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[Berndt Family Children]
Color copy photograph of a black and white Berndt family portrait, consisting of one boy and six girls. Three of the girls sit on a wicker chair while the three remaining girls and one boy stand around it. In the center of the back row is Andreas Berndt, 17, on his right is Marie, aged 13. Standing on the wicker chair in front of Marie is her sister Anna, aged 4. Seated on the same piece of furniture are Meta, aged 7, and Helena, who is 1 and is sitting on the arm of the chair. Standing by Helena and Andreas is Ingeborg, aged 10.
[Berndt Family Farm Property]
Black and white photograph of the Berndt family farm property, comprised of a white two-story house, two barns in back, and a windmill. A crop field of an unidentified variety is visible in the foreground. A few members of the Berndt family are standing in various areas of the yard.
[Berndt Family Siblings - Andreas, Marie, and Ingeborg]
Color copy photograph of a black and white portrait of three children from the Berndt family. They are posed with a textured background behind them, an elegant rug beneath their feet, and a chair in the center of them. There is one boy and two girls, one of whom is an infant. The boy is Andreas Berndt, aged 7 years; he stands to the right of the chair and has one of his hands on the back. He is wearing a white shirt, a bow tie, dark shorts, and stockings. Marie, who was 3 years old at the time, stands on the other side of the chair from her brother. She is wearing a white dress, stockings, and two bows in her hair. Ingeborg, the youngest sibling, is seated in the ornate chair in a white baby's gown. She was 3 months old at the time. A note on the back of the photograph says that these are H.J. Berndt's children.
[Berndt Family Sitting on a Porch]
Black and white photograph of the Berndt family, seated on the porch of a house with wood-siding and support posts. The parents, Helvig Berdt and Laura Berndt, are seated in the center around their children. Helvig is wearing a bow tie, a white shirt, suspenders ad pants. Laura is wearing a long, white dress with a dark sash around her waist. Their youngest child Meta is sitting on a chair, holding her doll, directly in front of the parents. Two of their daughters, Ingeborg and Marie, stand on either side of the parents in plaid dresses. Helvig has one hand around the waist of the daughter on his left; she in turn has her hand resting on his leg. Their son Andreas Enemark, who is wearing a hat, a shirt, and a tie, stands behind his parents.
Berndt's Denmark Farm
Copy negative of Helvig Jensen Berdnt's farm in Denmark. Men and women are standing outside of the low-roofed building with a horse-pulled wagon. A dirt path leads up to the farm and through an arched pathway leading to the back of the building. An inset photograph displays an alternate view of the farm.
Beverly Waldman
Portrait of Beverly Elaine Waldman wearing what appears to be a corduroy dress over a light-colored blouse with lace trim. The sleeves on the dress have been tucked and pleated creating a flounce effect. The photograph was framed with a thick card stock material. Printed text on the bottom reads, "Chadwick Studio Houston, Tex." The framed image was then pasted in a fold-out card.
[Beverly Waldman as a Toddler]
Black and white photograph of a young child, Beverly Waldman, sitting outdoors on a lawn where some floral bushes are visible behind her. She is wearing overalls, a shirt, and shoes. Her gaze is directed downward and her hands are in fists, positioned together at her stomach.
Bill and Esther Harton Wedding
Copy negative of a wedding portrait of William and Esther Harton in Danevang, Texas. Esther stands to the left of William, wearing a ribboned headdress with a tulle veil, long earrings, and a pearl necklace over a long-sleeved dress with a lace overlay. She holds a bouquet of roses intertwined with ribbon and greenery. William sits on a wooden stool to the left of Esther, wearing a suit and tie with a flower pinned to his chest and black laced shoes.
Bill at the Sea Wall in Panama
Photograph of a man, identified as Bill Harton, standing on a cement wall that slopes downwards to the right of the photograph. A cigarette lies in his mouth as a gust of wind blows his clothing against his body. An article of clothing, presumably his sports coat, is on the ground. A pillar resting on a base can be seen directly behind him. In the distance, smoke is blowing from two large cylindrical structures. To the right of these, a tiered, architectural complex with many windows towers over the landscape. A large hill can be seen in the very back. Hand-written on the back of the photograph reads, "Bill Harton at the Sea Wall in Panama".
