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Nebengesetze der unentwegt Loge No. 160
This short pamphlet constitutes the bylaws of the O. D. H. S. steadfast lodge number 160, a chapter of the Order of the Sons of Hermann which was devoted to the preservation of German heritage and culture. The document describes rules for calling meetings, intake of new members, collecting membership dues, electing officers, attendance at member funerals, and making changes to the bylaws. The last page lists the officers of the lodge at the time the bylaws were approved.
Gesetze und Nebengesetze der Deutsch-Amerikanische gegenseitige Unterstützungs-Gesellschaft bei Feuerschäden in Travis und angrezenden Counties
This short pamphlet contains the laws and bylaws of the German-American Mutual Fire Insurance Association for Travis and Neighboring Counties. The document describes the association's structure and rules for conducting business including: its purpose, titles and duties of officers, election of officers, intake of new members, types of insurance offered, procedures for investigating claims, and making changes to the laws and bylaws. The sitting president and secretary are named on the second to last page, and the last page contains a table of contents.
[Soldiers Pay Record Book]
Soldiers pay record book from World War I belonging to Andrew Jensen. Information recorded includes total monthly pay, deductions, net monthly pay, date paid, and the name of the quartermaster making the payment. According to the title page, this book was carried by the soldier for his own records. The book indicates that Jensen's total monthly wages were $33.00, and his net monthly pay, after $7.00 deducted for insurance, was $26.00. His monthly pat later went up to $40.20 total and $33.20 net. Jensen was drafted into the National Army on September 19, 1917 and reported to Bay City, Texas. The pay book was opened on January 1, 1919, and he returned to the U.S. from foreign service on June 15,1919. He applied for War Risk Insurance in the amount of $10,000.
The Family History of Jorgen and Ane Ingvardsen
Family genealogy tracing the descendants of Jorgen and Ane Ingvardsen who immigrated from Denmark and settled in Danevang, Texas around 1904. The table of contents lists: Tusind Tak, History, Register Report of Ingvart Hansen Ingvardsen, Kinship Report of Ingvart Hansen Ingvardsen, and an index (starting on page 37). Documentation also includes immigration records for family members with a photocopy of the original manifest, and photographs from several generations.
Hans T. Rasmussen Family
Copy negative of the Rasmussen Family, taken in a front of a white background. The thirteen family members are standing in a semi-circle around Hans Rasmussen and his wife, Anna Louise. The men are wearing collared, long-sleeved shirts with ties and slacks, while the women are wearing patterned, collared, and short-sleeved dresses with necklaces and curled hair.
WWI Soldiers
Copy negative of three soldiers wearing their World War One uniforms. The long-sleeved uniforms are made of heavy fabric, and button up the chest to the neck. There are two pockets on either side of the row of center buttons. A circular pin is attached to collar of each soldier's uniform.
Walter Nielsen in Buggy
Copy negative of Walter Nielsen driving a small buggy pulled by two horses. Walter is wearing a cabby hat and dark peacoat over a light-colored shirt. Two boxcars and brush are visible in the behind the left-facing buggy.
Hilma and Jens Peter Petersen
Copy negative of Hans T. Peter Petersen and his wife Hilma, standing outside of their home. Hilma is facing Hans on the right side of the image. She is wearing a short-sleeved floral dress that reaches to her ankles, sandals, and glasses. Hans is wearing a long-sleeved collared shirt, a striped tie, slacks, and a dark belt with a metal buckle. A white, rounded column supported by a square brick base and foliage are visible in the background.
Donald G. Petersen on Tractor
Copy negative of the baby Donald Petersen sitting in the seat of a tractor at Jens Peter Petersen's farm.
Dagny Andersen Jensen and Grandmother
Copy negative of a portrait of Dagny Andersen Jensen on the left, and her grandmother Pauline Andersen, on the right. Dagny, age eight, wears a dark-colored dress with a wide collar embroidered with light-colored flowers and a large bow in her hair. Pauline wears a dark-colored dress with several pleats around the collar. Her hair is parted down the center and pulled tightly back into a bun.
Andrew Jensen Doing Chores
Copy negative of Andrew Jensen feeding a calf out of a metal bucket in front of his farm. Jensen stands to the right of the calf, holding another metal bucket and wearing a white sleeveless shirt, belt, cargo pants, and hat. A cigar is hanging from his mouth. A feeding trough can be seen in the background, surrounded by farmland.
Christensen's Cotton Field
Copy negative of Marius Christensen and three girls picking cotton in a field on Christensen's farm.
