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Oral History Interview with Bervin Caswell, February 15, 2001
A video interview with Dr. Bervin O. Caswell (McMurry class of 1938) in which Dr. Caswell discusses his memories of McMurry. Dr. Caswell was a long-time United Methodist minister in New Mexico and West Texas, and received an honorary Doctor of Divinity from McMurry in 1964 and a lifetime achievement award from McMurry in 2004.
Oral History Interview with Cyril Stone, February 15, 2001
A video interview with Dr. R. Cyril Stone (McMurry class of 1946) in which he discusses his experiences with McMurry. Dr. Stone, an ordained Methodist minister, served on the Alumni Association Board of Directors. Dr. Stone was a 2000 recipient of the Cross and Flame Award for service to McMurry and the United Methodist Church, and was named a McMurry Distinguished Alumni in 2003.
Oral History Interview with Darris Egger, February 20, 2001
A video interview with Dr. Darris Egger (McMurry class of 1942) in which Dr. Egger discusses his experiences with McMurry. Dr. Egger was an ordained Methodist minister and served in a number of churches in Northwest Texas and North Texas Annual Conferences. From 1970 to 1975 and 1978 to 1984, Darris served as the District Superintendent of the Abilene District of United Methodist Churches. He was the Program Council Director for the Northwest Conference from 1975 to 1978. Dr. Egger also served as Trustee of McMurry University, Sears Methodist Retirement Centers, Methodist Hospital in Lubbock, Butman Methodist Camp, and the Methodist Mission Home in San Antonio.
Oral History Interview with J. Edmund Kirby, March 1998
A video interview with Dr. J. Edmund Kirby (1908-2006), a McMurry alumnus (class of 1931), and his wife Ruth discussing their experiences at McMurry and their life together. Dr. Kirby was a professor of Bible at McMurry from 1945-1947, and later served as a McMurry Trustee.
Oral History Interview with Jewell Posey, April 1998
A video interview with Jewel Posey (McMurry class of 1927) discussing her experiences at McMurry as a student, and as a faculty member.
Oral History Interview with Jo Crutchfield, April 1998
A video interview with Jo Crutchfield (McMurry class of 1937) in which she discusses her memories of McMurry and of her acquaintance with Gypsy Ted Sullivan Wylie.
Oral History Interview with Joseph B. Brown, March 23, 2001
Interview with Joseph B. Brown of Abilene, Texas, who is a World War Two veteran of the United States Marine Corps. In the interview, Mr. Brown recalls memories of growing up and his time in the Marines, particularly from training, being wounded, and working campaigns in the South Pacific.
Oral History Interview with Mable Phillips, February 20, 2001
A video interview with Mable Phillips (McMurry class of 1934), in which she discusses her years as a student at McMurry. Phillips was a longtime public schoolteacher. She had a long career in education, serving in seven school districts in Texas as a teacher and counselor. While teaching at Franklin Junior High, she was named Teacher of the Year, according to an Abilene Reporter-News story in 1962, for the junior high school grades. In 2007 she was named a distinguished alumni by the McMurry University.