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[Danish Culture Newspaper Article]
Newspaper article titled "Danish culture cherished" discussing the grand opening of the new Danish Cultural Center in in 2001 in Danevang, Texas, known as "The Danish Capitol of Texas." The names of the people in the middle and bottom photographs are listed. The article appeared in the El Campo Leader in June 6, 2001.
Farming Photo with C. M. Nissen on Far Right
Photograph of a group of men standing outdoors on a large mechanical plow. Two of the men are on top of it, near the driver's seat. Another two are on the ground near the largest wheel. The one on the far right has been identified as C. M. Nissen. A fifth man is supporting himself with a lever towards the left, and a child farther left is sitting down barefoot on a wheel that has been turned to its side. The photograph has been placed on a dark mat with an embossed linear border that frames the photograph. On the back, there is hand-written text. It reads: "H. J. Berndt Danevang, Texas. Please return to A. E. Berndt. C. M. Nissen on far right married to Katherine Lauritsen. CIRCA 1908."
Danevang People Hauling Cotton Seed to El Campo
Photograph of a group of men on top of a mule-drawn, wooden wagon. Accompanying information indicates they are from Danevang, Texas, and are hauling cotton to El Campo, Texas, also in Wharton County. Second from right is P. J. Agerskov Petersen. Second from left is Marius Christensen, followed by Jens Berndt. The wagon and mules belong to Chris Petersen, who may or may not be in the picture. Behind them, there is a train with the Southern Pacific logo and insignia on various parts of its metal frame. Near the back wheel of the wagon is a tightly-packed sack; presumably, one of the cotton bales. A second mule-drawn wagon can be seen behind them on the far right.
Homer Duggins Smith, Jr., United States Army Retired
Copy print of a photograph of Major General Homer Duggins Smith, Jr. who was a Vietnam veteran and retired from the United States Army. Smith lived from February 16, 1922 through March 6, 2011. According to accompanying information, he was the first President of the Danish Heritage Preservation Society.
[Jens H. Berndt Farmstead]
Photograph of Jens H. Berndt and his farmstead half a mile west of Danevang, Texas, which was later sold to P. C. Petersen in 1921. This information is also written on the back of the item in black ink. Presumably, Jens is the man in the foreground on the small plow that is being pushed by two horses. Behind him on the left, there is a barn with a tall gable roof and a windmill. The main home is on the far right. It is a two-story house with intersecting gable roofs and several double-hung windows, as well as two roof overhangs covering small patios. The photograph has been placed on a stiff mat which is chipping on the sides.
[Funeral Program for Homer D. Smith, March 2011]
Funeral program for Major General Homer D. Smith, retired from the United States Army. The funeral was held at Dodd Field Chapel at Fort Sam Houston near San Antonio, Texas, and it was officiated by Reverend David W. Schulte. The date of the service is not included. Includes biographical information for the deceased and the lyrics to the hymn "How Great Thou Art" printed on a separate sheet. Smith is a veteran of both World War II and the Vietnam War, and he lived from February 16, 1922 to March 6, 2011.
Arvid Bloom & Thora Nielsen
Studio photograph of a husband and wife couple posing for picture in their wedding garb. The woman, seated on the right, has been identified as Thora Nielsen. She wears a light-colored (presumably white) dress with stockings, single-strap shoes, and a veil that reaches down to her ankles. Additionally, she also wears pearls and holds a bouquet of flowers near her lap. Her husband, identified as Arvid Bloom, is standing to the right of her. He is wearing a two-piece tuxedo suit with a light-colored shirt and matching bow tie. His hair is combed backwards revealing a receding hairline. The photograph has been placed inside the small triangular inserts of a stiff mat board. On the bottom, a white line of text reads, "Lauritz - Los Angeles"; presumably, the name of the photography studio where the picture was taken.
[Photograph of Case Tractor]
Photograph of an early tractor model. Text on its front indicates it is a "Case" tractor. It is parked outside amongst short grasses. A few trees are seen far away in the distance.
Simon Anderson Thyssen Portrait
Portrait of Simon Anderson Thyssen. He is wearing a dark suit and tie and has a beard. The photograph is on a mat, and there are water stains on the back. According to accompanying information, Thyssen remained in Denmark.
