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Danevang Service Station Aerial View
Copy negative of an aerial view of the Danevang Service Station in Danevang, Texas, which is located in Wharton County. The service station is visible in the center of the image, and there is a car parked in front of it. There are two men standing to the left of the service station, waving at the camera. There is a house behind the service station, and there is a garage to the right of it. There is a trailer parked to the right of the garage.
Fred & Marie Swendsen Home
Photograph of a single-story brick home in Danevang, Texas, belonging to Fred and Marie Swendsen. Photograph appears to have been taken from the right side of the front lawn, at a low angle, capturing neatly-trimmed grasses interrupted by a paved walkway that rounds a left corner to the front door. Two large trees tower over the house, and a third, mostly cropped out of the photograph, is seen on the rightmost side of the image. The house has several windows, different types of plants and flowers along the edge of the brick, and a light-colored shingle covering sloping roofs. A woman wearing a dress is seen in the distance bending over.