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Camping at the Bay
Copy negative of three men plucking game birds while camping at Palacios Bay in Texas. Two men are standing; one is holding a pile of guns and the other is cooking. The third man is sitting. Tools and supplies are visible around the camp. Two mules are standing next to a covered wagon.
El Campo City Garage
Copy negative of a black and white photograph of the El Campo City Garage on what looks like a celebratory day. A line of children stand in front of the garage, posing for the photograph. Members of the Danevang Band, all of whom are holding different musical instruments, stand behind the children and to the right of the picture. An automobile covered in text is visible between the two clusters of people. The garage's sign has text on it which reads: "[Oil] & Accessories" and "Acetylene Welding."
El Campo Cotton Platform
Photograph taken at El Campo Cotton Platform, which appears to be a kind of property used for the processing and harvesting of cotton. On the platform itself, there are various stacked piles of cotton and hay bales. A procession of horse-drawn wagons on the dirt road in front of the platform are moving forward. Helvig J. Berndt is in one of the wagons, but his actual location hasn't been specified. Additionally, two children can be seen joining the male driver in the front wagon. The photograph has been placed on a stiff mat board which is chipping on the bottom corners.
El Campo Cotton Platform
Copy negative of twelve men loading bales of cotton from horse-drawn carriages onto a railroad platform for shipment by train in El Campo Texas, which is located in Wharton County. The title of the image, "El Campo Cotton Platform", is hand written in cursive on the front of the photograph.
Campsite at the Bay
Copy negative of a Danevang family camping at Palacios Bay, Texas. Several women and children wearing long dresses and bonnets are sitting around two covered wagons that are parked on the shore.
[Carl and Curtis Jensen Working with a Tractor on Their Farm]
Color photograph of two men, Curtis Jensen and Carl Jensen, working with a red tractor on their family farm. They are both wearing work clothes and matching hats. The man on the left is standing beside the tractor's rear. The man on the right is sitting in the seat of the tractor and is turned around toward the camera. In the background is a field of tilled earth.
Carl and Ida Thyssen
Copy negative of Carl and Ida Thyssen of Danevang, Texas, which is located in Wharton County. Carl is wearing a suit and a hat, and Ida is wearing a long dress, a bonnet, and boots.
[Carl and Shirley Bram Home]
Photograph of a single-story, brick family home belonging to Carl and Shirley Bram. The brick is a red-orange color. At the front entrance, the brick has an angular design. Evenly-spaced flowers have been planted along the edge. There are two large trees on each side of the house.
Carl & Gertrude Hansen Home
Photograph of a two-story, red brick home in Danevang, Texas, belonging to Carl and Gertrude Hansen. The photograph was taken from the street, capturing the front lawn and a fairly large palm tree on the right side of the image. The house has a gable roof. There are two double hung-windows side by side in the front pediment. The front door is visible just underneath it. A series of bushes line the edge of the house on the left side. On the back of the photograph, three stamps have been made of the same leaping fox logo and the accompanying text that reads, "Fox Photo. This paper manufactured by Kodak Jul 85 - HOU".
Carl Harton and Colt
Copy negative of Carl Harton holding clutching a foal's neck with one hand and the it's flank with the other. A grown horse stands to the left of Carl. A fence surrounds farmland in the background. Carl is wearing a broad hat, collared hat, jacket and pants.
Carl Harton and Kristiane Christiansen Harton
Copy negative of Carl Harton and his wife Kristiane Christiansen Harton standing in front of a wooden bench. Kristiane stands to the right of Carl, wearing a jacket and long skirt, a brimmed hat, and carrying a cloth folded over her arm. Carl stands with his hands behind his back, wearing a suit jacket, a vest, trousers, and a bow tie.
Carl Harton Family
Copy negative of a portrait of Carl Harton's family. Carl and his wife Kristiane each hold a child on their lap, while two girls and a boy stand around them. The two boys are wearing matching plaid buttoned shirts with wide collars and darker plaid pants. The girls are wearing floral-printed dresses with lace fringe and ruffled collars. Carl is wearing a dark suit and tie, and Kristiane is wearing a high-necked black dress.
Carl Harton Family
Copy negative of Carl Harton's family outside of his home. Five men are standing in the row farthest behind the others, wearing collared shirts and ties. The front row consists of three women and one man. The woman on the far right is wearing a collared dress that button down the center, a thin belt, and glasses. The woman second to the left is wearing a striped jacket over a dark skirt. The woman on the right hand side of the image is holding the arm of the man to the left of her, wearing a long-sleeve dress that buttons across the chest.
