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Carl Thyssen Family
Photograph of members of the Thyssen family standing outdoors in front of a large bush. Behind the bush, there is a two-story structure with two double-hung windows and horizontal siding. The majority of the family group is dressed in formal attire, with the exception of two children in the front row that appear more casual. All names have been provided, but they have not been matched to people pictured. However, Carl Thyssen is presumably the older man on the far right wearing the three-piece suit.
Carl Thyssen Family
Photograph of members of the Thyssen family in front of a large bush during a Christmas celebration. A two-story structure can be seen behind them with horizontal siding, three windows, and an elevated foundation. A second bush is off to the right. They are dressed in formal attire. A kneeling man in the front row is also wearing a military uniform while holding the hand of a woman in a dark dress. Names have been supplied by accompanying information, but they have not been matched to any single individual. On the back of the photograph, hand-written text seems to say, "Mother and party w/ her family Christmas 1943."
[Danevang School Students]
Copy print of school students and two of their teachers standing on the front steps of a school in Danevang, Texas. Behind them, there is an open double-door entryway. They have been lined up into three rows. From left to right, the first row has been identified as Lawrence Harton, Gunnar Thyssen, Vernon Swendsen, Barbara Strarup, Lawrence Petersen, Leroy Strarup, and Julian Christiansen. The second row, from left to right, has been identified as Martin Strarup, Alton Nielsen, Preston Hicks, Lillie Jensen, Irene Hansen, Shirley Strarup, and A. R. Zieschang. The last row, from left to right, is comprised of Donald Hicks (teacher), Jack Hansen, Isabel Nielsen, Joyce Hansen, and Mrs. Hicks (teacher).
Notice of Classification
Notice of classification postcard sent out by the Local Board in Wharton, Texas, to Ejner Larsen Wind in Danevang. The front side lists the registrant name and Ejner's classification, as well as a stamp of approval and a signature by John Norris. It ends with fine print concerning the right to appeal. On the back, there is postage information.
[Written Account of the Origins of the Danevang Farmers Cooperative Society]
Four page account of the beginning of the Danevange Farmers Cooperative Society written by W. E. Paulson, a marketing specialist in the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station at Texas A. & M. University. Early hardships in Danevange frame the communal spirit of the early Texas Danes, who begin cooperative enterprises after the devastating "Galveston storm" in 1900. Mr. Paulson ends with some of the financial benefits of the Coop society on Danevange.