Isaacson Gin Company
Photograph of the Isaacson Gin Company, a cotton gin in El Campo, Texas, taken from a high angle and from a distance, capturing the entire structure and the surrounding homes that surround it. Several horse-drawn wagons are moving in a procession in an arc formation from the south-facing wall of the gin to the north-facing one. Groups of men can be seen directing them. Others are seen on the ground and on platforms near the cotton bales. The gin itself is a large two-story structure with gable roofs and a large pole extending from the direction of the smaller roofs. All the buildings in the background within the vicinity of the gin seem to be homes. They are built along the street that runs parallel to the gin's east-facing wall. The photograph has been pasted on a stiff mat with a decorative linear embossing that runs the perimeter of the image.
Unloading Corn at Harton Home Place
Copy negative of Carl Harton and Opal Harton standing in front of an agricultural building at the Harton Home Place in Avoca, Texas. Carl and Opal, along with another unknown man, are inspecting a wagon of corn drawn by two horses.
Portrait of Carl Harton and second wife Louise
Copy negative of Carl and Louise Harton outside of their farm. Louise, who is wearing a light-colored collared dress and sandals, is standing in front of a vehicle. Carl is standing to the right of Louise, and is wearing overalls and closed-toe shoes. A farm building is visible in the background with a tractor parked in front.
Portrait of Carl Harton
Copy negative of a young Carl Harton in Denmark. Carl is leaning against the back of a chair facing the camera. He is wearing a long-sleeved suit jacket, collared shirt, bow tie, and dark slacks.
Ted Jensen Ready for School
Copy negative of young Theodore Jensen standing by his bicycle in front of cotton bales at H.P Jensen's farm. Theodore is wearing a pin-striped buttoned jacket, short trousers, hat, and a cross-body bag. He is carrying a tin lunch pail in his hand. A hand-written note reads "Ted Jensen Ready for School."
Portrait of Carl Harton
Copy negative of an elderly Carl Harton of Danevang, Texas. The photograph is taken from the chest up, and features Carl gesturing with his hands. He is wearing a long-sleeved sweater over a buttoned shirt, glasses and a short cropped haircut. Carl is facing toward the camera, however is not making eye contact.
Ted Jensen Duck Hunt
Copy negative of Theodore Jensen showing off game after a duck hunt. Theodore is leaning on an automobile with several dead ducks strung around his belt and on the front of the automobile. A one-story wood frame house stands in the background.
Harton Home Place
Copy negative of Opal, Carl, and Blance Harton standing in front of a man unloading corn from a wagon at the Harton Home Place in Avoca, Texas. Blance is wearing a peacoat on top of a dark-colored dress. Carl stands behind her in a suit and hat, while Opal is just visible behind Carl. Other machinery is visible in the background, as is an agricultural building.
Hans P. Jensen's Home
Copy negative of Hans P. Jensen's home, restored by the Danish Historical Preservation Society. The two-story wood frame house features rectangular windows on both stories and a triangular roof. The property is surrounded by a wire fence, trees, and shrubs. A girl stands to the right of the house.
Storing Corn
Copy negative of a group of six men sorting and storing corn at the Harton Home Place in Avoca Texas.
Dorthea Rasmussen
Copy negative of Dorthea Rasmussen, Carl Harton's mother. Dorthea is sitting, facing the camera, wearing a dark dress and patterned scarf. Her hair is pulled back off her shoulders. An inscription on the photograph reads "Ernest Austin."
Certificate of Progress
Certificate of progress document given to Jillie Jensen from a Danevang public school. There is a decorative border surrounding the paper. Beneath an illustration of a hand holding a quill pen, the text reads: "This Certifies that Lillie Jensen has done good work in Penmanship in the third grade of Danevang Public Schools and has made notable progress in keeping correct position, using proper movement and doing legible writing in all written work." The name of the school, teacher, and principal follows, plus the date.
[Mrs. C. C. Jensen's Insurance Policy]
Insurance policy document belonging to Mrs. C. C. Jensen of Danevang, Texas. According to the content in the document, she applied for membership with the Danish Mutual Insurance Association for protection against any fire or lightening damage that could affect her home and furnishings. Signatures from the president and secretary of the organization can be seen at the bottom, by P. J. Petersen and Peter Harton, respectively. When folded, the back of the document acts as a pamphlet that lists the various bylaws and article of the insurance organization.
Notice of Classification
Notice of classification document sent out by the Local Board in Wharton, Texas, to Ejner Larsen Wind in Danevang. The front side lists the registrant name as well as a stamp of approval and a signature by a member of the Local Board (name is partially visible but a hard crease halfway down the middle of the postcard has rendered it difficult to read). It ends with fine print concerning the right to appeal. On the back, there is postage information.