[Carl Larsen and Jack Wind Wearing Military Uniforms]
Black and white photograph of two men, Jack Wind and Carl Larsen, wearing their military uniforms while standing outside of a brick building. Their uniforms are composed of button-up shirts, pants, a belt, and a hat. The man on the left is wearing a peaked cap that has ornamentation at the center of its front. The man on the right is wearing a garrison cap. Both men have their hands clasped behind their backs. In the background, a few of the building's windows are visible.
Carl Larsen Home
Copy negative of Carl Larsen's two-story wood-frame house in Danevang, Texas. The house has a front porch with brick columns and rounded windows. A chimney and a back porch are also visible.
Carl Larsen in Front of Pioneer House
Photograph of an older man, identified as Carl Larsen standing outdoors in front of a two-story house. He wears a white shirt tucked into gray pants. The house behind him has two doorways, a roof covered by tar paper, and siding that looks aged and weathered. The man stands next to a sign with red lettering. It states, "Future home of Danevang Heritage Society Museum." An address appears to be listed in the bottom, but it is too small and the photograph too out-of-focus to be read with certainty.
Carl on Motorcycle
Copy negative of Carl Rasmussen leaning on his motorcycle outside of H. J. Rasmussen's farm. Carl is wearing a buttoned shirt and fitted trousers with a utility belt, lace-up boots, goggles and a rag on his head. An agricultural building is visible in the background of the image.
Carl Thyssen & Auto
Copy negative of Carl Thyssen standing next to his car in Danevang, Texas, which is located in Wharton County.
Carl Thyssen During World War I
Postcard of two men in military uniform standing on a wooden boardwalk in front of what appears to be a barrack. A ladder can be seen inclined on the structure behind the man on the right. Accompanying information indicates one of the men is Carl Thyssen, but has not specified which is which. They both wear lace-up boots, hats, and loose-fitting pants, but the man on the left wears a button-up jacket with multiple button-flap pockets, as oppose to the man on the right, who simply wears a long-sleeve shirt.
Carl Thyssen Family
Photograph of members of the Thyssen family standing outdoors in front of a large bush. Behind the bush, there is a two-story structure with two double-hung windows and horizontal siding. The majority of the family group is dressed in formal attire, with the exception of two children in the front row that appear more casual. All names have been provided, but they have not been matched to people pictured. However, Carl Thyssen is presumably the older man on the far right wearing the three-piece suit.
Carl Thyssen Family
Photograph of members of the Thyssen family in front of a large bush during a Christmas celebration. A two-story structure can be seen behind them with horizontal siding, three windows, and an elevated foundation. A second bush is off to the right. They are dressed in formal attire. A kneeling man in the front row is also wearing a military uniform while holding the hand of a woman in a dark dress. Names have been supplied by accompanying information, but they have not been matched to any single individual. On the back of the photograph, hand-written text seems to say, "Mother and party w/ her family Christmas 1943."
Carl Thyssen Family & Auto
Copy negative of Carl and Ida Thyssen with their four children and family dog. The family is sitting next to their car in Danevang, Texas, which is located in Wharton County. From left to right, the family members pictured are Carl, Magdalene, Gerda, Ingeborg, Alfred and Ida Thyssen.
Carl Thyssen Girls & Wagon
Copy negative of three of the Thyssen family children standing outside their home in Danevang, Texas, which is located in Wharton County. Gerda Thyssen, the youngest child, is standing inside a wagon. Ingeborg Thyssen is standing next to the wagon, to the left of Gerda, and Magdalene Thyssen is pulling the wagon.
[Carl Thyssen Home]
Photograph of a single-story home with yellow siding and several windows belonging to Carl Thyssen. To the right and behinf the main house is a mailbox and a couple of small outbuildings. There are a series of large trees lining the outer perimeter of the home. In the foreground, a large portion of the land appears to have been tilled.
Carl Thyssen Home
Copy negative of Carl Thyssen's family home in Danevang, Texas, located in Wharton County. There is a windmill on the left side of the image, and other houses are visible to the left of the family home.
Carl Thyssen Portrait
Studio photograph of a man, identified as Carl Thyssen, in a well-lit space in front of a blank backdrop. His body is turned to the left slightly, but he faces the camera directly. He wears a suit jacket over a light-colored shirt and striped tie. The photograph has been pasted inside a frame with embossing on the front side.
[Carmichael Family]
Newspaper photo of Pastor Kenneth Carmichael, pastor of the Danevang Lutheran Church, his wife Dorothy, and children Scott and Suzanne. According to accompanying information, Dorothy was the church organist while her husband was pastor there, from 1968-1972.
