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[Andrew J. Jensen's Honorable Discharge from the Army of the United States]
Discharge paper given to Andrew J. Jensen from the Army of the United States. The document states that Andrew was honorably discharged from his position of mechanic by reason of demobilization. Andrew's physical description follows, along with signatures from a commanding officer. Further biographical information is given on the back. Additionally, a piece of paper has been stapled on the back that was signed by the clerk of the county court in Wharton authenticating the document.
Andrew Jensen Doing Chores
Copy negative of Andrew Jensen feeding a calf out of a metal bucket in front of his farm. Jensen stands to the right of the calf, holding another metal bucket and wearing a white sleeveless shirt, belt, cargo pants, and hat. A cigar is hanging from his mouth. A feeding trough can be seen in the background, surrounded by farmland.
Andrew Jensen Home
Photograph of a single-story home in Danevang, Texas, belonging to Andrew Jensen. The photograph was taken from the street, capturing the gravel road and the front lawn, which has been cut short. The house is bordered by a series of bushes. It has white siding and intersecting shingled gable roofs. A chimney and antenna are on the top hip.
[Andrew Jensen in a Doorway]
Photograph of a man, identified as Andrew Jensen, standing inside a doorway. He is wearing a short-sleeve plaid shirt inside a belted set of pants, a small watch, wedding ring, and banded hat. His right hand is inside his pant pocket, and he looks slightly above him to something in the distance. Part of a garment can be seen hanging on the inside wall.
Andrew Jensen Military Promotion
Hand-written and printed document from the United States Army given to Andrew Jensen after a military promotion. At the very top of the document, there is a black and white illustration of an eagle amongst various symbolic elements that make up the particular emblem. It hovers over bold text and is enclosed in a gray cloud-like gray area. The document states that Andrew made the transition to corporal at Camp Travis in Texas. Crease lines can be seen both length-wise and width-wise.
Andrew Jensen's Declaration of Intention
Declaration of Intention given to Andrew Jensen from the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization. Signed in the county of Matagorda, the document declares Andrew's intention to become a natural citizen of the United States. It renounces his citizenship in Denmark and the King Frederick VIII. An embossed seal can be seen on the bottom left corner.
Andrew Jensen's Naturalization Papers
Certificate of naturalization provided to Andrew Jensen after he became a citizen of the United States. Some biographical information is provided as well as additional standard signatures and bureaucratic fine print. There are two stamps on the back of the certificate, both of which appear to be written in Danish.
[Andrew Jensen's Promissory Note to Danevang Farmer's Cooperative]
Promissory note from Andrew J. Jensen to the Danevang Farmer's Cooperative Society over a sum of twenty five dollars. The note is signed on the bottom right corner by Andrew. A red stamp with the date has been placed on this corner as well.
Andrew Niels Smith
Copy negative of Andrew Niels Smith standing on the grassy bank of a body of water. Andrew is standing with his arms at his sides, wearing a buttoned, collarless long-sleeved shirt and dark pants. His hat sits on his head at an angle.
Andrew Niels Smith Home
Copy negative of Andrew Niels Smith's home. The two-story square wood building has five visible rectangular windows and a wide porch supported by four square columns. A shrub is planted in front of each column. On the right, a windmill and storage tank can be seen behind the house the home. Agricultural buildings and machinery are visible on the left of the image.
Anna Hansen
Copy negative of Anna Hansen, photographed at the home of Hans Hansen. Anna is seated, holding a feathered fan in her hand and wearing a loose-fitting round-neck dress with front pleating and sleeves trimmed in ribbon. She wears a pearl necklace and her hair is pinned up. A curtained window with a view of foliage is visible in background. According to an original source, Anna married Julius Swensen on November 13th, 1926, and died on February 4th, 1929.
Anna Nygaard
Photograph of Anna Nygaard standing outside holding a baby in her right hand. Her head is turned towards the baby as she leans slightly to the left. She is wearing a patterned, lightweight dress that goes below her knees. A rocking chair is behind her and behind that, an out-of-focus tree in direct sunlight, outside of the cast shadow that covers Anna and the chair. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph states "Anna Nygaard".
