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[Andrew Jensen's Promissory Note to Danevang Farmer's Cooperative]

Description: Promissory note from Andrew J. Jensen to the Danevang Farmer's Cooperative Society over a sum of twenty five dollars. The note is signed on the bottom right corner by Andrew. A red stamp with the date has been placed on this corner as well.
Date: February 9, 1925
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Release of Oil and Gas Lease

Description: Release document of an oil and gas lease between the Roxana Petroleum Corporation and Carl Harton and his wife Christiane Harton. The document states that the petroleum company is relinquishing 70 acres of property in Wharton County, along with all rights, to the Hartons. Signatures were made on the bottom by the vice-president of the corporation and a notary. When closed, on the back, the top quarter of the document condenses the document into two lines of text that read, "Release of Oil and Gas Lease Roxana Petroleum Corporation To."
Date: February 14, 1927
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Notice of Classification

Description: Notice of classification postcard sent out by the Local Board in Wharton, Texas, to Ejner Larsen Wind in Danevang. The front side lists the registrant name and Ejner's classification, as well as a stamp of approval and a signature by John Norris. It ends with fine print concerning the right to appeal. On the back, there is postage information.
Date: February 20, 1943
Creator: U.S. Government Printing Office
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Senate Resolution Number Twenty-Eight - In Memory of Lawrence J. Petersen

Description: Resolution document composed by the Senate of the State of Texas that was created and sent to the Petersen family in condolences for the death of Lawrence J. Petersen. The first page of the document gives an account of Mr. Petersen's accomplishments both professionally and as a member of the community. The second page resolves to provide the surviving family - including siblings, wife, children, and grandchildren - a copy of the resolution expressing their sympathies. It is signed by the president, secretary, and a member of the Senate. A gold seal with two purple stripes has been placed besides the signatures on the left side. Both sheets have been stapled within the fold of a third piece of paper.
Date: February 2, 2005
Creator: Texas. Legislature. Senate.
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society