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[Confirmation Certificate]

Description: Certificate from a confirmation ceremony in 1891 written in Danish. An illustrated image of Jesus Christ holding the Eucharist is at the very top of the document. Below this is both printed and written text listing Martin Skjoldborg Kristiansen's name, who was presumably the person in the confirmation. Pastor S. H. Madsen's signature is at the bottom of the document. Flanking the portion of the text on the right and left sides are illustrated images of two angels inside circular motifs that are emerging from foliage. The very bottom of the document has one final illustration: an open book accompanied by a cross and chalice, also inside a circular motif, and flanked on either side by foliage. Accompanying information indicates that Martin was a "brother to Anne Marie Christiansen who is Doyle Schaer's grandmother - married to Peter Blasuis Nielsen."
Date: January 2, 1891
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Gesetze und Nebengesetze der Deutsch-Amerikanische gegenseitige Unterstützungs-Gesellschaft bei Feuerschäden in Travis und angrezenden Counties

Description: This short pamphlet contains the laws and bylaws of the German-American Mutual Fire Insurance Association for Travis and Neighboring Counties. The document describes the association's structure and rules for conducting business including: its purpose, titles and duties of officers, election of officers, intake of new members, types of insurance offered, procedures for investigating claims, and making changes to the laws and bylaws. The sitting president and secretary are named on the second to last page, and the last page contains a table of contents.
Date: 1891
Creator: Deutsch-Amerikanische gegenseitige Unterstützungs-Gesellschaft bei Feuerschäden in Travis und angrezenden Counties
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[Professional Portrait of Two Girls]

Description: Professional portrait photograph of two young girls that has been hand colored. The girls are wearing matching black dresses and laced boots. The girl on the left has short hair tucked behind her ears, and is seated with her hands in her lap. The girl on the right has her hair pulled back with a bow, which has been hand colored red, and she has one hand in her lap and one rested on her chair. They are both looking towards the camera and are seated on chairs that have also been hand colored red.
Date: August 8, 1891
Partner: Museum of the Gulf Coast