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Danevang Fire House

Description: Copy negative of the Danevang Fire Department, which is located in Wharton County, Texas. In the image, there is a large one-story building with three garage doors, and there is a white sign above the building that reads, "Danevang Vol. Fire Dept."
Date: 1972
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[Confirmation Class of 1925, Danevang Lutheran Church]

Description: Black and white photograph of a group of teenagers who make up the 1925 Confirmation class of Danevang Lutheran Church. There are 6 girls and 8 boys arranged in three rows on the steps of the church building. Their clergyman, Pastor Khyl, is also standing with them. Behind the group is a door with an arched window above it. On the window are the words "ANSGAR KIRKE." A couple of pointed arch windows are visible on either side of the group.
Date: 1925
Creator: The Fox Company
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[Two Men in Military Uniforms]

Description: Postcard of two young, unidentified men in identical military uniforms. They are inside a room with an American flag loosely hung on the back wall. The man on the left is is seated in a chair while the man on the right is standing with both hands to his sides. A long rifle is facing downward on his right side. They are standing on a low pile decorative rug. There is a hand-written note in pencil on the back of the photograph that lists their names, but it cannot be read with certainty. Their names appear to be Henry Taft and Ernest.
Date: unknown
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[Myrtle Waldman and Her Daughters Beverly and Annette]

Description: Black and white photograph of a mother, Myrtle Waldman, and her two daughters, Annette Waldman and Beverly Waldman. They are standing outdoors in a shaded grassy area that is surrounded by trees. Myrtle is holding the hands of her younger daughter, who is standing in front of her with a look of wonderment on her face. The older daughter is standing to their right, with her hand on her mouth and her ankles crossed. An unidentified young girl is standing next to a bench behind them in the distance.
Date: April 1947
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

Hans Christensen & Car

Description: Copy print of a man, identified as Hans Christensen, standing next to a car. The car is parked facing a wooden structure in the background with a large, wide door. The man wears a long coat and a hat. A dog stands in front of him looking up. Accompanying information indicates photograph was taken at C. J. Christensen farm.
Date: 1927
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society