Bill in Panama
Photograph of man identified as Bill Harton posing for the camera next to a banana plant. He wears a tilted hat, a tucked shirt, and pants. A banana cluster hangs from the plant. Bill holds the stem of the cluster with his right hand; on his left, he holds a cigarette. On the back of the photograph, hand-written text reads, "Wilhelm 'Bill' Harton Working in Panama".
Billie Ann Baumert Family
Photograph of some of the members of the Baumert family posing for the camera in front a house. Two adolescent boys dressed sharply in suits flank a woman identified as Billie Anne Baumert. She wears a belted dress, floppy hat, two-tone heels, and carries a purse. To the right of the group is a young girl carrying a purse. She also wears a hat and dress. Small bushes are dispersed in the lawn. Three windows are visible in the back. A gridded fence, doubling as an entryway, is on the far right of the photograph, where an automobile is seen in the distance past the fence. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph reads "Billie Ann Baumert".
Birthday at Sam Brodsgaard's Home
Photograph of a group of people celebrating a birthday at a home belonging to Sam Brodsgaard. They are just outside of an entrance, on a lawn that has been cut short. The house has a shingled gable roof and light-colored siding. Four double-hung windows can be seen as well. Names have been provided by accompanying information, but have not been matched properly to the individuals pictured.
Blacksmith Shop in Denmark
Copy negative of workers standing outside of a blacksmith shop in Denmark. The men and women are grouped around a piece of machinery outside of the large brick building. The women, who are all dressed in formal attire, are standing to the right of the machinery. The men are dressed in work clothes. Carl Harton is identified in the photograph with a hand-written note.
Blacksmith Shop in Jones County
Copy negative of Carl Harton's blacksmithing and woodworking shop in Danevang, Texas. The one-story building features a false storefront with a sign reading "Blacksmith and Woodwork." Two carriages pulled by horses are driving across the road in front of the shop. Several men are standing in front of the open doors of the shop. On the left side of the shop, wagon wheels and other debris are scattered against the building.
Boats at Palacios
Copy negative of a black and white photograph of a couple of boats on the water of the Tres Palacios Bay. The boat on the left is carrying passengers; the boat on the right has a single sail and one individual on it.
[Boy Scouts Biting Into Watermelon Slices]
Photograph of the Boy Scouts of America standing before a single-story structure with the word "Douglass" written on it. The children, with the exception of a few who are in the back, are wearing traditional Boy Scout uniforms: shirts with button-flap pockets, caps, and neckerchiefs. They are all holding large slices of watermelons; some are biting into them. An adult female and an adult male are in the back on the right. Although names have been provided, they can only be applied with certainty to the first three children on the left - Kenneth Strarup, Donald Lykke, and Carl Hansen - and to the last five on the right - Lester Wind, Gertrude Hansen, Leroy Strarup, Lawrence Harton, and Carl Marius Hansen Sr.
[Boy Scouts Field Day in El Campo, Texas]
Black and white photograph of a large group of boys that make up a chapter of the Boy Scouts of America. According to the title written on the photograph, they are all cub scouts from Wharton County and they are posing for a portrait to commemorate a summer field day. Positioned in front of the side of a wooden cabin, they are arranged in four rows with the first row seated with their legs crossed and the second row seated on a bench. Four adult scout leaders are present; one is sitting on the first row with the boys, one is standing to the left of the group, and two are on the right.
[Boy Scouts in Front of Log Cabin]
Photograph of the Boy Scouts of America seated on a bench in front of a log cabin. An open window and doorway is seen behind them. Two adults wearing neckerchiefs, presumably Scout leaders, flank the right and left side of the bench. The children wear shorts, shirts with button-flap pockets, neckerchiefs, and all but two also wear caps. From left to right, they have been identified as Bob Hansen, Lawrence Petersen, Carl Hansen, Jack Hansen, Gunnar Thyssen, Kenneth Andersen, Kermit Harton, Donald Lykke, Irvin Wind, and Harold Wind.
