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[Cars on street in Georgetown]

Description: Black and white photograph. South Austin Avenue. Left to right: Man by telephone pole, Large brick building, several trucks, "LINDELL PETERSON & CO. / HARDWARE". Trucks, people sitting on trunks, "THAT GOOD GULF GASO". Maker's Mark: "R. STONE/ GEORGETOWN/ TEX"
Date: 1927
Creator: Stone, R.
Partner: The Williamson Museum

[Cars on the Georgetown square]

Description: A black and white photograph depicting the square at Georgetown. You can see several horses with carriages in the foreground and the side of a building with a wrought iron staircase on the right. Over the treetops you can see the dome of the court house.
Date: 1920~
Partner: The Williamson Museum

[Chautauqua Grounds bridge]

Description: Black and white horizontal postcard depicting Chautauqua grounds and bridge on San Gabriel River. Smoke stack visible in upper right quadrant. Bridge is parallel to river until it rises up to the hill steeply on the right bank. A man is on a saddled horse near the river on left side. A flag is seen on the bridge and a large round rock is underneath the pedestrian bridge in the river.
Date: 19uu
Partner: The Williamson Museum

[Child in Pram]

Description: sepia-colored image of a small child in a perambulator; image printed on paper and mounted on matte board; child wears a white dress and sits in a late-Victorian era wicker pram wth large wheels
Date: 19uu
Partner: The Williamson Museum

[Gentry's Trained Animal Show in Parade]

Description: Photograph of two elephants wearing blankets with their names on them, "Pinto' on the left and "Little" on the right. They are walking in front of the fourth Williamson County courthouse and were a part of Gentry's Trained Animal show that participated in a parade downtown.
Date: 1902
Creator: Sharpe, Sr., John
Partner: The Williamson Museum