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[Young Woman Smiling]
Postcard of an unidentified young woman standing in front of a large leafy shrub. Her hair is loosely pulled back. She wears a light-colored dress cinched at the waist with three-quarter length sleeves and a v-neckline. In the background, there appears to be a two-story structure and a fence. Some pencil notations have been made on the back, but it cannot be read with certain legibility through the rough patches of black paper that remain on the postcard.
[Young Women in Danish Folk Dance Costumes]
Copy negative of a black and white photograph of four girls, dressed in traditional Danish folk dance costumes, posed outdoors for a photograph. The costume consists of a dirndl dress and a white shirt underneath. Two of the girls have aprons over their skirts. A picket fence interwoven with vines is discernible directly behind their legs. Several parked automobiles are visible behind the fence.
[Young Women Posed for a Picture in the Street]
Black and white photograph of a young woman standing in the middle of a street. She is identified as Christine Olson Walters. She is wearing a black dress that has a pleated collar and a pleated skirt. She is also wearing a hat. Behind her, buildings and telephone poles line either side of the street. Shadows are cast across the ground.
Zella and Olaf Hansen
Black and white photograph of a woman and a man standing in a grassy field; the woman is standing in the foreground and the man is standing in the background. They are identified as Zella Hansen and Olaf Hansen. Zella is wearing a light-colored dress and is barefoot. Her shadow is cast on the ground below her at about 45 degrees. Olaf is wearing a shirt, pants, and a hat. His shadow is also cast near him.
[Zella Hansen with Daughters Joan and Jean]
Black and white photograph of a woman, Zella Hansen, and her young daughters, Joan and Jean Hansen, swimming in a body of water. Jean and Joan are both wearing only their diapers and are holding onto their mother's arms. Zella's gaze is toward the daughter on her right.