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1937 Schreiner Institute Glee Club in Uniform

Description: Photograph of the Glee Club in uniform. Twenty five cadets and club director John A. Guinn pictured. Caption from 1937 Recall yearbook page lists members from left to right as follows; "BACK ROW: Wiley; Vaughn; Hadden; Davis, C.; Terrell; Brown, S.; Pressler; Houy; Hagood; Simmons; McCord; Jenkins, K.; Guinn, director. FRONT ROW: Staples; Palacios; Browning; Wendtland; Jarvis, L.; Jaeggli; Haggard; Jenkins, R.; Newton, F.; Bush; White, M.; Woollett." Club officers are identified as Frank Newton (President) and Leslie Jarvis (Secretary). Club activities included appearances at the Kerrville Rotary Club and Schreiner Institute concerts as well as competition in the junior college men’s division voice contests held at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas on April 3, 1937 where the chorus won first place in its division and cadet Richard Jenkins was awarded top honor in the men’s solo contest.
Date: 1937
Partner: Schreiner University

[5th and 6th Grade Class Photo]

Description: Copy negative of the 5th and 6th grade class of an unidentified school in League City. The students are arranged in three rows the first row is sitting cross-legged while the second row kneels and the third row stands. The building behind them is made of brick and has windows with glass panels. Handwritten notes on the photo read, "5th and 6th grades of 1929 & 1930." The initials of each of the students are written in ink below each of their faces.
Date: unknown
Partner: League City Helen Hall Library