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[PHS Outstanding Students]

Description: Two outstanding students at Pemberton High School are featured on this yearbook page. Snowden Bennett is in the top photo and Dora Wesley is in the bottom photo. Their school activities are summarized in the accompanying text.
Date: unknown
Partner: Marshall Public Library

[PHS Queen and Her Court]

Description: Miss Pemberton and her court were featured on this yearbook page. The top picture shows Linda Sue Williams, Queen, and her escorts. She was the first eighth-grader ever chosen for the honor. The bottom picture shows the queen, her attendants, and the escorts at the football game where they were presented.
Date: unknown
Partner: Marshall Public Library

[PHS "Queen of Clubs Ball"]

Description: The court for the "Queen of Clubs Ball" at was made of young ladies who represented each club on campus. The queen of the ball was chosen by contest. In the upper left photo, the queen with her tiara is surrounded by some of the court. The upper right photo shows young men who were escorts with three of the ladies. The bottom left and right pictures show more of the court. The two bottom photos at center were the winners and runners-up of the dance contest. The photos came from the Pemberton High School yearbook.
Date: unknown
Partner: Marshall Public Library

[PHS Theater Events]

Description: Two staged events at Pemberton High School were featured on this yearbook page. At top is the cast of the junior play, "The Flower of the Ranch." The director, Mrs. W. G. Stephens, is pictured in the inset. At bottom is the group of participants in a fashion revue titled "Under the Shadow of the Big Top." The revue was presented by the junior and senior clothing department.
Date: unknown
Partner: Marshall Public Library

[PHS Track Team]

Description: The track team at Pemberton High School is featured on this yearbook page. The 10-member team is the photo at top. The Captain is in the photo at bottom The text gives the summary of the season. Coach Reed led the team.
Date: unknown
Partner: Marshall Public Library

[Piano Class]

Description: Black and white photographs shows two women playing piano. A mirror is on the wall of the classroom. There is a coffee cup on top of one of the pianos.
Date: 1973
Partner: Dallas County Community College District

[Pick-Up Truck in a Holiday Parade]

Description: Photograph of a pick-up truck carrying in its bed a lit-up cutout in the shape of a Christmas tree. It is part of the parade procession in the first annual League City Holiday Festival of Lights. The truck is brown and white with two signs posted on its driver-side doors. The sign on the left reads, "Precision Transmission" and provides a phone number and an address. To its right is a sign that says, "Bay Area Rosettes." Two effigies of the Bay Area Rosettes are hanging on either side of the tree cut-out. The parade proceeds down Farm to Market Road 518 and Highway 3, eventually stopping at Walter Hall Park.
Date: December 11, 1987
Creator: Kiecke, Albert
Partner: League City Helen Hall Library

[Picnic at the Library]

Description: The end of the summer reading program in 1979 included a picnic for the children on the grounds of Marshall Public Library. A staff person (unidentified) serves punch to the children. The menu also included sandwiches and cookies for hungry eaters in grades one through six.
Date: 1979
Partner: Marshall Public Library

Picturing Texans

Description: According to the introductory information, this text is "An index to the portraits and photographs showing recognizable individuals published in Texas pictorial historical and Genealogical references (mug books) before 1941" (p. 1). The introductory pages include an explanation of how names are listed and a list of the source materials with citations.
Date: June 1, 2011
Creator: Haynes, David
Partner: UNT Libraries

[Pierce-Arrow automobile]

Description: Photograph of Pierce-Arrow automobile broken down in axle deep mud on a road during a cross-country motor touring trip. Mrs. Frances Ann Lutcher is shown with her party of travelers looking on the disabled vehicle.
Date: [1911, 1912]
Partner: Tyrrell Historical Library