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[Palm Tree in Front of a Mexican Presbyterian Church]
Photograph of the side of a Mexican Presbyterian church. There are three long windows and a sign in Spanish that translates to read, "Mexican Presbyterian Church" on the side facing the front of the image. The yard surrounding the building and in the foreground is made up of dirt, and there is a large palm tree at the front. The front entrance of the building, which faces the left-hand side of the image, extends past the main front wall of the church, and has three steps leading up to the double doors. There are more windows at the front of the church, which extends into the background of the image. The front yard is decorated with several trimmed bushes and palm trees. There is writing on the front of the image that reads, "San Benito Wright" There is a handwritten note in Spanish on the back of the photograph that translates to read, "Memories of the Christian Endeavor, aug. 20, 1946". There is also a stamp on the back that reads, "Post Card Correspondence Address" along with a place for a stamp.
[Seated Couple and Children]
Postcard of a seated couple and three children, one man, and one woman standing behind. The seated man is wearing a dark suit and bow tie. The other man and the boy are both wearing heathered suit jackets and pants. Both the seated woman and the woman behind her are wearing long dark skirts and cardigans along with elegant necklaces. The two girls are wearing light-colored dresses. There are stamps on the back of the card as well as a handwritten note that is partly in Spanish. I translates to read, "CC Ruvedo and family, children L-Rt. Rugerio, Olga, Emma, Berta, Joel, Parents: cayetano y Santos acevedo".
[Young Boy and Girl in Traditional Mexican Costumes]
Postcard of a young boy and girl dressed in traditional Mexican costumes. The children are standing on a woven rug with a traditional Mexican motif woven into it; two more hang side by side behind them. The boy, who is standing on the left-hand side of the image and facing the girl on the right, is wearing shiny black shoes, a billowy white shirt, and fitted black pants with a scroll design piped up each leg. He is also wearing a wide satin sash, a fitted vest that is decorated with traditional motifs, a scarf around his neck, and a wide brimmed hat. The girl is wearing a full high-waist skirt that has sparkly designs sewn onto it, a small white shirt with a motif design on the front, and a scarf that forms a sash and a vest. The girl is also wearing a flower headband in her hair, which is bobbed. Along with postcard stamps, there is a handwritten note on the back of the image.