birthday cake. She is wearing a long dress with a floral pattern.
[Maren Jensen And Her Birthday Cake on Her 81st Birthday]
Black and white photograph of Maren Jensen seated outdoors on a lawn, next to a table where a four-tier cake has been placed. Around the foot of the table near her feet are several bouquets of flowers. A few trees are visible in the background. Afternoon shadows are cast across the lawn behind her.
Marentze Webb, Christian Brodsgaard, and Jane Andersen
Photograph of a family group outdoors in front of what appears to be a farmstead. The older woman on the left has been identified as Marentze Andersen. She wears a long dress and holds the hand of her husband (presumably), Christian Brodsgaard, who wears dark pants, a light-colored shirt, and a striped tie. The young girl in front of them, identified as Jane Andersen, wears a dark dress with a rounded, bib-like neckline and light-colored shoes. A barn, windmill, and wooden shed can be seen behind them. In a structure on the leftmost part of the image, the back end of an automobile can be made out. A continuous, decorative border surrounds the photograph.
Marius Bram Family
Copy negative of Marius Bram's family, a Danish family of Wharton County, Texas. From left to right, top to bottom, the family members pictured are Carl Bram, Clarence Bram, Raymond Bram, Otto Bram, Emil (Jack) Bram, Walter Bram, Oscar Bram, Harry Bram, and Elve Bram on the top row and Johanna Bram, Marius Bram, Jakobina Bram, and Clara Bram on the bottom row.
[Memorial Service for King Charles X]
Photograph of Pastor Vaghn Duus conducting a memorial service in Los Angeles, California, in the 1940's for the deceased King Christian X. Pastor Duus is in the very front of the church on top of a series of steps behind a large portrait of King Christian and surrounded by ornate floral arrangements and candles. Above him, there is a stained glass window of a religious theme. The church architecture looks to be quite ornate, with two main alcoves to the right and left of the photograph built with different niches and column constructions. There are seven flags on the ground floor, five of which are supported by men in suits and military-style uniforms. Several attendees are seated in the foreground, many of whom are looking down at opened books. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph lists some metadata information as well as a short description of the event.
[Men and Women at May Fete Celebration at Danevang Community Hall]
Photograph of men, women, and children during May Fete celebration at Danevang Community Hall. They stand before a backdrop of trees and sky. Streamers hang from the ceiling. They are all finely dressed in formal dresses and suits, and the majority of the women hold floral arrangements. Names have been provided but it cannot be stated with certainty to whom they apply.
[Peter A. Petersen]
Black and white photograph of a man wearing a three-piece suit, standing outside of a building near a bush. He is identified as Peter A. Petersen. The building's windows are partially visible behind him.
[Peter J. A. Petersen in his Home]
Photograph of a man, identified as Peter A. J. Petersen, sitting in his home at Danevang, Texas. He is on the left side of the photograph, seated in a wooden chair, smoking a pipe, and reading off of a piece of paper. A window to the left is letting in large amounts of light. There is a wooden table in front of the man with a floral centerpiece and an array of papers surrounding it. Behind him, there is a desk with several items stacked inside it. Photographs, bottles, and different types of decor are resting on top. A large wooden door is to the right, and farther right, another chair. There is a hand-written note on the back of the photograph that has been crossed out and reworded.
Sam Brodsgaard Home
Photograph of a large two-story home in Danevang, Texas, belonging to Sam Brodsgaard. The house has intersecting gable roofs, horizontal siding, several double-hung windows on the first and second floors, and a sloping overhang covering the front entrance. Two slender columns are on each corner of the overhang structure. Small bushes and trees are some distance away from the house. The lawn has been cut short. A decorative border surrounds the photograph. On the bottom, hand-written text in marker reads, "the Brodsgaard home." Additionally, in the back, a second line of text reads, "Old farmhouse Danevang, TX."
Sam & Christian Brodsgaard
Photograph of Sam and Christine Brodsgaard standing outdoors in front of a house. They appear to be located in a flat, rural empty plot of land. The house has one double-hung window and horizontal siding. Sam wears a cardigan over a shirt and tie combination and dark pants. Christine, with arms folded in front of her, wears a dark, long-sleeve dress and glasses.
Photograph of four young boys posing for the camera outside in front of a log cabin. A partially opened window is on the left side of the cabin. The boys stand shortest to tallest from left to right. They have been identified directionally in this manner as Irvin Wind, Kenneth Andersen, Kermit Harton, and Jack Hansen. They are all dressed uniformly in boy scout uniforms, which consists of belted, pleated shorts, a shirt with two pockets on each side, and a tied bandana around their necks. Hand-written text in pencil on the back of the photograph lists their names as well as the year the photograph was taken.
[Two Girls on Their Confirmation Day at Danevang Lutheran Church]
Black and white photograph of two young women, Inger Nielsen and Alma Harton, standing on concrete steps in front of the Danevang Lutheran Church. They are both wearing white dresses and have their arms around each others' waists. The young woman on the left has her other arm on her hips. Behind them, the doors of the church are closed. The arched window above the door has an inscription that says "ANSGAR KIRKE," meaning each other's waist.