Dragline East of Danevang
Copy negative of three men and one woman standing inside of the end of a crane in a field east of Danevang. Two other men are standing on either side the machine, and another person is sitting in the driver's seat.
Dragline East of Danevang
Copy negative of P. J. Agerskov Petersen standing to the right of his automobile beside a two-story wooden home. The automobile is parked in a street that wraps around the home. The entrance to the estate can be seen in the background.
Edith Rasmussen Holding Shotgun
Copy negative of Edith Rasmussen holding a shotgun and resting it on the ground. Edith is wearing a wide-brimmed, braided straw hat, a collared, short-sleeved shirt with dashed piping, a long, loose skirt, and close-toe, t-strap sandals with cut-out designs.
Picking Cotton
Copy negative of a group of farmhands picking cotton and loading it onto a wagon pulled by several horses. Bags of cotton are strewn around the ground. Some workers are pushing cotton into the bags and others are standing nearby and watching.
Sailing Ship
Copy negative of a model ship hanging in the Danevang Lutheran Church. The ship is made of wood and has six sails, a mast, several canons, and a rudder.
Danevang Cemetery
Copy negative of the Danevang Cemetery. The granite headstone of Iver Winds is visible in the middle of the image surrounded by foliage. The parsonage is visible in the background, along with two flagpoles, flying American and Danish flags.
Portrait of Elizabeth Jensen
Copy negative of Elizabeth Jensen Juhl standing in a field with one arm behind her back and the other at her side. She is wearing her hair pinned back and a long-sleeve buttoned shirt tucked into a high-waisted skirt that covers her ankles. She also wears closed-toe, pointed lace-up boots. Dead trees and brush are visible in the background.
Carl Larsen Home
Copy negative of Carl Larsen's two-story wood-frame house in Danevang, Texas. The house has a front porch with brick columns and rounded windows. A chimney and a back porch are also visible.
Wind Children
Copy negative of the Wind family children standing in a field in Danevang, Texas. From left to right are Ejolf, Ingeborg, and Sigred. Both girls are wearing dresses with white, lacey collars and laced shoes. The boy is wearing a collared white shirt, suspenders, and trousers. The youngest of the two girls has two dolls sitting at her feet. A dog sits next to Ingeborg.
Danevang Church Altar
Copy negative of the altar at Danevang Lutheran Church. The alter features a large wooden panel divided into three sections, ornately carved and topped with a cross. The center panel is inset with a religious painting. Below the panel, the rectangular alter is covered in a white lace tablecloth. Two large candlesticks in metal holders, a cup, a bible, and other artifacts are sitting on the table.
[Ladies Aid Group]
Copy negative of members of the Ladies Aid Society at T.J. Lykke's farm. The women are organized in four lines with Pastor A. E. Frost sitting in the center of the group.
Cotton Bales
Copy negative of two rows of cotton bales and a wagon at a farm.
Ladies Aide
Copy negative of the residence of T. J. Lykke. A farm stands in the center of the image, with a dog laying on a stack of tires, a tree, and a cotton bale in front of the farm.
World War One Soldiers
Copy negative of two soldiers wearing their uniforms from World War One. The uniform consists of a calf-length double-breasted peacoat, a brimmed hat with leather ties, and lace-up shoes.
The Wind Family
Copy negative of the Wind family outside of their home, east of Danevang.
Signe Wind and Her Flowers
Copy negative of a portrait of Signe Wind, at the residence of Iver Wind. Signe is wearing a dark-colored long-sleeve dress with her hair pulled back and hands clasped in her lap. Various potted flowers are arranged around Signe.
Helvig Berndt's Birthday
Copy negative of a group of people celebrating Helvig Berndt's birthday at his home in 1928, according to the handwriting on the image. The group of men, women, and children is standing in front of at least two parked automobiles. A barn is visible in the background.
Portrait of Midge Wind
Copy negative of students standing outside of the Danevang School.
Portrait of Elna Petersen Mikkelsen
Copy negative of Elna Petersen Mikkelsen holding her young daughter, Hertha, outside of P. J. Petersen's home. Elna is standing in front of a grouping of trees wearing a straw hat and cape over a dress. The child is wearing a white cap and is wrapped in a blanket.
Danevang School
Copy negative of the Danevang School. The large, two-story wood frame building is whitewashed and features rectangular windows, a chimney, and shingled roof. Several children are standing outside of the schoolhouse.
Couple on a Bicycle
Copy negative of Martha and Frederick Madsen seated on a bicycle in front of a columned-house in Danevang. Martha, who is sitting in front of Frederick, is wearing a bow in her hair, a sleeveless jumper, and long-sleeved shirt underneath. Frederick is wearing a fedora, dark suits, and slacks.