[Central Danevang High School Class]
Copy negative of a group of adolescent boys and girls from Central Danevang High School posing for a school picture. They are seated and standing on the front steps of their school. Two shutter windows and a light-colored door can be seen behind them. The front row has been identified, from left to right, as Hans Andersen, Harold (Bud) Jensen, Anna Longwood, Siguard Nielsen, Verner Petersen, Ernest Jensen, Emil Lykke, Louise Olson, Sam Ingvardsen, and Marius Hansen. In the center row, Johannes (Jack) Hansen is on the left and William (Bill) Andersen is on the right. From left to right, the back row consists of Andrea Hansen, Ella Olson, Elna Petersen, Agnes Juhl, Gertrude Strarup, unknown, Christine Hansen, Anna Hansen, and Karie Brown, their teacher.
[Certificate of Naturalization]
Certificate of naturalization given to Helvig Jensen Berndt by the United States Department of Commerce and Labor. A black and white illustration of an eagle emblem is at the very top, flanked by the title of the document. The text on the page gives the names of Helvig's children and wife as well as a short physical description of Helvig. There is hand-written text on the back of the document which reads, "H. J. Berndt is U. S. Citizen since May 4, 1908."
Certificate of Progress
Certificate of progress document given to Jillie Jensen from a Danevang public school. There is a decorative border surrounding the paper. Beneath an illustration of a hand holding a quill pen, the text reads: "This Certifies that Lillie Jensen has done good work in Penmanship in the third grade of Danevang Public Schools and has made notable progress in keeping correct position, using proper movement and doing legible writing in all written work." The name of the school, teacher, and principal follows, plus the date.
Charlie Schaer WW1 Soldier
Copy negative of Charlie Schaer, who was a World War One soldier from Wharton County, Texas. In the image, Charlie is standing outside a house that is covered with ivy. He is wearing his military uniform.
Chattel Mortgage to First National Bank of El Campo by Andrew Jensen
Document recording a mortgage taken out by Andrew Jensen from the First National Bank of El Campo, Texas. Andrew took out three hundred dollars with a ten percent interest. A piece of paper has been stapled on the back with a stamp of approval and two postage stamps.
Child in Baby Carriage
Copy print of a baby, identified as Ester Knudsen Hutson, in a baby carriage. She is wearing a long, light-colored gown with a decorative crochet trim running across the bottom of the garment. She is also wearing a large bonnet tied around her neck. The carriage seems to have been placed on a wooden patio, perhaps the front porch of a home.
[Childen at Otto Hansen Home]
Photograph of a family group in front of a two-story house belonging to Otto Hansen. On the far left, a woman kneels down and holds a rocking horse towards an unidentified infant that's looking away from the woman. A second child to the right, identified as Melvin Hansen, looks down at the baby and appears to be holding a small rifle in his hands. The rightmost child, wearing a dark-colored dress, hat, and dark boots, looks straight ahead at the camera. The house behind them has a gable roof, siding, and several windows.
[Childen at the 1945 Mayfest Celebration]
Photograph of a group of children at a 1945 Mayfest celebration inside Danevang Community Hall. No information has been provided concerning the event, but according to accompanying records, it involved games and the Danish ethnic culture. The children are holding streamers that have been attached to a pole. While holding on to them, they appear to be walking in unison in two concentric circles in opposite directions. Several seated adults can be seen in the background watching them. Names have been provided. From left to right, starting with the girl on the far left in the background whose face is visible: Sybil Bram, Leona Gann (the girl with the bob haircut), Betty Lykke, Darlene Juhl, Pauline Gann, Ralph Petersen, Grace Hicks, Luella Andersen (presumably the girl with the large bow in her head).
Children Feeding Chickens
Copy print of three young children feeding several chickens in front of a two-story house. From left to right, they have been identified as O. V. (Mickey) Christensen, A. E. Christensen, and Emma Christensen. A line of thinly distributed, slender trees line the perimeter of the house. The house itself has intersecting gable roofs on the top floor covered by dark-colored shingles. The first floor projects outwardly and has a second roof structure that creates an overhang in the back right corner for a patio space.
[Children in Front of a Christmas Tree]
Black and white photograph of two children standing in front of a decorated Christmas tree that has wrapped presents underneath it. A young boy (identified as Tommie Hansen) is sitting on a toy rocking horse while a young girl (identified as Sandra Hansen) stands beside him holding a piece of paper in her hands. The torso and legs of a man are partially visible on the right of the photograph. In the background is another young boy.
[Children in Rope Pulling Contest]
Copy print of a photograph of two teams of unidentified children in a rope pulling contest, also known as tug of war. The team on the left is made up of eight boys of various ages, and the team on the right is made up of six girls, also of various ages. There are six hats on the ground in front of the children.