Anna Nygaard - Nurse
Photograph of Anna Nygaard (right) and an unidentified woman standing in front of a bench. Anna Nygaard, wears a three-quarter length sleeve, belted dress that goes below her knees, while the other woman wears a nursing uniform. Behind them, there is a various assortment of bushes, grasses, and trees, in what appears to be a garden. There is a hand-written text on the back of the photograph but it cannot be read with certainty. It has also been stamped in the center with an image of a woman and text that reads, "A Miss Snapshot Print by C.S. Edwards Shreveport, LA."
[Anne Berndt in Her Military Uniform]
Black and white photograph of Anne Berndt in her Women's Army Corp uniform, which consists of a single-breasted jacket, a skirt, heeled shoes, and a garrison cap. A purse is hanging from her shoulder. She is standing outdoors on a lawn; various bushes and trees are visible behind her.
Annette and Beverly Waldman
Black and white photograph of two young girls who are sisters, standing outdoors on a lawn and posing for a photograph. The girls, who are holding hands, are identified as Annette Waldman and Beverly Waldman. They are both wearing dresses and the older sister has a purse in one of her hands. Behind them is a large bush.
Annette Miksik
Studio portrait photograph of a young woman identified as Annette Miksik. She is in front of a backdrop in a well-lit space looking to the left. She wears her hair in loose curls. A white ribbon hangs from the top. She has on a pink blouse and a small chain necklace. Accompanying information states: "Annette Miksik Marek, daughter of Wesley and Darlene Miksik and the wife of Bennie Marek is a native of Danevang. She served as organist in the early 1970's, frequently substituting for the organist Patty Jensen and Wanda Plentl."
[Anniversary Celebration for Abelone and Louise Harton at Danevang Community Hall]
Black and white photograph of a group of people gathered for a portrait at a celebration in honor of Abelone Harton and Louise Harton, who are commemorating their wedding anniversary. The group is arranged in several rows behind a table where the eldest individuals are seated. The table has been set with plates and utensils and has a tiered cake at its center. A thick, velvet curtain monogrammed with a "D" is directly above the group of people. On the back of the photograph, a handwritten note reads, "Dear Abelone and all of yours: herewith our best wishes for a good Christmas and a happy new year for you all. From Aunt Stephanie & Uncle Peter, Dec. 15, 1961."
Annual Occupation Tax Recepit Number 230
Occupation tax receipt given to P. B. Bundick of Matagorda County, Texas for his occupation of Ferryman. Mr. Bundick paid ten dollars for both a state and county tax. The transaction was confirmed by the comptroller of public accounts, whose signature can be seen on the bottom left corner.
[Another Horizontal View of Danevang Lutheran Church Chapel During Remodeling]
Black and white photograph of the chapel at Danevang Lutheran Church during its remodeling period. According to accompanying information, architect Paul Wahlberg of Houston designed the remodeling plan. On the floor there are planks of wood, a white font to the left, and a wooden podium to the right. In the back of the room is an alcove at the center of which is an altar. A robed figure, presumably of Jesus Christ, resides in the middle of the altar.
[Antomine Andersen Christensen and Spinning Wheel]
Copy print of an older woman, identified as Antomine Andersen Christensen, seated in a chair behind a spinning wheel. She wears a long-sleeve dress and glasses. She is outdoors, and in the distance, several trees can be seen. Accompanying information indicates that she was 90 years old at the time the picture was taken. Her daughter, Marie Christensen, married Chris Christensen and moved to Danevang, Texas.
Anton Andersen
Copy negative of an older man, identified as Anton Andersen, standing outdoors in an empty plot of land with a few scattered trees in the distance. He wears a suit jacket, hat, and slouchy pants. Both of his hands are buried in the front pockets. Accompanying information states that Anton was the father of Dagny Andersen Jensen and grandfather to Lillie Jensen.
