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Portrait of Dr. James J. Delaney

Description: Dr. James Joseph Delaney (1879-1959) served as the president of Schreiner Institute from 1923 to 1950. He was a leader in Texas education, an executive committee member of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (1939-1947), president of the Association of Texas Colleges (1939), and the president of the Southern Association of Junior Colleges (1945-1946). Dr. Delaney is credited for developing Schreiner Institute into a fully accredited junior college during his tenure as the first president. This image appears in the 1936 Recall Yearbook.
Date: 1935
Creator: Schreiner Institute
Partner: Schreiner University

[Postcard of Cherry Blossoms and Lincoln Memorial]

Description: Postcard of blooming cherry blossom trees with the white columns of the Lincoln Memorial in sight from across a body of water. The message on the back reads, "Dera Mamie, Thanks so much for the lovely handheld chief. It was too sweet of you to thank of me, when you always do the nice things and do so little for your but do love, Love Opnie." The postcard is addressed to "Mr. Carroll Ward, 1906 McFadden, Beaumont, Texas."
Date: April 22, 1935
Partner: McFaddin-Ward House Museum

[Postcard to Mrs. Sallie Beard, January 28, 1935]

Description: Postcard to Mrs. Sallie Beard, discussing the sender's two-week stay in Boerne, Texas so far, including the state of the weather. The front of the postcard features a photograph of Ye Kendall Inn, in Boerne, a long, two-story plantation style house with porches on both stories and a screened-in sun room on the far left side. The gravel driveway that runs parallel to the house is lined with trees, and has four automobiles parked on it. The name of the house is printed at the bottom of the postcard.
Date: January 28, 1935
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

Scene on Prade Guest Ranch

Description: Photograph of Mrs. Helen Prade on a horse above the Frio River at Prade Ranch near Leakey, Texas. Prade Ranch was opened as one of the first resort ranches in Texas in 1935 by Earl T. Prade. This photograph appears in the 1937 Schreiner Institute Bulletin Pictorial Number XV, No. 2 with the caption "Scene on Prade Guest Ranch, near Kerrville."
Date: [1935..1937]
Creator: Schreiner Institute
Partner: Schreiner University

Students Gather Around a Deer

Description: Photograph of a group of students standing around a friendly deer on the Schreiner Institute campus in Kerrville, Texas. George E. Pratka appears to be petting the deer as several other cadets including Julius Leisering, Dayton Stockton, and Donald D. Phillips look on in the background.
Date: 1935
Creator: Schreiner Institute
Partner: Schreiner University

[Sutherlin-McElroy-Bowman Family Thanksgiving]

Description: Photograph of the Sutherlin, McElroy, and Bowman families on Thanksgiving 1935. In the front row, from left to right, are James Edgar Sutherlin; Theodore Edgar McElroy, Jr.; Gerald Edwin McElroy; and Barbara Jean McElroy. In the second row, from left to right, are Edgar Brown Sutherlin, Edith Hallie Wilson Sutherlin, Sophia Flint Wilson, Harriet Josephine Beauchamp McElroy, Walter Edwin McElroy, Waneta Sutherlin, Mable McElroy Duncan, and Lester Duncan. In the third row are Elma Wilson Ridpath; Wayne Ridpath; Walter William McElroy; Maurine Sutherlin McElroy; Theodore Edgar McElroy, Sr.; Bertis Paul McElroy; and Chesley Arthur Bowman. In the back row are Atha Talley McElroy, Dovert William McElroy, and John Harvey Sutherlin.
Date: November 28, 1935
Location Info:
Partner: Private Collection of the Sutherlin Family

[Union Missionary Baptist Church Roll and Record Book]

Description: Book containing an alphabetical member roll of the Union Missionary Baptist Church. Names are arranged alphabetically and include information about how and when some members were received and dismissed. Reception letters can be found in the back of the book.
Date: 1935~
Creator: Union Missionary Baptist Church
Partner: Carrollton Public Library