1939 Inventory
Inventory sheet from 1939 after the Danevang Famer's Co-operative bought out a local grocery store. The document lists all of the supplies in the store, with prices on the far right and a total price at the bottom, which has been crossed out with pencil. The actual price appears to have been written on the bottom left corner.
[Confirmation Certificate]
Certificate from a confirmation ceremony in 1891 written in Danish. An illustrated image of Jesus Christ holding the Eucharist is at the very top of the document. Below this is both printed and written text listing Martin Skjoldborg Kristiansen's name, who was presumably the person in the confirmation. Pastor S. H. Madsen's signature is at the bottom of the document. Flanking the portion of the text on the right and left sides are illustrated images of two angels inside circular motifs that are emerging from foliage. The very bottom of the document has one final illustration: an open book accompanied by a cross and chalice, also inside a circular motif, and flanked on either side by foliage. Accompanying information indicates that Martin was a "brother to Anne Marie Christiansen who is Doyle Schaer's grandmother - married to Peter Blasuis Nielsen."
Notice to Appear
Postcard sent out by the Local Board of Grundy County in Iowa to notify Ejner L. Wind to appear for a physical examination. The front of the postcard gives information about the date of the examination, and also warns Ejner that failure to appear may result in a loss of rights or immediately induct him to imprisonment or military service. On the back of the postcard, there is postage information.
Revaluation Policy of Property
Insurance policy document written in Danish. It was sent by Carl Harton in order to apply for membership to cover household goods against fire or lightning damages. When folded, the document acts as a pamphlet on the back, where much of its bylaws and fine print policies appear to be stated.
Quarterly Occupation Tax Receipt Number 1040
Quarterly occupation tax receipt given to P. B. Bundick of Matagorda County, Texas for his occupation of Ferryman. Mr. Bundick appears have paid a total of $2.62 on this particular quarter. The transaction was confirmed by the comptroller of public accounts, whose signature can be seen on the bottom right corner.
Quarterly Occupation Tax Receipt Number 273
Quarterly occupation tax receipt given to P. B. Bundick of Matagorda County, Texas for his occupation of Ferryman. Mr. Bundick appears have paid a total of $2.63 on this particular quarter. The transaction was confirmed by the comptroller of public accounts, Jno. D. McCall, whose signature can be seen on the bottom right corner.
[Articles of Agreement for Warranty Deed]
Deed recording the transaction between Laurits J. Lykke and his wife Hanna with Carl Harton regarding the sell of 70 acres of land in Wharton County, which was sold to Carl for a total sum of $8,298.12. The document goes on to give specific payment schedules and other relevant information. The deed is held together with a second document, a smaller piece of paper that was signed by a notary of Wharton County authenticating the transaction.
Quarterly Occupation Tax Receipt Number 35
Quarterly occupation tax receipt given to P. B. Bundick of Matagorda County, Texas for his occupation of Ferryman. Mr. Bundick appears have paid a total of $2.62 on this particular quarter. The transaction was confirmed by the comptroller of public accounts, Jno. D. McCall, whose signature can be seen on the bottom right corner.
Power of Attoney from Lykke Heirs to Peter Harton
Power of attorney document, also known as a letter of attorney, between the Lykke heirs and Peter Harton. The first page lists the individuals present during the document's creation. The second page describes the transaction between the Lykkes and Peter Harton, who is receiving a sizable amount of property, as well as the right to manage and control the property in any way he sees fit.
[Articles of Incorporation of the Danish Mutual Insurance Company]
Legal document inaugurating the Danish Mutual Insurance Company's corporate membership, filed through the Secretary of State's office in Austin, Texas, and signed under a notary. The document specifies a twenty year lifetime minimum and the seven men of the first board of directors who will be in charge of insuring both Wharton and Matagorda counties. They are as follows : Neils Christian Jensen, Marcus Nielsen, Helvig Jensen Berndt, H. P. Hermansen, Jasper J. Juhl, Marcus Christensen, and Niels M. Hansen.
Marriage License of Carl Harton & Anna Krenek
Marriage license provided to Carl Harton and Louise Krenek, presided by F. L. Kral, the county clerk of Wharton County. There is a black and white illustration at the very top of the document of a bell composed entirely of small flowers, with a leafy vine emerging from the back of the bell and encircling it in an arc. This bell is inside a circular motif with decorative geometric elements around the edge, and is flanked on both sides by bold, Old English text that declares the document as a Marriage License. When closed, the information provided in the opened document is condensed into the uppermost quarter of the document's back.
