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[1963 Confirmands Posing Outdoors]
Color photograph of one boy and three girls, all of whom are dressed in formal attire. The girls are wearing white dresses and the boy is wearing a white button-up shirt, bow tie, and black pants. They are standing outdoors to the right of a large bush. An open field with a few trees makes up the background.
1964 Confirmation
A black and white photograph of a group of boys dressed in religious robes standing on a lawn near a large bush and a tree. A man in a suit stands on concrete to the right of the group.
1966 Confirmation
Color photograph of a confirmation class dressed in white religious robes, posed in front of an altar that has at its center a robed figure of Jesus Christ. There are six girls, three boys, and three adults who are identified as Pastor Eric Moller, his wife Mrs. Erik Moller, and the organist, Louise Petersen.
1967 Confirmation
Color photograph of a small confirmation class dressed in religious robes posed indoors in front of what looks like an altar in the background. A girl and two boys are accompanied by an older man in a dark suit and tie who is identified as Pastor Eric Moller.
1968 Confirmation
Color photograph of a confirmation class dressed in white religious robes and standing in front of an altar that has a religious figure in its center. The group is composed of seven boys and two girls who are accompanied by an older man in a dark suit, identified as Pastor Eric Moller.
1972 Confirmation
Color photograph of a confirmation class dressed in religious robes and standing indoors. The group is composed of three girls, two boys, and an older white-robed man, identified as Pastor Kenneth Carmichael, who stands behind them.
1976 Confirmation
Color photograph of the [Danevang Lutheran Church] 1976 confirmation class dressed in red robes standing in a dimly lit setting. On the left, a young boy wearing glasses directs his gaze to something other than the camera. To the right of him two girls, both of whom are holding a piece of paper, smile at the camera; one of them wears glasses. Behind the youth is Pastor Donald T. Kenning, who is wearing white robes, a decorative stole, and a cross pendant on a necklace.
[1979 Confirmation Class of Danevang Lutheran Church]
Color photograph of the 1979 Confirmation class at the Danevang Lutheran Church, made up of two girls and two boys who are standing between two banisters inside their church. They are all sporting red religious robes. A candelabrum is partially visible behind them. A chair sits in the background to the right of them.
1980 Confirmation
A color photograph taken in 1980 of a group dressed in religious robes standing indoors and between two wooden banisters. The group is comprised of two girls and two boys, whose robes are red, and an older man, identified as Pastor Donald Kenning, who stands behind them dressed in white. In the background a bouquet of flowers sits on the left and a chair sits against a wall on the right.
1983 Confirmation
Color photograph of a confirmation class standing outside of the [Danevang Lutheran Church] dressed in white religious robes with red flowers pinned to their chests. One man in front wears a red stole and a necklace with a cross pendant. The rest of the group is comprised of four girls and one boy. They each have a red flower pinned to their robe. The building's doors and exterior facade as well as a handrail are visible behind them.
1985 Confirmation
Color photograph of a confirmation class dressed in white standing in front of the [Danevang Lutheran Church] whose door is open. Two girls are wearing white dresses and four boys are wearing white robes. An older man identified as Pastor Dan Lauderdale stands to the right of them and is wearing a red stole and a white robe embellished with red crosses. Each member of the class except for Pastor Lauderdale has a red flower pinned to their chest.
1987 Confirmation
Color photograph of an all-female confirmation class standing indoors posed against a wall in the [Danevang Lutheran Church]. Each girl is wearing a white dress. The individual in the center of the group, identified as Pastor Deana Voges, wears a stole and a necklace with a cross pendant and is supporting herself with crutches. In the foreground a book with red page edges is sitting open on a platform. Behind the girls is a table with a bowl and some candles on it; to the right of the girls is a wooden chair.
1987 Confirmation [Donald Oldag]
Color portrait of Donald Oldag visible from the chest up, posed against a blue background. He has braces and wears a pastel-colored shirt. Donald Oldag was part of the 1987 confirmation class at [Danevang Lutheran Church]
1988 Confirmation
Color photograph of a pair of youth standing indoors in front of an altar. The two individuals are posed on a red-carpeted floor; the girl wears a blue shirt, a denim skirt and white shoes while the boy wears a white t-shirt, black pants, sneakers, and sunglasses. The altar behind the pair features a cross at its center; a candlestick directly below the cross is visible between the individuals' heads. Two wooden banisters, a microphone, and two furled flags are also in the background.
[1991 Confirmation Class Singing a Hymn at Danevang Lutheran Church]
Color photograph of the 1991 Confirmation class lined up in front of a seated audience. The members of the class are holding up hymn books and singing. Their pastor, Fred Toerne, is standing to the right, wearing a green religious stole. The confirmation class is made up of five girls and four boys, all of whom are young. A stained glass pointed arch window is visible behind the group.
