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The City of Houston from Wilderness to Wonder
This book gives an overview of the history of the City of Houston, Texas, covering "The Beginning of Houston and Houston Up to the Civil War."
The Story of Buffalo Bayou and the Houston Ship Channel
This booklet gives an overview of the history of Buffalo Bayou and of the Houston Ship Channel from 1820-1926. The text gives background on how the area became developed and eventually became an "Industrial Waterway of National importance" (p. [3]). The second half of the text focuses on Commodore Charles Morgan and the shipping aspect of the Channel. Costs of building, lists of important council members, and text of letters are included to illustrate the history.
The Houston Story: A Chronicle of the City of Houston and the Texas Frontier From the Battle of San Jacinto to the War Between the States, 1836--1865
This book gives an overview of the history of Houston, Texas told in narrative form. The history discusses the creation of the city of Houston as well as major events in Texas history between 1836 and 1865.
The Texarkana Gateway to Texas and the Southwest
This text gives an overview of the places and resources in Texas with an emphasis on the locations where the railroads run through the state. Indexes start on page 220.