Anton Strarup Home
Photograph of the Anton Strarup residence in Danevang, Texas. There is a dirt pathway that surrounds the house. The house itself is a single-story structure with gable roofs and dark-colored shingles. A series of small windows, sixteen in all, are on the left and right exterior walls. The ones one the left wall are all fixed, while the ones on the other wall have glass panels that have been opened. A woman in a light-colored dress is standing near an entrance to the left of the fixed windows.
Armstrong Pumping Plant
Black and white photograph of the Armstrong Pumping Plant, a company located 2 1/2 miles west of Louise, Texas. Two tall structures made of long stalks of metal and wood, respectively, are visible in the center of the picture. An unidentified man is working underneath the apex of the spires and overseeing a machine that is gushing some liquid. A barn-like building is right behind him. An animal-drawn vehicle is parked in the distance on the left.
Arnold Juhl Buggy
Copy negative of a horse-drawn carriage in front of the family farm of Jasper Juhl. Arnold Juhl is standing in front of the carriage, and there is a windmill visible in the background of the photograph.
Arnold Juhl Duck Hunt
Copy negative of Arnold Juhl sitting on a tree stump in front of a wooden fence strung with dead ducks after a hunt. Arnold is holding a gun and wearing a vest with ammunition strung across it, lace-up boots, and a billed cap.
Arnold Juhl Home now Manuel Barosh
Photograph of a single-story residence in Danevang, Texas, built by Arnold Juhl but later owned by Manuel Barosh. There is a wire fence in the foreground. The house has intersecting gable roofs with gray shingles, white horizontal siding, several double-hung windows, and a front patio with a small overhang. There are various toys in the front lawn near the brick steps of the front entrance. Among them, there appears to be a wagon and a bicycle for a small child.
Arnold Juhl in Baseball Uniform
Copy negative of Arnold Juhl dressed in a baseball uniform. He is sitting in an automobile with his knees up and looking to the side.
Arnold Juhl's Residence
Copy negative of the Arnold and Margaret Juhl residence in Danevang, Texas. The residence is on a large plot of land with the living quarters in the front, a garage to the side, and a smaller outhouse in the back. There are two cars parked on the side of the road that runs in front of the house.
Arnold & Margaret Juhl Golden Wedding
Copy negative of a group portrait taken for Arnold and Margaret Juhl's Golden Wedding celebration at the Danevang Community Hall. On the top row is Anna Michaelsen Skalisky, Rudolph Skalisky, Edythe Michaelsen, Hans Michaelsen, Vavie Michaelsen Skalisky, and Frank Skalisky. On the second row is Frank Witcher, Charles Corley, Christian Michaelsen, Arnold Juhl, Sophus Michaelsen, George Michaelsen, and Carl Michaelsen. Seated at the front of the group is Clara Michaelsen Witcher, Helena Michaelsen Corley, Clara Michaelsen, Margaret Michaelsen Juhl, Metha Starup Michaelsen, Helena Schaer Michaelsen, and Hilda Smith Michaelsen.
Art & Freda Braunholz Wedding
Copy negative of a group of people at the wedding of Art and Freda Braunholz. The bride and groom are standing in the front, surrounded by a large group of other people. In the background there are hedges, trees, and a house visible.
Arthur Andersen Family
Copy negative of Arthur Andersen and his family sitting on a log along a beach. From left to right, the family members pictured are Louella Andersen, an unknown woman, Henrietta Andersen, and Arthur Andersen.
Arthur Anderson World War One
Copy negative of Arthur Andersen wearing his WWI military uniform. The long-sleeve uniform jacket buttons up the front and features four large pockets, and the pleated plants fit loose and tighten at the knee. Arthur is wearing lace-up shoes and a hat.
Arthur Hansen Family
Copy negative of Arthur Hansen and his two daughters, Dora and Marie Harton. The children stand on either side of their father, who is sitting on a stool wearing a suit. The girls are wearing long-sleeved, dark-colored dresses. They both are resting a hand on their father's arms.