1994 Community Celebration
Copy negative of a community celebration of the dedication of a Texas Historical Marker at the Danevang Lutheran Cemetery, located in Wharton County. In the image, Walter Bram is sitting in a wheelchair, and his daughter, Peggy, is standing directly behind him. There are four American flags staked into the ground, and there are many people standing in the shade, behind the family.
1998 Confirmation
Color photograph of four male individuals standing on turf-lined concrete steps in front of the [Danevang Lutheran Church]. A lamp is fixed above the church doors, which are directly behind the group. Of the four, there are three boys who are each wearing a button-up shirt, a tie, and khakis. All three boys have their hands in their pockets. The fourth individual, identified as Pastor Laird Engle, stands to the right of the boys in a white religious robe and a violet stole that is embellished with crosses. A handwritten label has been attached to the top of the photograph.
90th Celebration
Color photograph of the chapel inside of the Danevang Lutheran Church. A woman stands at the front of the chapel near the altar. At the center of the altar is a table on top of which are two lit candlesticks and a candelabra. Above the table hangs a cross. A few rows of pews are visible in the foreground.
[90th Homecoming Celebration, Danevang Lutheran Church]
Color photograph of a group of people gathered together for a meal in the mess hall at an unidentified location. Several adults are seated at long banquet tables covered in gingham-patterned table covers; many of them have platefuls of food in front of them. Some concession style windows where food is being served are visible to the left; a few people are lined up to be served. Above the windows is a banner that reads, "Vars' Co!" as well as a few Danish flag decals.
[Abelone Harton Home]
Photograph of a single-story home belonging to Abalona Harton. The house has light-colored siding, several windows, and small plants around the edge. There are a number of trees around the house. A "For Sale" sign has been placed on the front lawn. There is a swingset and a see-saw on the left side of the photograph towards the back of the home.
[Abelone Wind in Her Confirmation Dress]
Postcard featuring a black and white portrait of a young woman, identified as Abelone Wind, standing on top of a couple of intricate rugs. Behind her is a painted backdrop. She is wearing a white Confirmation dress, a white bow in her hair, and black shoes. Her right arm is resting on a elaborately woven wicker chair.
Accordion Player
Copy print of a young man, identified as Glen Hutson, standing on a wooden boardwalk leaning against a railing. Behind him, there is a disorderly woodland of different species of plants and trees. He wears a hat, pants and matching waistcoat, and small bow-tie. With both hands, he holds an accordion. Accompanying information states that Glen married Ester Knudsen and had one child, Elsie Laverne Hutson Christensen.
[Aerial Photograph of School]
Aerial photograph of a school building surrounded by farmland. The date Oct. 1954 is written on the back.
Aerial View of Brodsgaard Farm
Copy negative of an aerial view of the Brodsgaard family farm in Wharton County, Texas. In the image, a large field is pictured, and in the center of the field, there is a two-story home as well as several other one-story buildings. According to sources, the farm belonged to Soren Brodsgaard, and was later given to his son, Chris Brodsgaard.
Aerial View of Danevang Co-op
Copy negative of an aerial view of the Danevange Farmers Cooperative Society, as noted on the front of the photograph. The co-op is located in Danevange, Texas.
[Aerial View of Danevang Farmers Co-op]
Black and white photograph of an aerial view of a group of buildings belonging to the Danevang Farmers Co-op. Dirt road pathways are visible between the buildings. The Lummus Cotton Mill, featured in other related photographs, is situated near the back of the property. To the right of it is a metal, bridge-like structure that tapers off into a giant ditch in the top right corner. At the bottom right corner is a building that says "Farmers Co-operative Society, Inc." A few cars are parked in various areas of the property.
[Aerial View of Danevang Farmers Co-op and Surrounding Properties]
Black and white photograph of an aerial view of a group of buildings belonging to the Danevang Farmers Co-operative. The plot of land is adjacent to other properties on the right of the photograph where smaller buildings are visible. In the center of the photograph is a two-story building that has the words "Farmers Co-operative Society, Inc." on its exterior. Near the back of the property is a large ditch that is connected to the Lummus Cotton Mill on the left by a metal rail. Dirt roads provide pathways between the buildings.
[Aerial View of Danevang Lutheran Church]
Black and white photograph of an aerial view of the Danevang Lutheran Church and the surrounding land, which includes a cemetery. A group of people are gathered outside of the front of the church. A system of dirt roads is visible going around the perimeter of the land. The plot of land just adjacent to the church's land is the cemetery; it has numerous tombstones planted on its surface.
