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[Lauritsen Family Deer]
Photograph of the Lauritsen family deer wearing a collar. His head is turned to the right, looking in that direction. Accompanying information indicates the deer's name is Buck, he was born in 1967, and pictured at the A. P. Lauritsen farm home. There are three small cats behind the deer. In the back, off to the left, there is a single-story structure, possibly a shed, surrounded by a few trees.
[Photograph of A. P. Lauritsen Home]
Photograph of a farm home in Danevang, Texas. Accompanying information states home belongs to A. P. Lauritsen, and was built after a model by Leonard Lauritsen. The photograph appears to have been taken during the winter season, as snow has piled up on the front lawn, roofs, and bushes. Two steps lead up to the single-story part of the house. The adjacent left side of the house is two stories. There is a single-story structure in the background, also covered by snow.