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1972 Confirmation
Color photograph of a confirmation class dressed in religious robes and standing indoors. The group is composed of three girls, two boys, and an older white-robed man, identified as Pastor Kenneth Carmichael, who stands behind them.
1976 Confirmation
Color photograph of the [Danevang Lutheran Church] 1976 confirmation class dressed in red robes standing in a dimly lit setting. On the left, a young boy wearing glasses directs his gaze to something other than the camera. To the right of him two girls, both of whom are holding a piece of paper, smile at the camera; one of them wears glasses. Behind the youth is Pastor Donald T. Kenning, who is wearing white robes, a decorative stole, and a cross pendant on a necklace.
[1979 Confirmation Class of Danevang Lutheran Church]
Color photograph of the 1979 Confirmation class at the Danevang Lutheran Church, made up of two girls and two boys who are standing between two banisters inside their church. They are all sporting red religious robes. A candelabrum is partially visible behind them. A chair sits in the background to the right of them.
Annette Miksik
Studio portrait photograph of a young woman identified as Annette Miksik. She is in front of a backdrop in a well-lit space looking to the left. She wears her hair in loose curls. A white ribbon hangs from the top. She has on a pink blouse and a small chain necklace. Accompanying information states: "Annette Miksik Marek, daughter of Wesley and Darlene Miksik and the wife of Bennie Marek is a native of Danevang. She served as organist in the early 1970's, frequently substituting for the organist Patty Jensen and Wanda Plentl."
Arnold & Margaret Juhl Golden Wedding
Copy negative of a group portrait taken for Arnold and Margaret Juhl's Golden Wedding celebration at the Danevang Community Hall. On the top row is Anna Michaelsen Skalisky, Rudolph Skalisky, Edythe Michaelsen, Hans Michaelsen, Vavie Michaelsen Skalisky, and Frank Skalisky. On the second row is Frank Witcher, Charles Corley, Christian Michaelsen, Arnold Juhl, Sophus Michaelsen, George Michaelsen, and Carl Michaelsen. Seated at the front of the group is Clara Michaelsen Witcher, Helena Michaelsen Corley, Clara Michaelsen, Margaret Michaelsen Juhl, Metha Starup Michaelsen, Helena Schaer Michaelsen, and Hilda Smith Michaelsen.
[Carl and Curtis Jensen Working with a Tractor on Their Farm]
Color photograph of two men, Curtis Jensen and Carl Jensen, working with a red tractor on their family farm. They are both wearing work clothes and matching hats. The man on the left is standing beside the tractor's rear. The man on the right is sitting in the seat of the tractor and is turned around toward the camera. In the background is a field of tilled earth.
[Church Exterior and Cemetery]
Photograph of an unspecified church exterior surrounded by a cemetery. A number of tombstones of different designs have been dispersed all along the left side of the church complex. To the right, there is an adjacent building smaller in size that seems to be closest to the street. The church itself lies on a central axis. A tapering pyramidal structure incorporated to the entrance has a four-sided opening that reveals what appears to be an enclosure for a church bell. Gold text embossed on the front of the photograph reads, "Patsy". The back of the photograph bares a golden sticker listing information about the photographer.
Church Monument - 1976
Photograph of granite monument in front of the Danevang Lutheran Church. The church has white siding and dark-colored roofing. A bell tower rises over the entrance, where the actual bell has been placed in an alcove underneath the shingled roofing of the tapering steeple. The granite monument, according to accompanying information, was erected in 1976 to commemorate historical events in Danevang. A paved walkway leads up to both the church and the monument, and both have small bushes flanking their sides. Additionally, the church has a railing and an inclined step.
Danevang Fire House
Copy negative of the Danevang Fire Department, which is located in Wharton County, Texas. In the image, there is a large one-story building with three garage doors, and there is a white sign above the building that reads, "Danevang Vol. Fire Dept."
Danevang Historical Marker
Photograph of a commemorative historical marker on a dirt plot of land that has been tilled. In the background, there appears to be a church, judging by the spire structure that sits on top of the roof, and the hollow space just beneath it that seems to hold a church bell. This structure is bordered by a small line of bushes. The text of the marker reads: "Danevang ('Danish Meadow') The first successful Danish community in Texas. Established in 1894 on a portion of 25,000 acres secured through option by Danish Folk Society from Texas Land and Cattle Company. Most immigrants came first to the northern United States, where other Danes had settled, and then to Texas, desiring to preserve their national culture, language, and religion. A Lutheran church was erected in 1895. Hardships included disease, insects, poorly drained land, and primitive transportation; but hard work, farming ability, and cooperation brought success. (1970)."
Danevang Service Station Aerial View
Copy negative of an aerial view of the Danevang Service Station in Danevang, Texas, which is located in Wharton County. The service station is visible in the center of the image, and there is a car parked in front of it. There are two men standing to the left of the service station, waving at the camera. There is a house behind the service station, and there is a garage to the right of it. There is a trailer parked to the right of the garage.
