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[Large Tent in a Field]
Photograph of a large tent standing in the middle of a large grassy field. The tent is surrounded by trees and brush. The photograph is mounted on a dark board, and there is a typed note in Spanish underneath the photograph that translates to read, "Camp Meeting in Sabinal, Texas in the year 1914".
[Large Tree in Front of a Wooden Cabin]
Photograph of a large tree in front of a wood-slatted cabin. The tree, which is on the left-hand side of the image, is one of many scattered mostly around the background. There is a wooden fence around the cabin, which has three windows with shutters on the right-hand side. The photograph is mounted on a black board, which has pin holes in several places. There is a note on the bottom of the image that is typed onto a piece of white paper. It reads, "Temple of the Mexican Presbyterian Church in Uvalde, Texas, approximately in the year 1895. This building and its congregation no longer exist".