Boys on Horseback
Photograph of a trio of boys on horseback. They are in front of a series of trees with leafy branches. The leftmost and center boys are wearing cowboys hats. The rightmost boy is in overalls and wears no shirt underneath it. They each hold the reins of their respective horse.
Bram Barn on Homeplace
Copy negative of the Bram barn flooded after a large storm. There are electricity poles, trees, and posts in the background. There are two bicycles along the front of the house.
Bram Brothers in WW2 Uniform
Copy negative of the three Bram brothers of Wharton County, Texas. They are all wearing military uniforms. From left to right, the family members pictured are Oscar Bram, Otto Bram and Elve Bram.
Bram Family Portrait
Copy negative of a framed portrait of the Bram family of Wharton County. Marius Bram and Jakobina Bram are sitting down in the portrait. Their children, from left to right, are Carl, Walter and Johanna (infant).
Brian & Elizabeth Wind Having Coffee
Photograph of a man and woman sitting on a wooden bench drinking coffee. Behind them, there is a set of windows partially covered by a pair of sheer curtains. The man, identified as Brian Wind, holds the cup near his mouth and wears belted pants and a long-sleeve shirt. On the left, the woman, identified as Elizabeth Wind, wears a dress and dark shoes and smiles openly at the camera.
Brian & Elizabeth Wind in Church Attire
Photograph of a woman and a man standing side by side each other in front of a structure with horizontal siding and one visible window. The woman has been identified as Elizabeth Wind. She is to the left of Brian Wind. According to accompanying information, they are at a Sunday church service. Both have a corsage pinned to their chests. Elizabeth wears a hat, a light-colored dress cinched at the waist, pearls, and is carrying a dark purse. Brian wears a two-piece suit and a striped tie.
Brian Wind
Photograph of a man, identified as Brian Wind, standing outdoors on a paved sidewalk. The background has mostly blurred from age, but a series of trees can identifiably be seen in the back. Brian wears a three-piece suit, tie, and dark shoes.
[Brian Wind in Military Uniform]
Photograph of a young adult, identified as Brian Wind, in a military uniform standing in the snow. His hands are placed firmly on his sides and he smiles at the camera. An extravagant two-story house is behind him. To his right, a pile of cannonballs have been stacked on the snow. Photograph most likely comes from World War I era.
Brian Wind on Horseback
Photograph of a man, identified as Brian Wind, on horseback in an empty plot of land. He wears a jacket, cowboy hat, and loose fitting pants. He holds the reins of his light-colored horse with his left hand and looks directly at the camera. Behind him, there appears to be a wire fence. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph reads, "Christmas 1935. Some cowboy!"
Brian Wind's Confirmation Class
Postcard of a group of people standing before a church structure during their confirmation. They are standing in two rows, with the front row composed of women in light-colored dresses. A set of double doors is behind them and two windows on either side. A church pastor appears to be standing on the top left corner, judging by his outfit. Brian Wind has also been named, but he has not been matched to any individual in the postcard.
[Bride and Groom on Their Wedding Day]
Black and white photograph of a woman and a man, identified as Dorothy Hansen and Harold Hansen, on their wedding day. They are standing indoors underneath a flower-covered arch with two individuals standing on either side of the couple. Various floral arrangements surround the couple. The bride is wearing a large hat and a dark mid-length dress with a white collar. The husband is wearing a double-breasted suit and tie with a flower pinned to his lapel. The woman on the left of Dorothy is also wearing a large hat and a puff-sleeved dress. The man on the left of Harold is his brother, Melvin Hansen. He is also wearing a suit. Two framed pictures are hung up on the wall on either side of the curtained window behind the group. A linear, decorative border frames the image.
Brodsgaard Farm from the Air
Black and white photograph of an aerial view of the Brodsgaard family farm. There are several buildings visible. A large, two-story house with a fenced in yard attached to it is situated on the right corner of the farm property. There are also several smaller buildings and a barn.
