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Early Scenes in Hamiltonburg (Three Rivers) 1913-1914

Description: This book is a compilation of photographs taken in Three Rivers, Texas (known at the time as Hamiltonburg). Each photograph is accompanied by a short description and identifications of the persons and events, if known.
Date: November 16, 1982
Creator: Stewart, S. J.
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History of Negro soldiers in the Spanish-American War, and other items of interest.

Description: Includes sections on the causes of the Spanish American War, the incident with the Battleship Maine, African Americans in the Navy, African Americans on San Juan Hill, Roosevelt, McKinley, Buffalo Soldiers, African American officers and regiments. General themes include civil rights and prejudice.
Date: 1899
Creator: Johnson, Edward Augustus
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[Letters of Rev. Dr. Thomas McHutchin Cunningham]

Description: The Rev. Dr. Thomas McHutchin Cunningham (March 22, 1887 - March 3, 1979) wrote these letters to family members from April 14, 1918 to November 28, 1927. The letters detail his life as a minister in Texas and other locations. The letters are written from Stamford, Spur, Eliasville, Sherman, Gainesville, Orange, Boston (Mass.), Richmond (Va.), and Knoxville (Tn.). The letters detail church news, family life, and travel on the S.S. Leviaton in 1927 to visit London, Paris, and Jerusalem.
Date: 1918
Creator: Cunningham, Thomas McHutchin
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Views of the Paris, Texas Fire

Description: A small booklet with several images of the devastation in Paris, Texas after the 1916 fire. From the private collection of Scott Muhn.
Date: [1916]
Creator: Noyes, Josef H.
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