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[Danish Cultural Center Postcard]

Description: Postcard of several lines of text and printed images regarding the Danish Cultural Center. At the top left, there is a line drawing of the "Pioneer House," which, according to the caption beneath it, was "one of the pre-1900 houses, restored and furnished to reflect the early lifestyle of the Danevang pioneers." The small image shows a a two-story house with a smaller, single-story structure in the background and two flag poles in the foreground bearing the American and Danish flags. The drawing opposite on the top right corner is of a long structure with a mansard roof, which, according to its caption, is the museum. It is "reminiscent of an old Danish barn, it houses artifacts of the early days of the immigrants plus displays of farming, community life and Danish culture." In the very center, there is an outlined image of the state of Texas, with a tiered, bold line of text in red that reads, "Danish Culture Center." On the back of the postcard, there is further information about the Center. It reads: "Located approximately 12 miles south of El Campo on Hwy. 71 South and CR 426. The Cultural Center was established in 1992 and opened in 2001 to preserve, protect, and promote Danish Heritage artifacts and cultures."
Date: 1992/2001
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Patty at Piano in Church

Description: Photograph of a woman, identified as Patty Jensen, seated on a wooden bench in front of an organ inside Danevang Lutheran Church. She wears glasses, a white pearl necklace, and a white dress. Several bell-shaped plants have been set on top of the organ. To the right, there are various religious implements: a white basin, a wooden podium, and candlestick on top of a table. Accompanying information states: "Patty played the piano and organ for Danevang Lutheran Church from 1967 thru 2010."
Date: April 19, 1992
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society