Brodsgaard raising flag
Photograph of a man, identified as Chris Brodsgaard, raising an American flag at Danevang Lutheran Church cemetary. Three tombstones can be seen in the rightmost part of the photograph, as well as a few others beyond the paved sidewalk where Chris stands. The flag is at full-mast and blowing in the wind. Trees and a electrical poles are visible in the distance. A stamp on the back of the photograph indicates, "Danish Heritage Society P. O. BOX 386 Danevang, TX 77432".
Brodsgaard raising flag
Photograph of a man, identified as Chris Brodsgaard, raising an American flag at a cemetery belonging to the Danevang Lutheran Church. He stands somewhat in the middle ground of the photograph. The flag is about three quarters of the whole way there. On the right of the photograph, three tombstones can be seen. A paved walkway bisects the scene. A few other tombstones can be observed after the walkway, as well as a few trees and a series of electrical poles that extend into the far distance. Hand-written text in black ink on the back of the photograph cannot be read with certainty, but it states that this is the location of a particular church. A diagonal text that succeeds it reads, "archives".
[A Brother and a Sister Standing Outdoors]
Black and white photograph of a teenage brother and sister standing outdoors in a lawn of tall grass. They are identified as Olaf Olson and Louise Petersen. Olaf is standing to the left of his sister. He is wearing knickerbockers, tall socks, and a shirt with the sleeves rolled up. His hands are in his pockets. To his right is Louise, who is wearing a dress and a cape. Behind the pair is a tree and a partially visible automobile.
Brothers and Sisters
Copy negative of a black and white photograph of five children standing outdoors in front of a large bush. There are three boys and two girls; they are the children of Christ Petersen.
[A Building Behind a Barbed Wire Fence]
Black and white photograph of a two-story building that has two towers on either side of the visible facade. A long wall extends from most visible tower, the tower on the right, and continues past the picture plane. A barbed wire fence is in the foreground; the building is still discernible through the wire. Dry patches of grass are at the foot of the fence.
[Building with a Smoking Chimney]
Black and white photograph of two buildings that are situated next to a paved road. One building is a large, brick building that has pointed arched windows and a chimney that is smoking. It has a large rectangular tower at its front. The building in the background is a smaller, darkly-colored house that has three windows and two lattice screens on its visible facade. The shadow of an unidentified individual from the shoulder up is visible in the bottom of the center.
[A Bullfighting Ring in Mexico]
Black and white photograph of a bullfight in a Mexican bullfight ring. Three individuals, dressed in traditional matador attire, are closing in on a bull. The matador closest to the bull is holding a sheet; the bull's head is in mid-thrust toward the sheet. The other two matadors stand close by. The stadium stands are filled with a crowd of spectators. Several advertisements in Spanish line the wall of the ring. The shadow of the opposite wall is cast on the ground.
[Bust Portrait of Bertha Kristine Knudsen Andersen]
Studio photograph of an elderly woman, identified as Bertha Kristine Knudsen Andersen, in front of a blank backdrop. She is wearing dark oval frame glasses and a light-colored top. The photograph has been covered with a frame. On the bottom of the frame, there is printed text that reads, "Parker Studios Dallas." Both were then placed inside a folder. On the back of the folder, additionally, there is hand-written text that reads, "My Mother Bertha Kristine Knudsen Andersen."
[Bust Portrait of Bill Harton]
Photograph of a man identified as Bill Harton. He wears a diagonally striped tie and a light-colored, textured collar shirt. Side lighting hits prominently on his left side. Hand-written text on the front of the photograph reads, "passport picture." Text going up the side reads, "Canal Zone March 25, 1944." There is hand-written text on the back of the photograph that reads "Bill Harton".
[Bust Portrait of Mads Andersen]
Studio photograph of an elderly man, identified as Mads Andersen, in a well-lit space. He wears glasses, a suit jacket, light-colored shirt, and striped tie. A frame has been placed over the photograph. They were both then pasted inside a fold-out folder.
