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1945 Confirmation
Black and white photograph of the 1945 confirmation class of [Danevang Lutheran Church] standing inside their church. They are posed in front of an intricate altar that has four spires and that appears to have a religious image at its center. The group, comprised of three girls and eight boys, is flanked by two windows and the ceiling above the group is concave. The girls wear white dresses and corsages pinned to their clothing and the boys wear suits with boutonnières pinned to their lapels. Directly situated before the group is a white stand. To the right of the group is a flower arrangement and in the foreground the blurry shape of pews are visible.
1945 Storm
Copy negative of hurricane damage after a storm in Danevange, Texas, which is located in Wharton County. In the image, a building is knocked over on it's side against the telephone office. The other two buildings pictured are missing roof shingles and boards.
Church 1945 Storm
Photograph of the Danevang Lutheran Church after a hurricane. A paved step, a window and a door, which make up part of the front facade of the building, are still standing. The rest of the church has suffered considerable damage. Various construction materials - walls, siding, shingles, etc. - surround the standing structure. There is a small tree off to the left. Rough hand-written text in blue ink on the front of the photograph reads, "Danevang, Texas - After hurricane - 1945 church."
[Confirmation Class of 1945, Danevang Lutheran Church]
Black and white photograph of the Danevang Lutheran Church Confirmation class of 1945. The class is composed of several young men and young women who are accompanied by their Reverend, Vaghn Duus, who is standing on the far left on the back row. They are all wearing formal wear; the girls are wearing white dresses and the boys are wearing suits. Each individual has a floral boutonniere pinned to their clothing. Behind the group is a set of open wooden doors.
[Confirmation Party at Danevang Community Hall]
Copy print of a confirmation celebration being held at Danevang Community Hall. Long tables have been arranged for the festivities, with three tables running parallel to the right wall and a fourth table perpendicular to the first three. All of the tables are full, except for the one closest to the foreground, which is empty. The photograph appears to have been taken from a high angle, as some of the guests are looking upwards towards the direction where the photograph was taken . The majority of them, however, are actively engaged in conversation and their food.
[Danevang Community Hall After Hurricane in 1945]
Copy negative of a black and white photograph of Danevang Community Hall after damages incurred during the hurricane that hit the town in 1945. Visible from two-point perspective, the building has a few missing shingles on its roof and some broken windowpanes, as evidenced by a woman who is sitting in one of the window frames and grasping a pane.
[Danish Ladies Aid 50th Anniversary]
Photograph of a group of senior women during the Danish Ladies Aid 50th year anniversary. They are posing for the camera outside in a long line, although it appears that two pictures were taken at the same time because they are all tentatively staring to the right. Two women at center-left hold up a sign that denotes the day's event. It appears to be written in Danish. They are dressed conservatively; the majority wear long coats and dresses, as well as glasses and pinned-back hairstyles. A young girl is in the very front looking directly at the camera.
[Demolished Church and Fallen Tree]
Photograph of the remains of a church after a weather disaster. A fallen tree with broken branches is on the rightmost side of the photograph. Behind it, the shingled roof of part of the church is inclined on fragments of wall material and construction posts. The entrance is the only part of the church that is still standing. It is flanked by other demolished parts of roofing, walls, and beams on the right side of the photograph.
[Hansen Family in Posed for a Portrait in Front of a House]
Black and white photograph of a family gathered for a group portrait in front an unidentified white house. They are arranged haphazardly by a bush to their left. Their two dogs are nuzzling in front of the group.
[Home of Niels Hansen in Danevang]
Copy negative of a black and white photograph of a two-story house, belonging to Niels Hansen, and its surrounding lawn after a hurricane. The yard, which is flooded with water, has some large tree branches strewn about it.
Ima Hansen
Black and white photograph of a woman (identified as Ima Hansen, wife of Alfred Hansen) standing in front of a long building that has several doors and windows as well as an open alcove that may be a garage. She is wearing glasses and is holding an object in her hands. Her attention is directed toward something unseen in the picture plane. On the right of the photograph, an open door to an automobile is partially visible. A patterned border surrounds the image.
Melvin Hansen Holding Small Child in Yard
Photograph of a man, identified as Melvin Hansen, holding his infant son, Dennis Hansen. They are standing in a yard, with nothing around them except a few trees in the distance. Melvin wears a military uniform. His son wears a thick jacket and a bonnet tied into a bow at the neck. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph reads, "Melvin Hansen and son, Dennis".
Melvin Hansen on Sidewalk in Large Town
Photograph of a man, identified as Melvin Hansen, walking through a crowded city street. He is wearing a military uniform, which consists of a jacket over a shirt and tie combination, pants, and a matching cap. He appears to be walking underneath a lighted roof, perhaps belonging to a movie theatre.
Melvin & Marjorie Hansen with Son Dennis
Photograph of the Hansen family in front of their home in Danevang, Texas. Melvin Hansen, dressed in a military uniform, is standing on the far left holding his infant son, Dennis Hansen. His wife, Marjorie Hansen, stands next to them on the right wearing a long, wool coat over a striped blouse. There are two visible windows behind them.
[Membership Certificate]
Certificate provided to O. W. Schaer by the Wharton County Electric Cooperative, Inc., to certify Schaer's membership in said organization. The bottom third of the document has a seal and two signatures by the president and secretary of the organization, R. E. Meek and A. E. Wilbeck, respectively. On the back of the certificate, there are two paragraphs of printed text stating the conditions of membership.
[Photograph of Church Facade]
Photograph of the front facade of a church that is preceded by a long, paved walkway with large trees flanking each side. There are a couple steps leading up to the front doorway. The church appears to be laid on a central axis. It has been built with a prominent central tower with a pyramidal spire, which has been topped with a cross. There appears to be a bell in the small, open enclosure of the tower, typical of Catholic churches. There is hand-written text in blue ink on the back of the photograph that reads, "E. Christensen".
Portrait of Christian Brodsgaard
Studio photograph of an adult male, identified as Christian Brodsgaard, in front of a blank backdrop in a well-lit space. He faces the camera directly and smiles openly. He wears a military-style, button-up jacket with button-flap pockets. A repeating arrowhead patch can be seen on the right sleeve.
[St. Ansgar's Church After 1945 Storm]
Photograph of the front facade of St. Ansgar's Church in Danevang, Texas. According to accompanying information, the photograph was taken shortly after a 1945 hurricane destroyed the church. Left standing is the main entry to the church. This structure is surrounded by different construction materials - roofing, large wooden poles, walls and siding - piled up in large heaps. A few small trees are scattered around the church. To the left of this destruction, in the foreground of the image, is a tombstone with text on the front that reads "Gudsfred", but the smaller text on it cannot be read with certainty.
[Wedding Party of Clara Juhl and Thiel Stephens]
Copy negative of a black and white photograph of a wedding party posed for a picture on the lawn of Viggo Juhl's house. Viggo's daughter Clara is the bride. She is wearing a white dress and a veil with a bouquet in her arms. On her right is the groom, Thiel Stephens, wearing a military jacket, surrounded by friends and family. The family dog is laying on the grass in front of the group. The house is visible in the background to the right.