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[Pastor John Ravn, Baby, and Woman]

Description: Photograph of an adult man and woman and a baby, who is being held by the man, identified as Pastor John Ravn. They are standing outdoors next to a large bush, behind which there appears to be a house, as the top part of a roof can be seen behind the Pastor. The woman wears a long dress with three-quarter length sleeves and is looking away from the camera to the baby. Pastor John wears a hat, waistcoat, and slouchy pants. The sheet of paper where the photograph has been pasted to informs us that "he came to Danevang 23 May, from Denmark stayed just a little over a year. Went to Hampton, Iowa [sic]." It also lists the name of his spouse, Magdelene Hansen, who may or may not be the woman in the photograph.
Date: 1913/1915
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[Postcard from John Nielsen to Christine Olson]

Description: Black and white postcard that has on its front side a portrait of a man identified as John Nielsen. He is wearing a heavy jacket with a sweater, a shirt, and a tie underneath. His right forearm is poised in front of his torso. On the back side is a note written in pen by John to his friend Christine. Because of some discontinued text, it appears that the postcard has been cut down to size. The text that has been left intact reads, "Los Angeles Cal, December 27, 1913. Dear Friend- I will send you a copy of myself in my street car suit. I was going to have it taken with my hat on but I changed my mind. Your friend, John."
Date: December 27, 1913
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society