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The City of Houston from Wilderness to Wonder
This book gives an overview of the history of the City of Houston, Texas, covering "The Beginning of Houston and Houston Up to the Civil War."
A dictionary of the Atakapa language accompanied by text material
Volume contains all the Atakapa linguistic material known to be in existence in 1932. Includes nine Atakapa texts with English translations, an Atakapa-English dictionary, and an index to the Atakapa dictionary.
[Elementary Diploma for Florence Vinson]
Certificate issued to Florence Vinson by the Cass County, Texas Public School district. Text reads: "This Certifies that Florence Vinson has completed the Course of Study prescribed by the Board of education for the Elementary Schools which entitles the holder to this Elementary DIPLOMA and admission into the High School Department. Given at Linden, Texas, this the 30th day of May, 1931." There is an illustration of a bald eagle near the center holding a banner that says "United States of America" and a gold-colored seal in the lower-left corner near the signatures.
Geography of Denton County
This book discusses Denton County, Texas including the geography, geology, some agriculture and settlements as well as a chapter on ways that teachers can engage students in learning about the history of Denton County. Index starts on page 131.
Legislative Messages of Hon. James V. Allred, Governor of Texas 1935-1939
Messages from the Governor to the Legislature, including proclamations, inaugural addresses, and veto messages.
Life of J. W. Holston
Handwritten manuscript by John Willis Holston. Chronicles his family's journey to Texas from Mississippi in 1869. Includes stories from his days as a cowboy on a cattle drive, and his two year service as a Texas Ranger.
When Texas was young
The battle of San Jacinto -- A surgeon's story -- The "Twin Sisters" -- Reminiscences, piratical and revolutionary, from the career of Colonel Warren D.C. Hall.