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Gayle Cruthirds Bombing Group Photograph

Description: Photograph of the United States Air Force, 15th Air Force, 376th Bombing Group, including Gayle Cruthirds of Diboll, Texas. All of the men are wearing Air Force uniforms and leather flight jackets, posing in front of a bomber. The plane has a face and the name "Betsy" painted on it. Handwritten information on the back of the photograph says, "April 22, 1944, Topeka, Kans. 15th Air Force (Italy) 376 Bomb Gp." and also lists those pictured, in order. Bottom row left-to-right: Lt. Jim Carrender, navigator, Kansas City; Lt. John Griffin, pilot, Rochester, New York; Lt. Peter Arth, co-pilot, Los Angeles, California; Lt. Hubert Schlatter, bombardier, Jennings Lodge, Oregon. Top row left-to-right: S/Sgt. Slim Limbocker, waistgun, Ranger, Texas; S/Sgt. Jo Janosko, engineer, Auburn, New York; S/Sgt. Gayle Cruthirds, nose gun, Diboll, Texas; S/Sgt. Edward Blunt, ball gun, Fresno, California; S/Sgt. Russel Martin, radio, top gun, Mounds, Illinois; S/Sgt. Ray (Mundo) Lane, tail gun, St. Louis, Missouri.
Date: April 22, 1944
Partner: The History Center

[Gayle Cruthirds World War II Flight Log]

Description: Flight log created by Gayle Cruthirds, member of the 376th Bomb Group, 15th Air Force, documenting his bombing missions over Italy and Eastern Europe between May 17, 1944 through September 20, 1944. Cruthirds discusses dates, flight times, mission location, weather, presence of flak and fighters, types of planes, and notes specific to each mission.
Date: 1944
Creator: Cruthirds, Gayle
Partner: The History Center

A History of Smith County, Texas

Description: This thesis gives an overview of the history of Smith County, Texas. The chapters, according to the Table of Contents: Topography and Earliest Indian Life; The Cherokees; The Expulsion of the Cherokees; The Exploration and Beginnings of Smith County; Frontier Smith County, 1846-1851; The Ante-Bellum Period, 1860-1874; The Railroads and Their Influences, 1870-1900; Post Civil War Politics and Society, 1870-1900; and The Major Industrial Period.
Date: May 1944
Creator: Ward, William R.
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Master Plan for Dallas, Texas, Report 8: Land Use

Description: Report providing information about the ongoing city planning for Dallas, Texas that started with the Kessler Plan in 1911. This report includes tables and charts showing current and future land use as well as current and future zoning districts. According to an "Errata" insert, tables 1, 2, and 3, were made using the "wrong acreage for the Dallas parks...use the revised tables in studying this report."
Date: October 1944
Creator: Harland Bartholomew and Associates
Partner: Dallas Municipal Archives

[Photograph of Travis Faculty, 1944-1945]

Description: Photograph of the members of Travis faculty, sitting in chairs in a large room. A note below the image identifies some of the individuals: on the front row, 2. Doris Brogdon, 3. Hazel Thomas, 4. LuDelle Adams, 8. Jessie Ruth Rigs, 9. Natalie Russell, and 10. Evangeline Bevers; and on the back row, 1. Francis Stoneham, 2. Lillian Lewis, 8. Hazel Briggs, 11. Amy Lee Holt, 12. Maude Rell, 13. J. T. Montgomery, and 15. W. T. Wilson.
Date: [1944..1945]
Partner: Montgomery County Memorial Library

[Postcard of T.J.S. Caldwell in Sailor Uniform]

Description: Postcard of T.J.S. (Ted) Caldwell wearing a sailor uniform and standing near a sidewalk, with a street and building in the background. A handwritten note on the back addressed to Mrs. Ida in Beaumont, TX from Camp MacDonough in Plattsuburgh, NY says "Dear Aunt Ida, I wear a little different uniform now but this picture is very good. I hope you like it. When are you coming to Huntington? I hope to be there around the 25 of Aug. I would love to see you if you are going to be there. All my love to you. Ted."
Date: August 6, 1944
Creator: Caldwell, T.J.S.
Partner: McFaddin-Ward House Museum

[Ullmann Kilgore in Military Uniform]

Description: Photograph of Ullmann Kilgore in his U.S. Navy Service Khaki uniform, which consists of a garrison cap, a jacket, a collared shirt, and a tie. According to accompanying information, Ullmann was a part of the 24th Seabee Battalion of the U.S. Navy, who were stationed in New Guinea at the time this photo was taken.
Date: 1944
Partner: League City Helen Hall Library

[Uniformed Kilgore Brothers in New Zealand]

Description: Photograph of brothers Ullmann and Joseph Kilgore sitting together in their military uniforms. Joseph, the brother on the right, was a lieutenant in the U.S. Army and an officer in the 43rd Infantry Division in New Guinea. Ullmann, the brother on the left, was part of the U.S. Navy's 24th Seabee Battalion. Having just finished a successful campaign in New Guinea, Joseph's division had been ordered to rest in New Zealand, where Ullmann's battalion were also ordered to go.
Date: 1944
Partner: League City Helen Hall Library