Release of Oil and Gas Lease
Release document of an oil and gas lease between the Roxana Petroleum Corporation and Carl Harton and his wife Christiane Harton. The document states that the petroleum company is relinquishing 70 acres of property in Wharton County, along with all rights, to the Hartons. Signatures were made on the bottom by the vice-president of the corporation and a notary. When closed, on the back, the top quarter of the document condenses the document into two lines of text that read, "Release of Oil and Gas Lease Roxana Petroleum Corporation To."
Quarterly Occupation Tax Receipt Number 164
Quarterly occupation tax receipt given to P. B. Bundick of Matagorda County in Texas for his occupation of Ferryman. Mr. Bundick paid a total of $2.62 in state and county taxes for this particular quarter. The transaction was confirmed by the comptroller of public accounts, Jno. D. McCall, whose signature can be seen on the bottom right corner.
[Portrait of Pastor Hans O. Jensen]
Bust portrait photograph of a man, identified as Pastor Hans O. Jensen, in front of a blank, light-colored backdrop. He wears a dark suit jacket over a dark tie and light-colored collar shirt. The photograph has been pasted on a sheet of paper that lists biographical information about the Pastor, including years served at the Danevang Lutheran Church and birth and death dates.
[Portrait of S. D. Rodholm]
Postcard of a man, identified as S. D. Rodholm, in front of a blank light-colored backdrop. He stands with his hands behind his back wearing a three-piece suit, hat, and small oval glasses. The printed text on the sheet of paper where the photograph was pasted to reads: "S. D. Rodsholm (perhaps a typo; name spelled as 'Rodholm' in other sources) Brother of J. A. M. Rodsholm. Translated famous Danish folk sons. See 'Joy of SONG', (Evening Star). Also the Green Book. b.j. 8-29-2004."
[Pastor John Ravn, Baby, and Woman]
Photograph of an adult man and woman and a baby, who is being held by the man, identified as Pastor John Ravn. They are standing outdoors next to a large bush, behind which there appears to be a house, as the top part of a roof can be seen behind the Pastor. The woman wears a long dress with three-quarter length sleeves and is looking away from the camera to the baby. Pastor John wears a hat, waistcoat, and slouchy pants. The sheet of paper where the photograph has been pasted to informs us that "he came to Danevang 23 May, from Denmark stayed just a little over a year. Went to Hampton, Iowa [sic]." It also lists the name of his spouse, Magdelene Hansen, who may or may not be the woman in the photograph.
[Photographs of Pastor Arthur E. Frost and Family]
Four photographs placed within a transparent sleeve of Pastor Arthur E. Frost and his family. In the top left photograph, Pastor Frost stands alongside three other people outdoors just to the left of what appears to be a single-story structure (the rightmost part of this photograph is hidden from view by the adjacent image that has been placed over it). The woman to the right of Pastor Frost has been identified as his wife, Emma E. Frost. She wears a long dress that is slightly cinched at the waist with a wide belt. A kind of wide fan-like bow hangs from the point where her collar meets. Standing in front of the Pastor with his arms held together is his youngest son, identified as Herluf A. Frost. Finally, the Pastor's daughter, Evelyn Frost, is standing in front of her mother wearing a knee-length dress and single-strap shoes. In the top right photograph, they are outdoors in front of a two-story home. This structure has horizontal siding, a gable roof, double-hung windows, and a patio covered with an overhang. They are still dressed in the attire from the previous picture. In the distance, there appears to be a church, judging by the pyramidal tower that can be seen over the front entrance, and the small niche just below the roof structure that holds a bell. In the bottom left photograph, the family is inside a room with a floral-print carpet and what could be a studio backdrop in the back. The Pastor and Emma, seated, both appear to be still dressed in the attire from the previous two pictures. The children, however, have been changed. Herluf wears a sailor-type costume and Evelyn wears a geometric-print dress with a large bow pinned to the right part of her head. On the back ...
[Christmas Card from Pedersen Family]
Christmas card sent out by the Pedersen family from Danevang, Texas. The front page of the card bears an image of the family - Gordon, Alice, and Pastor John - around a piano. Alice is seated at it as she lays her hands on the keys and looks slightly to the right at the camera. She wears a light-colored jacket with dark trim accents and glasses. Her husband, Pastor John, stands behind her on the right wearing a two-piece suit. Finally, Gordon, next to Alice on the left, has his hands behind his back and wears a collar shirt and dark, belted pants. The back of the card bears a second image. This time, of Gordon Pedersen resting his hands on a horizontal sign with the bold heading that reads, "DANEVANG." He wears a hat and is standing outdoors in a grassy area. The caption beneath this image reads: "Our best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Alice, Gordon & John Pedersen."