Mrs. P. J. Petersen and Her Grandchildren
Copy negative of Mrs. P. J. Petersen, surrounded by her grandchildren in front of her home. Lawrence stands to the left of Mrs. Petersen, holding onto the arms of Ralph. Verner and Alvin stand to the right of Mrs. Petersen. The boys are all wearing light-colored, short-sleeve collared shirts and light-colored linen pants.
Portrait of Ingeborg Ebbesen Wind
Copy negative of young Ingeborg Wind, playing with her doll outside of her home. Ingeborg, who is wearing a short-sleeve plaid dress with a lace collar, is standing at a makeshift table and holding her doll on top of it. Three cats are sniffing the ground around Ingeborg.
Lauritz Harton Home
Copy negative of Lauritz Harton's one-story wooden house in Danevang, Texas. The house features rectangular windows, a front porch, and a shingled, low roof. A bicycle is parked outside the front of the house. An automobile parked behind the house is visible.
Family Portrait
Copy negative of a family portrait. Two rows of elderly people sit and stand outside of a wooden structure. The men are wearing collared shirts, ties, and slacks, while the women are wearing calf-length collared dresses.
Arnold Juhl Duck Hunt
Copy negative of Arnold Juhl sitting on a tree stump in front of a wooden fence strung with dead ducks after a hunt. Arnold is holding a gun and wearing a vest with ammunition strung across it, lace-up boots, and a billed cap.
Campsite at the Bay
Copy negative of a Danevang family camping at Palacios Bay, Texas. Several women and children wearing long dresses and bonnets are sitting around two covered wagons that are parked on the shore.
Portrait of Gudrun
Copy negative of a portrait of a young woman named Gudrun, who is wearing a checkered, sleeveless blouse with a sheer collar and a string of pearls. A hand-written inscription reads "With Love, Gudrun".
Picnic at East Bay
Copy negative of a group of people camping at Palacios Bay in Texas. The group is sitting and eating a meal in front of two covered wagons. Piles of camping gear surround the people.
Andrew Berndt
Copy negative of Andrew Berndt reading a book at the Nysted Folk School in Nebraska. Andrew is seated next to a desk, and is wearing a suit and tie. Behind him, a shelf where several ties are hanging, a clock, hat, books, and several photographs are either hanging on the wall or sitting on the desk.
Danevang School Children
Copy negative of school children standing outside of Danevang School. The children are both sitting and standing, facing the camera. The two-story school building is visible in the background.
Anna Hansen
Copy negative of Anna Hansen, photographed at the home of Hans Hansen. Anna is seated, holding a feathered fan in her hand and wearing a loose-fitting round-neck dress with front pleating and sleeves trimmed in ribbon. She wears a pearl necklace and her hair is pinned up. A curtained window with a view of foliage is visible in background. According to an original source, Anna married Julius Swensen on November 13th, 1926, and died on February 4th, 1929.
Children on Horseback
Copy negative of the four Berndt children, Metha, Ingeborg, Marie, and Andrew, sitting together on a horse. The children are sitting from left to right in order of age, facing left but looking toward the camera. The three girls are wearing white dresses that reach to their knee, while the boy wears a white collared shirt, tie, and short trousers. All the children are barefoot.
Marie Berndt at Grandview
Copy negative of Marie Berndt and an unnamed male, dressed in Danish costumes at Grandview College in Des Moines, Iowa.
Marie and Gudrun in Chicago
Copy negative of Marie Berndt on the left and an unknown woman on the right holding up a young woman named Gudrun in Chicago, Illinois. The women are wearing overcoats over suit jackets and long skirts, heeled shoes, and hats. They are standing in front of a window of a brick building.
Marie Berndt at Grandview
Copy negative of Grandview College students dressed in traditional Danish clothing, standing outside of a brick building in Des Moines, Iowa.
Golden Wedding
Copy negative of Andreas and Inger Lauritsen celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary. Andreas is standing to the left of Inger wearing a suit, tie, and boutonniere. Inger has her hand placed on Andrea's waist, and is wearing a brimmed hat with a feather topper, suit jacket and skirt, and a large pin made of ribbons. A floral decoration is visible on a table behind them in their home.
A Limit of Ducks
Copy negative of Leonard and Clarence Lauritsen displaying the results of their duck hunt. The men are standing on either side of the string of ducks, looking upward and holding shotguns in front of the Lauritsen residence and automobile.