[C. Adler in Cotton Marketing Harlingen Office ]
Photograph of a man sitting behind a large wooden work desk. Two empty chairs are on either side in the front. The surface of the desk is covered in various office supplies and stacks of papers. Behind the man, there is a phone, a rolled up newspaper, and a slender lamp on a second, smaller desk. Additionally, there is a map of the southern tip of Texas hanging on the wall, which is covered in wooden panels. The man, identified as C. Adler, smiles at the camera and wears a short-sleeve shirt. Hand-written notations on the back of the photograph state that he was at the Cotton Marketing Harlingen office, and that "many farmers worked with him." All four corners of the photograph are slightly torn.
C. J. Christensen Family - New Car
Copy print of a family group inside a car. The man in the driver's seat has been identified as C. J. Christensen. There at least four more people in the back. One of them, a young boy, looks towards the camera and is the most easily seen - everybody else is hidden from view by the cast shadow of the car's roof. Accompanying information states that they were leaving on a trip to Marquette, Nebraska, to see the family of Mrs. Marie Christensen, wife of C. J. Christensen, who is presumably somewhere in the car.
[C. J. Christensen Home]
Copy print of a farmstead belonging to C. J. Christensen. The photograph was taken several feet away from the main house, which is off to the right behind a small fence and a line of stacked haystacks. The main house is a two-story structure with intersecting gable roofs, five windows along the first floor and two on the top one. Additionally, there are a couple of small outbuildings in the leftmost side of the image. The plot of land in the foreground has been used for an unidentified crop.
C. J. Christensen in Car
Copy print of a man, identified as C. J. Christensen, in the driver's side seat of an automobile. The car has a two wheel wagon attachment on the back, carrying a large load of packages, which have been stacked on top of each other. Behind them, a two-story house can be seen amidst an empty plot of land. The house has intersecting gable roofs with a chimney on top and two visible balconies bordered by railing posts. The bay window on the right side of the house, according to accompanying information, was added in 1918.
C. J. Christensen Wedding
Copy print of a newlywed couple posing for the camera inside an empty room. The man, identified as Christian Jepsen Christensen, is seated in an elaborately designed wicker chair and wearing a suit and bow tie. The woman, identified as Marie Magdalene Jensen, is standing next to him on the right with her right hand resting on the chair's back. She is wearing a long-sleeved wedding dress and veil that has been adorned at the top with small flowers.
N. C. Krag Later Walter Nielsen Home
Photograph of a two-story home in Danevang, Texas. It has blue siding, a front porch covered by an overhang supported by four columns, and several windows. A set of steps lead up to the porch, where some objects have been left around the corners. There is a wire fence surrounding the back, and the home is located in a grassy terrain.
S. C. Swendsen Home
Photograph of a two-story house in Danevang, Texas, belonging to S. C. Swendsen. The house has intersecting gable roofs with gray shingles, horizontal white siding, and two overhangs on the first floor covered with the same gray shingles. They are each supported by slender columns. The photograph was taken a short distance away, capturing the front lawn and an outside garage that is to the right of the house. Additionally, there is a medium-sized tree on the front lawn.
S. C. Swendsen Home
Photograph of the S. C. Swendsen homestead property in Danevang, Texas. The photograph was taken far away, capturing the main two-story residence in the center surrounded by a field of crops. There also a few trees on its outer perimeter. The house has intersecting gable roofs and white siding. There is an overhang over the front entrance supported by four slender columns. Double-hung windows can be seen on the first and second floors.
Camp Hulen Main Chapel
Copy negative of the Danevang Lutheran Church in Danevang, Texas. There is a road visible in the foreground, as well a tall flagpole with an American flag positioned in front of the chapel.
Camping at the Bay
Copy negative of three men identified as Louie Knudsen, Arthur Andersen, and Mads Andersen camping at Palacios Bay in Texas. Two of the men are sitting at a makeshift table and eating a meal while the third is cooking over a fire. Tools including buckets, a hatchet, and several stacked rifles are strewn about the campsite. The men are surrounded by dense foliage.