Aerial View of Danevang School
Aerial photograph of Danevang School in Danevang, Texas. It is the largest building in the photograph: a single-story structure with a mansard roof with dark shingles and several windows on the first floor. A small playground to the right consists of a few see-saws and a swing set. Further right, a basketball court can be seen. To the left, there appears to be a gas station. The building is amidst a large, rural farm area. Besides the gas station and the school building, there are only a few other buildings, possibly homes, and land that has been tilled.
[Aerial View of Danevang, Texas]
Black and white photograph of the city of Danevang, Texas viewed from above. A long road stretches throughout the city's length. On the bottom left corner is a group of buildings known as the Danevang Farmers Co-operative.
Aerial View of Mads Andersen Home
Copy negative of Mads Andersen's home from an aerial viewpoint. Outlying buildings, a church, trees and farmland surround the home.
[Agnes and Melvin Hansen in Front of Family Home]
Photograph of a man and a woman, identified as Melvin and Agnes Hansen, respectively, standing before the Hansen family home in Danevang, Texas. The home is a two-story structure with horizontal siding, a series of windows, and a small balcony in the second floor that is bordered by railing. Agnes Hansen wears a belted, knee-length dress and glasses. Melvin Hansen is dressed in a military uniform. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph lists their names.
Alfred & Joyce Wind Home
Photograph of a single-story brick home in Danevang, Texas, belonging to Alfred and Joyce Wind. The house has an intersecting gable roof with dark-colored shingles. The pediments created by the roofs have been covered with wooden siding; the rest of the walls are covered in alternating dark brick. Two small trees are on the front lawn, and a third much larger tree can be seen behind the house.
[Alice Hansen, I. E. Hansen, and Michael Brodsgaard on Automobile]
Photograph of a child, identified as I. Elva Hansen (Babe), a woman, identified as Alice Hansen, and a man, identified as Michael Brodsgaard, on an automobile. The man and the woman are seated in the front seats, while the child is standing on the protruding part of the car's right fender. There are a couple of houses far away in the distance. Hand-written text in ink on the back of the photograph reads, "Babe and Alice Hansen 1948 Michael Brodsgaard on fender."
[The Allenson Family]
Black and white photograph of a family standing outdoors. The members include a mother, a father, and their two children; an unidentified man is also standing with them. On the far left is Kristine Allenson, wife to John Allenson. Their children, Clifford and Leo, are both standing in front of the adults and looking downward. The younger child is standing in front of his mother while his older sibling is seated on a tricycle.
[Allenson Family Portrait]
Black and white photograph of the Allenson family. In the center are the parents, Hazel and Ray Allenson. On either side of them are their children. They are wearing formal attire; Hazel is wearing a floral dress and a necklace, while Ray is wearing a jacket, a shirt, and a bow tie. Ray is also wearing glasses. To the left of Hazel is their son, David Allenson, who is also wearing a bow tie. To Ray's right is their daughter, Duby, who is wearing a white dress.
[Altar Candleholders]
Black and white photograph of the altar in the Danevang Lutheran Church. The alter contains a pair of brass candle holders and a candelabrum on the mantel. On either side of the altar table are two smaller tables with shallow metal dishes on them. A figurine in the shape of a lamb sits at the base of the altar.
[Altar Cloths]
Color photograph of the altar in the chapel of the Danevang Lutheran Church. It features an altar table, upon which is an embroidered cloth that was crafted by Mrs. Marius Thyssen. Atop the tablecloth are two brass candleholders and in between is a candelabrum and an open book with gilded-edge pages. Two shallow metal dishes sit on top of two small tables on either side of the altar table.
[Altar in the Chapel of Danevang Lutheran Church Before Remodeling]
Black and white photograph of the altar inside the chapel of Danevang Lutheran Church before its remodeling. Rows of wooden pews lead up to an altar which is sectioned off from the rest of the chapel by two banisters. Situated in the center of a hexagonal alcove is an altar; in the middle is a robed figure, presumably of a significant religious figure. Below the figure is a table covered with a tablecloth. On the table is a candelabrum, two candlesticks, and a couple of floral arrangements.
[Alter and Baptismal Font of Ansgar Church of Danevang]
Photograph of an alter and baptismal font inside the Ansgar Church of Danevang, Texas. The shaft of the baptismal front has been ornamented with rounded bands and supports a rounded basin. Behind it, a wooden step leads up to an alter flanked by wooden furniture. The alter is composed of a wooden table covered by a tablecloth with an ornamented design trim. Two floral arrangements and two candle-holders are on each side of the tabletoo. A seven-branched candelabrum has been placed directly on the center of the table, which stands before a large framed painting of religious icons engaging with a leaning figure. The painting's frame is topped by a cross. Hand-written text in pencil on the back of the photograph cannot be read with certainty. A black stamp indicates, "Danish Heritage Society P. O. Box 386 Danevang, TX 77432".