Family Photo
Photograph of a group of older man and women standing in front of a small stage and closed red curtains. They are all dressed in formal attire. The men wear suits and the woman wear knee-length dresses of various colors and cuts. Although names have been provided, they have not been matched properly to the positions of the individuals pictured. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph repeats names.
Fred & Marie Swendsen Home
Photograph of a single-story brick home in Danevang, Texas, belonging to Fred and Marie Swendsen. Photograph appears to have been taken from the right side of the front lawn, at a low angle, capturing neatly-trimmed grasses interrupted by a paved walkway that rounds a left corner to the front door. Two large trees tower over the house, and a third, mostly cropped out of the photograph, is seen on the rightmost side of the image. The house has several windows, different types of plants and flowers along the edge of the brick, and a light-colored shingle covering sloping roofs. A woman wearing a dress is seen in the distance bending over.
[Group of Men and Women in Mexico]
Photograph of a group of men and women at a Christmas celebration in Mexico. They are seated at a table in a crowded restaurant. They are all holding beverages, and have several empty and half-full bottles and glasses on the table already. From left to right, they have been identified as Sibyle Wind, Ruth Brodsgaard, Julia Knudsen, Henry Knudsen, Chris Brodsgaard, and Iver (Jack) Wind.
H. J. Berndt Home
Photograph of a two-story wooden structure and accompanying outbuildings in Danevang, Texas, belonging to Helvig Jensen Berndt. The main home has a shingled intersecting gable roof and an overhang supported by four columns. There also appears to be a second overhang in the back patio along with several strewn objects on the grass. Accompanying information states that across a time-span of 30 days, Helvig moved the home two and a half miles into a dug hole by wrapping a rope around a post and dragging the home with the aid of a mule. In the early 1970's, it was torn down and Grandson Elvin Berndt built his own home in 1973 on the original spot.
Kenneth & Anita Christensen Home
Photograph of a single-story brick home belonging to Kenneth and Anita Christensen in Danevang, Texas. Photograph was taken a short distance away, capturing a dirt road that runs in front of the home and a lawn with short grass. There is a large tree near the left corner of the home. The house has a hip roof that projects downwards to the patio, creating a sloping overhang supported by slender columns. On the right wall, there appears to be an entryway. Three windows are also visible on this side of the house, two of which have shutters.
Last Danish Ladies Aid Meeting
Photograph of a group of people seated around a room during the last meeting of the Danish Ladies Aid organization. According to accompanying information, they held the meeting at the Danevang Lutheran Church. A list of names is supplied as well, but they have not been applied specifically to any one person. The group largely consists of older men and women. The women are dressed conservatively in dresses and pearls, while the two men present wear pants and long-sleeve collar shirts. Two windows are visible on the left and right walls. The right window is considerably larger than the first. They both have curtains and both have been pulled. Several notations and two stamps have been made on the back of the photograph.
[Mr. and Mrs. Carl Marius Hansen Anniversary Newspaper Photograph, March 20, 1973]
Newspaper photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Marius Hansen, Sr. celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary on March 20, 1973. Mr. Hansen is wearing a dark suit and boutonniere, seated to the right of a table; Mrs. Hansen is wearing a light-colored dress with a corsage and is standing behind him to the left. There is a decorated, cone-shaped cake on the table topped with a heart containing the numeral "50." The caption below the photograph says "Mr. and Mrs. Carl Marius Hansen, Sr., are admiring their 'Kranse-Kage', Danish Wedding Cake, at their recent Golden Wedding Anniversary. The 'Kranse-Kage', used in the observance of anniversaries among the Danish people, is tiered, and when the top tier is removed, a bottle of wine is discovered inside for the happy couple."
Rhonda Allenson
Photograph of a young woman, identified as Rhonda Allenson Ashcraft, seated outdoors on a wooden bench. There is a tree to the left with large red flowering plants around it. Rhonda wears a striped polo, white shorts, and white sandals. In the background, there is a wire fence that encloses a house with lime green siding. Accompanying information states: "Rhonda Allenson Ashcraft, daughter of Leo and Johanna Allenson, and wife of Bruce Ashcraft is a native of Danevang. She served Danevang Lutheran Church as organist in the early 1970's. Frequently substituting for the regular organist -- Wanda Plentl and Patty Jensen [sic]."
U. S. Post Office at Danevang
Copy negative print of a United States Postal Service branch in Danevang, Texas. Taken from a street running parallel to the store, the photograph captures the front and side view of a single-story structure with light-colored walls and an overhang over the front entrance. An American flag is blowing in the wind in the far right . The back of the building has a steep, inclined roof that is partially hidden from view by the tiered, rectangular wall that towers over the front facade. A white sticker on the front of the photograph notes that the building served other purposes. Under the ownership of M. F. Hansen, it also bought cotton from customers and served as a general store. A hand-written note on the back of the photograph states that it was "torn down in 2009 to relocate across Hwy 71."