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[Texarkana, Texas: Scott Joplin and "Ace of Clubs" House on the State Line]
This film is unedited television footage regarding events and sites in Texarkana, Texas. The video begins on the Texas-Arkansas state line, with the city’s two mayors. Mayor James Bramlett of Texarkana, Texas and Mayor Danny Gray of Texarkana, Arkansas are there to take part in an interview led by the camera crew. The interview footage is followed by shots of prominent sites along the state line: the United States Post Office and Courthouse building which straddles the state line and houses the Regional Arts Center; State Line Avenue road; and the building which houses the Texarkana, Texas Municipal Court and the Texarkana, Arkansas Municipal Court. The next segments of the film cover the sites that Bramlett describes in his interview: Discovery Place Children’s Museum, and a family group exploring a sound wall there; the Scott Joplin mural, and an interview there with Jerry Atkins, Music Historian. Following this interview is footage of a Wm. Knabe & Co. player piano as it plays several songs in succession. Next, the film shows visitors viewing art inside the Texarkana Regional Arts Center; the interior of the Perot theater (with the original name “Saenger Theatre” written on the exterior); and views of the exterior and interior of the antique Draughon-Moore “Ace of Clubs” House museum, with a guided tour in the dining room that is directed by the film crew. Some municipal buildings on the state line are briefly revisited. The video ends with footage of longhorn cattle grazing.