Children on Horseback
Copy negative of the four Berndt children, Metha, Ingeborg, Marie, and Andrew, sitting together on a horse. The children are sitting from left to right in order of age, facing left but looking toward the camera. The three girls are wearing white dresses that reach to their knee, while the boy wears a white collared shirt, tie, and short trousers. All the children are barefoot.
Children on Horseback
Photograph of two children riding horseback outdoors in an open field. The child in the back has been identified as Melvin Hansen, and he holds an unidentified younger child in front of him. They both wear hats and light-colored tops. Behind them in the distance, there is a single-story structure and a few trees.
Children on Windmill
Photograph of two young boys standing barefoot on the wooden planks of a windmill. They are both wearing overalls over long-sleeve shirts. They have been identified as Christian and Peter Brodsgaard, but accompanying information has not matched their names to their individual positions. One of the blades of the windmill can be partially seen in the top leftmost part of the image.
[Children Playing in Flood Water]
Copy negative of Clara and Pearl Juhl sitting on the front porch of their home, dipping their toes in the the flood water that surrounds the porch.
Children Riding in Wagon
Photograph of a group of people, children among them, riding inside a horse-drawn wagon. They appear to be in the middle of an empty, grassy terrain, as no identifiable structures or landmarks can be seen. The wagon is carrying at least four people, with a fifth person seen on the leftmost part of the image near the back wheel. The wagon is being pulled by four horses; two in the front and two in the back. The two in the front appear bigger and stronger. Those in the back, in fact, may be mules.
Chris Christensen
Color copy of a black and white original photograph depicting the driver side profile of an early model automobile carrying six individuals inside its cab. The automobile has a retractable roof and no side windows.
Chris Christensen Home
Photograph of the Chris Christensen residence in Danevang, Texas. Taken some distance away, the photograph captures a series of small, slender trees on a snowy plot of land surrounding a two-story structure with intersecting gable roofs and light-colored walls. A chimney can be seen on the hip of the roof. There appears to be a second structure in the background. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph reads, "C. J. Christensen home place. Co. Rd. 424 House moved in 1964 and O. V. Christensen house built on exact location."
Chris Christensen Home
Photograph of the Chris Christensen residence in Danevang, Texas. There is a picnic table outside on a paved walkway that connects an outdoor garage and the main house, a two-story structure with intersecting gable roofs and dark shingles. The first floor projects forwards from the second, and is covered by a mansard roof, also with dark shingles.
Chris Larsen Home
Photograph of a two-story home in Danevang, Texas, belonging to Mrs. Chris Larsen. The photograph was taken behind a parked car; the hood and antennae of the car are visible in the foreground. The house has white siding, double-hung windows, a shingled gabled roof, and an overhang supported by two slender columns. Next to the set of steps leading to the front porch is a rosebush. To the right and left of the house, as well as behind it, there are several tall, leafless trees. There are three pink stamps on the back of the photograph of a leaping fox with the accompanying text: "Fox Photo. This paper manufactured by Kodak Feb 83 - HOU".
Chris Larsen Home
Photograph of a small, single-story house belonging to Mrs. Chris Larsen. Photograph was taken a short distance away, capturing the surrounding lawn, which has been cut short. Four double-hung windows in quick succession are on the left side of the house, followed by a door, and one more double-hung window on the right side, which is partially covered by a tree. There is a sticker that has been placed on the front bottom left corner of the photograph. It is covering what appears to be a fallen tree or the limbs of one. Red and yellow flowers line the outside perimeter of the house. There is hand-written text in blue ink on the back of the photograph, as well as two pink stamps of a leaping fox with accompanying text that reads, "Fox Photo. This paper manufactured by Kodak. Jul 85 - HOU".
[Chris Madsen Home]
Photograph of the Madsen family at their property in Danevang, Texas. The man on the right, identified as Chris Madsen, appears to be seated on a plow, which is being pulled by three horses. There are two children on the right, and an adult woman next to them, presumably their mother and wife of Chris Madsen. Behind them, there is a hammock hung on two trees, and beyond that, a two-story home. It has light-colored siding, intersecting gable roofs, several windows, and one bay window on the right part of the house.
[Christen Madsen Standing Outdoors]
Photograph of an elderly man, identified as Christen Madsen, standing outdoors in front of some boxwood bushes and a small tree. He is wearing a short-sleeve shirt with a flap pocket, belted pants, and dark shoes. His right hand is buried in his pocket. He holds a tin bucket in his other hand.