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[Band in parade]
Photograph of band in parade in Georgetown. South Avenue "LINDELL PETERSON & CO." on left. MILES BRO'S CLEANERS TAILORS HATTERS on right. Band in center of street with car behind. Crowds on both sides of South Avenue.
[Car in front of movie theater]
Photograph of Grand Movie Theater in Granger.
[Carl Lidell in a Large Plane]
Photograph of Carl Lidell, from Jonah, in flight training.
[Couple in a Wagon in Andice]
Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Milt Love in wagon with horses, Gus and Ben Jacob. R&W Store which was in business from 1932-1974 can be seen in the background.
[Emzie Fisher and His Wife]
Photograph of of the soldier Emzie and Elzora Fisher in front of his car.
[Emzie Fisher on Train Holding His Son During World War II]
Photograph of Emzie Fisher on train holding son, Lester Fisher, while on furlough during World War II.
[Foster's Laundry with delivery truck]
Photograph of crew of women posing next to a Foster's Laundry truck and metal building.
[Group in front of truck (onion harvest)]
Photograph of onion harvest group with Lorenzo Camacho's truck, daughters, and workers, Thrall.
[Hutto Swedish Lutheran Church Sunday School picnic]
Photograph of the Hutto Swedish Lutheran Chuch Sunday School picnic on the San Gabriel River, just east of Jonah, on Gattis gravel bar.
[Kids in front of tractor]
Photograph of kids in front of a tractor.
[Loading corn onto train-Granger]
Photograph of loading corn from wagons onto a train, Granger.
[Man on Scooter at a Military Base]
Photograph of a younf man on a scooter at a military base. Part of the picture is torn.
[Man on Truck (onion harvest)]
Photograph of man on truck during the onion harvest, Thrall.
[Man plowing snow with tractor]
Photograph of a 1941 John Deere "H" with V. Kokel in the snow in Walburg. He used the tractor to plow the snow.
[Men butchering hog strung up on a wagon]
Photograph of Pat Osuna butchering a hog strung up on a wagon at the Dunlop Place.
[Men hog butchering in a barrel with wooden wagon]
Photograph of members of the Osuna family, who were sharecroppers on the "Dunlop Place" near Andice, in an early stage of butchering a hog, 1949. After the hog's throat was cut, the carcass was dipped into scalding water to help remove the hair.
[Men hog butchering on wooden wagon]
Photograph of Pat Osuna (right) butchering a hog at the Dunlop Place. The Osunas were sharecroppers who worked the Dunlop property.
Men loading Corn on Train in Granger
Photograph of workers posing for a photograph after loading corn into an American Refrigerator Transit Co. Train.
[A Mule-Drawn Trash Wagon]
Photograph of Francisco "Frank" Castro driving his mule-drawn trash wagon in downtown Taylor. One of Taylor's most popular businessmen, when Castro had to convert to tractor power, he did so reluctantly. Castro and his wife, Helen Fuentes Castro, raised five children in Taylor. Mr. Castro was the only trash collector for businesses in Taylor from 1935 to 1952. He supported his family and neighborhood during the depression.
[Plowing with John Deere Tractor]
Photograph of Sigurd E. Johnson plowing with a John Deere tractor, northeast of Jonah.
[Refrigerated train car - loading corn]
Photograph of loading corn from wagons on to a refrigerated train car.
[Rolling cotton]
Photograph of Donald and Larry Rydell rolling cotton (keeps soil around seed from drying out after planting) on the Rydell farm, northwest of Taylor.
[Rydell family in horse-drawn trailer]
Photograph of Donald and Larry Rydell in trailer ready to pull corn on the Rydell farm, northwest of Taylor.
[Three men loading truck (onion harvest)]
Photograph of onion harvest, three men loading a truck, Thrall.
[Three soldiers on furlough from World War II]
Photograph of three soliders on first furlough from World War II while stationed at Kelly Field, posing by a car. Left to right: Privates William Eugene Howland, Gene Preston Pealson, and Hoard Grady Howland.
[Two Women in Car at Norman's Crossing]
Photograph of Flo and Billie at Richard's Store in Norman's Crossing.