Arthur Hansen Home
Copy negative of Arthur Hansen's home, which is approximately two miles west of Danevang, Texas. The two-story white home is sitting next to a windmill and several agricultural buildings.
[Articles of Agreement for Warranty Deed]
Deed recording the transaction between Laurits J. Lykke and his wife Hanna with Carl Harton regarding the sell of 70 acres of land in Wharton County, which was sold to Carl for a total sum of $8,298.12. The document goes on to give specific payment schedules and other relevant information. The deed is held together with a second document, a smaller piece of paper that was signed by a notary of Wharton County authenticating the transaction.
[Articles of Incorporation of the Danish Mutual Insurance Company]
Legal document inaugurating the Danish Mutual Insurance Company's corporate membership, filed through the Secretary of State's office in Austin, Texas, and signed under a notary. The document specifies a twenty year lifetime minimum and the seven men of the first board of directors who will be in charge of insuring both Wharton and Matagorda counties. They are as follows : Neils Christian Jensen, Marcus Nielsen, Helvig Jensen Berndt, H. P. Hermansen, Jasper J. Juhl, Marcus Christensen, and Niels M. Hansen.
Arvid Bloom & Thora Nielsen
Studio photograph of a husband and wife couple posing for picture in their wedding garb. The woman, seated on the right, has been identified as Thora Nielsen. She wears a light-colored (presumably white) dress with stockings, single-strap shoes, and a veil that reaches down to her ankles. Additionally, she also wears pearls and holds a bouquet of flowers near her lap. Her husband, identified as Arvid Bloom, is standing to the right of her. He is wearing a two-piece tuxedo suit with a light-colored shirt and matching bow tie. His hair is combed backwards revealing a receding hairline. The photograph has been placed inside the small triangular inserts of a stiff mat board. On the bottom, a white line of text reads, "Lauritz - Los Angeles"; presumably, the name of the photography studio where the picture was taken.
At the Bay
Copy negative of Margaret Juhl and her husband Arnold Juhl sitting on the beach at the East Bay in Palacios, Texas.
August Schaer Family
Copy negative of the Schaer family, standing in three rows outside of their home. From left to right, Marie, Louis, Charlie, and Henry stand in the back row. Mr. and Mrs. Schaer stand in the middle row, and O.W. and Helena stand in the front row.
August Schaer Home
Photograph of a two-story home in Danevang, Texas, belonging to August Schaer. Photograph was taken from a distance, capturing the homestead, which includes the land, a disheveled fence on the left, and two outbuildings to the left and right of the main home. An intersecting gable roof covers the second-story of the house. A hip roof covers the adjacent right side, which projects outwards to the patio creating an overhang supported by slender columns. A purple stamp has been placed on the back of the photograph of a leaping fox logo with accompanying text that reads, "This is a genuine Fox Tone Picture Made by Fox CO. San Antonio, Texas." Rough black patches of paper remain on the back from wherever the picture was torn out of.
Babe Hansen & Michael Brodsgaard in Car
Photograph of a young boy and man in a car with the top down. According to accompanying information and a hand-written notation on the back of the photograph, they are at Danevang Filling Station. Additionally, the names Babe Hansen and Michael Brodsgaard have also been supplied. Babe is the man in the driver's side seat and Michael is the young boy climbing the car from the back door. They both wear plaid shirts and light-colored pants.
Baby With Chickens and Cat
Copy print of a baby sitting in the middle of empty plot of land amidst a circle of chickens. The baby, identified as Johanna Larsen, holds an unidentified object in her hands while looking at a cat in front of her. In the very distance, a structure can be seen among some trees and a field of crops off to the left.
[Back Gate Leading to an Arbor]
Copy negative of a black and white photograph of a white picket gate leading to an arbor located at H. J. Rasmussen's farm. There is a dirt road that leads to the gate with a wooden frame overhead, creating a ivy-covered walkway. Surrounding the gate on either side is a wire fence; behind the gate are several trees.