Andersen Boys on Danevang Baseball Team
Copy negative of the Danevang boys baseball team. The group of boys are standing together outside. Two men are mounted on horses to the left of the team, and three men in suits and hats are standing to the right of the team. Three of the players identified as Elmer, Arthur, and Hands Andersen are wearing baseball uniforms with the word "Danevang" written across the chest. The other team members are wearing various unmatched clothing.
Andersen Family in Cotton Wagon
Copy negative of the Andersen family on a cotton wagon at their farm. Around them, there is nothing but grasses. The majority of them, along with several children, are inside the wagon. The only two not inside it, a man and a woman, are standing in front of it near its wheel. A piece of fabric hangs from the right end of the wagon. Accompanying information indicates that it was called Old Hickory.
[Andersen Husband and Wife in Front of House]
Photograph of husband and wife, Ingvard and Mary Hansen Andersen, respectively, standing outside of what appears to be the front porch of a house. A series of three windows recede into the background. The man and the woman both wear glasses. The man wears a waistcoat, tie, and trousers. The woman wears a short-sleeved dress. Hand-written text in pencil on the back of the photograph lists their names, and a faded stamp in red reads "Minneapolis".
Andersen's at Letulle Park
Copy negative of two adult women and a young girl outdoors at Letulle Park in Bay City. The women are seated on each front wheel of an automobile; Olga Andersen is on the left and Mathilda Kladstrup is on the right. Their niece, Lillie Jensen, is standing between the car grill and front bumper. She wears a light-colored dress and a hat. The women behind her also wear hats and light-colored dresses. A second vehicle can be seen in the back off to the right underneath the cast shadow of a tree.
Andreaus Berndt
Color copy photograph of a black and white portrait of a bearded man, identified as Andreaus Berndt. According to accompanying information, Andreaus is the father of Helvig J. Berndt. He is wearing a heavy buttoned-up coat and is gazing to his right. Just below his vignetted image, the photograph has been torn; the pieces have been put back together for the purpose of this copy photograph. Below the original portrait, the portrait maker's signature reads: C.M. Lund, Toftlund.
Andrew and Dagny Jensen Home
Copy negative of a two-story house in the distance with intersecting gable roofs and an overhang covering the front entrance. There are two slender columns on each corner of the overhang. The house has two visible windows on the front facade and possibly two more on the left wall. A wire fence borders the perimeter of the property, as well as several large trees. In the foreground, there is a cast shadow of a person, presumably belonging to the person who took the photograph. According to accompanying information, it is the house of Andrew and Dagny Jensen, which was torn down in 1937 to make a new home.
Andrew Berndt
Copy negative of Andrew Berndt reading a book at the Nysted Folk School in Nebraska. Andrew is seated next to a desk, and is wearing a suit and tie. Behind him, a shelf where several ties are hanging, a clock, hat, books, and several photographs are either hanging on the wall or sitting on the desk.
[Andrew Berndt and Myrtle Waldman]
Black and white photograph of a woman and a man (identified as Myrtle Hansen Waldman and Andrew E. Berndt) standing in a grassy area near an automobile. The two individuals are both wearing hats. Near Myrtle's feet are a basket and a suitcase. Andrew is standing directly next to the car. A dirt road is visible behind them.
Andrew & Dagny Jensen Marriage License
Marriage license provided to Anders Jessen Jensen and Dagny Andersen from the Wharton County courthouse. There is a black and white illustration at the very top of the document of a bell composed entirely of small flowers, with a leafy vine emerging from the back of the bell and encircling it in an arc. This bell is inside a circular motif with decorative geometric elements around the edge, and is flanked on both sides by bold, Old English text that declares the document as a Marriage License. Hand-written text has been placed in several areas: where it calls for the names of the couple, dates, signatures, etc. The actual ceremony was ordained by Pastor J. A. M. Rodholm. When closed, the information provided in the opened document is condensed into the upper half of the document's back.
Andrew & Emma Berndt Home
Photograph of a single-story house and an adjacent outdoor garage belonging to Andrew and Emma Berndt. Accompanying information, however, states that the home now belongs to Michael Brodsgaard. Photograph was taken from a distance, capturing land that has been tilled, as well as several trees surrounding the house, and a telephone pole in the near vicinity off to the left. There are parked cars in the garage, and both structures appear to have been constructed out of white siding. Dark-colored shingles cover the gable roof of the main house.