Pastor Frost
Copy of a newspaper article about Pastor Arthur E. Frost titled "Danish Lutheran to Install New Minister Sunday." The article states that Pastor Frost will be installed at St. Ansgar Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church on Palm Sunday, and it gives some background on his career. The pastor has a wife, Emma, and two children, Evelyn and Herluf. The article about Pastor Frost is in English, but there is another article on the page that is in Danish. The article is glued to a black sheet of paper.
[Pastor Rodholm and Family]
Postcard of a family group standing outdoors in front of a bush. The man in the back wearing glasses and the dark suit has been identified as Pastor J. A. M. Rodholm. His wife, Martha Christine Nielsen Rodholm, is standing next to him on the right. She wears a long dress and has her hair pulled in a bun. The girl standing in the front of Pastor Rodholm, his daughter, has been identified as Gudrun Valborg Rodholm. Her brother, Immanuel Benedict Rodholm, is to the right.
[Duus Family Holiday Greeting Photograph]
Two photographs of the same image of the Duus family, which were used as a holiday greeting card and have been placed together with the aid of a small piece of adhesive on the back of the right photograph. The portrait of the family positions Pastor Vagn Duus on the leftmost side, holding a young a boy. The pastor's wife, identified as Gerda Duus, is in the middle, holding a baby in front of her and Sybil Duus on the right. The two boys have not been properly identified, although names have been provided in accompanying information (Verner and Erling). Text beneath the portrait says, "Season's Greetings from Our House to Your House" and has a simple line drawing of a landscape beneath it.
Pastor Hald
Two photographs of Pastor Niels Peterson Hald and family and a copy of a newspaper article in Danish on black paper. Pictured in the top photograph are Pastor and Mrs. Hald and eight other people, including three children. The group is standing in front of an unidentified building. The pastor and his wife are in the center. In the photograph at the bottom are Pastor and Mrs. Hald and their son in front of what appears to be the church doors. The picture at the bottom is a copy print of the original. According to accompanying information, Pastor Hald was born on September 29, 1885 and died in 1947, and his wife was named Marie Hansen. He served as pastor of the Danevang Lutheran Church from September 1928 through April 1934.
[Pastor Rodholm and Family]
Photograph of a family group posing a short distance away from the exterior of a home. The house has two visible windows. On either side of the family, there is an outgrowth of branches that are clinging to the side of the house. The group consists of Pastor J. A. M. Rodholm, who is standing on the far right in a three-piece suit, his wife Martha Christine, their daughter Gudrun Valborg, and their two sons, Immanuel Benedict and Knud Johannes. There is hand-written text on the back of the photograph, which says: In Danish - Her kommer familien Rodholm for at vinke fødselsdagsbarnet tillykke. Kærlig hilsen fra os alle M. Rodholm In English - Here comes the Rodholm family to wave the birthday child congratulations. Love from all, M. Rodholm
R B Store - Post Office
Copy negative of the R.B. Department Store and post office in Danevang, Texas, owned by Otto Harton and Einer Harton.
Roger Leroy & Kenneth Mads Andersen
Copy negative of brothers Roger and Kenneth Andersen standing in front of a tractor at Hans Andersen's farm. The younger brother, who is wearing overalls over a short-sleeved collared shirt and lace-up shoes, is standing slightly in front of the older brother, who is wearing coveralls.
August Schaer Family
Copy negative of the Schaer family, standing in three rows outside of their home. From left to right, Marie, Louis, Charlie, and Henry stand in the back row. Mr. and Mrs. Schaer stand in the middle row, and O.W. and Helena stand in the front row.
[Peter "Bachelor Pete" Petersen in Front of his Home]
Photograph of a man, identified as Peter "Bachelor Pete" J. A. Petersen, standing before his home in Danevang, Texas. He is dressed in formal attire in a three piece suit. A small tree, a few windows, and the house's shingles can be seen in the back. There is hand-written text in pencil on the back of the photograph which reads, "Lester reproduced this from another picture. Thought you might want one." It then names the subject of the picture, "Batchelor Pete Petersen [sic]".