Baptism Portrait of Esther Smith Harton
Copy negative of the baptism portrait of Esther Smith Harton. The baby is sitting in a chair covered with a patterned cloth, wearing a long-sleeved gown with lace trim and a lace inset on the chest of the gown. She is wearing a necklace with a charm on it.
[Baptismal Certificate]
Certificate from Sigrid Larsen Wind's baptism at Danevang Church written in Danish. There is an illustration at the top of the document of a female angel holding a basin. She is inside a circular motif with a line of bold text going around the top. Additionally, two paper scrolls unroll from leafy branches that decorate the top third of the document. In these scrolls, there are biblical passages from the gospels of John and Mark. Translated from Danish, the passages from John and Mark read: "Unless one is born of water and spirit, he can not be received into God's kingdom" - John 3. 5. "Whosoever believes and is baptized shall be saved, but whoever does not believe shall be damned" - Mark 16. 16. Two more detailed illustrations flank the right and left hand-written parts of the document. The one on the left is of a tall tree in the middle of a deserted, sloping terrain. The image opposite it is of a sailing ship bearing the Danish flag in a large body of water. Four more paragraphs of text are on the bottom flanking an embossed seal.
Baseball Team
Copy negative of a team of nine baseball players in Danevang, Texas, which is located in Wharton County. In the image, the team members are dressed in baseball uniforms and cleats. Two of the team members are holding baseball bats. From left to right, the individuals pictured are F. W. "Dengsi" Hansen, J. O. (Honey) Olsen, I. Elva (Babe) Hansen, Sam Ingvardsen, Knud Strarup, Window (or Woodrow) Winfield, Iver Skow and Carl Jensen.
Bendt & Lena Andersen at Palacios Pavilion
Copy negative of a family group at Palacios Pavilion, the exact location of which has not been provided. They are standing on a wooden boardwalk that leads up to a carousel-like structure with various openings looking on to the water. Although several names have been provided, they have not been matched properly to the individual's positions. There are three children, two women, and an adult man.
[Benedict Krag Standing By Grain Elevator Controls at the Danevang Farmers Co-op]
Black and white photograph of a man, Benedict Krag, standing by a wall of electrical boxes that control the grain elevator at the Danevang Farmers Co-op. According to accompanying information, Benedict was the manager of the grain elevator at the time. He is dressed in a white short-sleeve button-up shirt, pants, and work boots. His right hand is holding a metal pipe that runs from the control boxes.
[Berdnt Family at H.J Berdnt Farm]
Photograph of the Berndt family standing on a dirt road. They are each holding long, slender sticks pointed to the ground, with the exception of the woman on the far right, who holds hers towards the sky. In the background, a series of leafless trees and tall grasses lead up to a farm-like structure in the distance. A decorative border surrounds the photograph. Some of the individuals have been identified. From left to right, they are: unknown, unknown, Emma Berndt (possibly), unknown, Anne Berndt, Meta Berndt, unknown, unknown, Marie Berndt. On the back, hand-written text reads, "Creek thru H.J. Berndt. House where arrow heads were picked up. Early 1920's. L-R. ??, Emma Berndt?, ?, Anne Berndt, Meta Berndt, ??, Marie Berndt." Two stamps have also been made, both in purple. The first reads, "20 514". The second: " This is a genuine Border Fox Tone Picture Made by Fox Co. San Antonio, Texas, Copyright 1925 by Carl (last name is illegible)".
Berdnt Family Home
Photograph of a two-story home in Danevang, Texas, belonging to the Berndt family. Accompanying information states it was first owned by Hans Berndt, and later, by Christian Berndt, his son. The house has intersecting gable roofs and several double-hung windows on both floors. The front patio overhang is created by a roof projection that slopes downwards and is supported on the front by four slender columns. There are three visible trees in the foreground and a gas tank off to the right.