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[I&GN Railroad train Round Rock]
Photograph of the Williamson County International and Great Northern Railroad in 1904. The depot is on the upper left side of the photograph. The track crossed Brushy Creek about two miles below the town of Round Rock, then located on the north side of Brushy, and terminated in 1876 just short of the proposed Lake Bridge site, where a depot and freight station were built. Four men are seen in front of the train past the engine.
[Granger Corn Parade Carnival]
Photograph of the annual Granger Corn Parade Carnival.
[Granger Dam before water]
Photograph of aerial view of Granger Dam prior to water being in it.
[Granger Picnic Band on a Road]
Photograph of the Granger Picnic Band. Martinets General Merchandise Store in background, present location of Granger National Bank. First row: George Matyscak, ____ Hruska, Frank Martinets, Emil Wentercek, Jim Martinets. Second row: Charles Vitek, Karel Strmiska, Joe Vitek, Frank Kerbala, Joe Rozacky. Third row: Tom Martinets, William Vitek, Roman Zatozek, Frank Drozd. Also location of S. P. J. S. T. Hall.
[Granger Street Scene]
Photograph of a street in Granger. In the photograph is Baca and Co. Furniture and Stove Store established ca. 1900 in Granger.
[Granger Train Station]
Photograph of the simple Granger train station between 1890 and the 1900s.
[Group in front of truck (onion harvest)]
Photograph of onion harvest group with Lorenzo Camacho's truck, daughters, and workers, Thrall.
[Group of people with cars on side]
A black and white image of large group of people posing in front of building with gable roof and board and batten siding. A car is parked at either end of the group and more people are seated in the cars. Front seated row are men holding brass musical instruments; a bass drum with a symbol leaned against it at the center. Image mounted on brown cardboard with decorative embossed border.
[Group of School Teachers in front of the Leander Train Depot]
Photograph of Leander school teachers, including Lora Pugh and Gerry Stockton, have fun with the snow with the Leander train depot in the background.
[Group Pulling Boat Over the San Gabriel River]
Photograph of Three couples pulling a boat across the South San Gabriel River by wire in 1930. Second from left is Frances McFarland of Liberty Hill.
[Group with Model A Ford]
Photograph of two couples next to a Ford Model A Car. The car has a sign on the side of it that reads Historical Round Rock Texas.
[Group with old car]
Photograph of a group of young people in front of an old car.
[Gunnar Rydell with tractor in field]
Photograph of Gunnar Rydell standing next to tractor after mowing hay.
[Harrison Hardware Store]
Photograph of the Harrison Hardware Store, owned by Fred and Eva Lee Harrison and operated in Jarrell, TX during the 40s.
[Henry Doering's General Store]
Photograph of a Horse and Buggy at Henry Doering's general store. Henry Doering established his general store in 1882, and in 1886 the community was named Walburg after his birthplace in German.
[Horse and Buggy]
A horizontal black and white photographic print of a man holding the reins of two horses hitched to a buggy with wheels as tall as the man's waist. The man is in a field where there is one tree and a fence. The man is wearing hat, jacket, gloves and pants tucked into boots. The hat has a peaked top.
[Horse and buggy]
Horse and buggy with two women seated in buggy. Farm building behind them with trees in the background.
[Horse and carriage]
Photograph of horse and carriage in parade, Taylor.
[Horse & Buggy by gin]
Photograph of early cotton gin in Williamson County. Mule pulled wagon out in front.
[Horse drawn ice wagon in Round Rock]
Photograph of horse-drawn ice wagon with H. N. "Farmer" Egger and Curtis Parker in the picture.
[Horse-drawn wagon]
Photograph of Belle (Anderson) Bowen and Charles Bowen in a buggy with horse named Old Blue.
[Horse hooked up to wagon with cotton bales]
Photograph of cotton bales in a barn near Granger.
[Horses & buggy hauling men & hay]
Photograph of hay (cane) hauling time, four miles south of Granger. Cane was stacked in hay stacks about 20 feet long and 6 to 7 feet high and 8 to 10 feet wide. Left to right: Robert Rozackey, Joe Chasek, Adolph Horak, and Joe Rozacky. Joe is father of Robert Rozacky. Taken on grandmother Frances Rozacky's farm about 4 miles south of Granger.
[Hutto Swedish Lutheran Church Sunday School picnic]
Photograph of the Hutto Swedish Lutheran Chuch Sunday School picnic on the San Gabriel River, just east of Jonah, on Gattis gravel bar.
[Johnson family with tractor]
Photograph Rod and Sigurd Johnson (far right) with cousins and a John Deere tractor and cane/hay binder, near Jonah.
[Johnson's Texaco Station, Round Rock]
Black and white photograph of Johnson's Texaco Station, a full-service station in Round Rock. Left to right is Charles Johnson, owner, Jimmy Heller, Michael Marx.
[Jonah Bridge]
This is a photograph of the original bridge over the San Gabriel River at Jonah before it was washed away in the 1921 flood.
[Kautz Store with cars in front]
Photograph of corn festival in front of Kautz Store in Taylor with large crowd and automobiles parked in front.
[Kids in front of tractor]
Photograph of kids in front of a tractor.
[King of Swing Band and Bus]
Photograph of Louis Steffek and his "King of Swing" Band with bus.
[Krieg Brothers Cheverlot Co]
Black and white photograph of Krieg Bros. Chevrolet Co. with gas pump and car, and a man fixing a tire.
[Lanesport bridge]
Photograph of the Lanesport bridge, built in 1922 and later replaced by a low water bridge. Located 12 miles east of Circleville, Northeast of Taylor, TX.
[Leo Darby and his Delivery Truck]
Photograph of Leo Darby with delivery Model T, while working for San Antonio Light newspaper in Georgetown in 1932.
[Livery & Feed stable with horses]
Black and white photograph of the "W. J. FOUSE / LIVERY AND FEED STABLE". The picture was taken in 1911 on West Main Street. Left to right: Henry Pards, Jeff Fouse, Dewey Bradford, unknown, Bud Grumbles.
[Loading corn onto train-Granger]
Photograph of loading corn from wagons onto a train, Granger.
[Loading Cotton onto truck-Hutto]
Photograph of men loading cotton bales on an old truck near Hutto.
[Locomotive on bridge]
Black and white photograph shows a locomotive, a 4-4-0 coal burner, built in the late 1880s; the train is backing in from Georgetown; this train is on the track above the W.J. Walsh family; they are having a picnic on the rocky banks of Brushy Creek in Old Town Round Rock.
[Louis Krueger on horse]
Photograph of Louis Krueger on a horse named Maude, near Hutto.
[Louis Krueger on horse]
Photograph of Louis Krueger on a horse named Maude, near Hutto.
[Louis Kruger on horse]
Photograph of Louis Kruger on the showhorse "Dick" between Hutto and Taylor. Per the lender, "you could ask him (the horse) if he liked girls he would shake his head up and down."
[Lupe's Self Service Station]
Photograph of Lupe's Self Service Station, ' "A Service Station--Not a Filling Station"--Minor Auto Repairs--Wash--Polish--Lube--Tires--Batteries--Cars Picked Up and Delivered.' The two men pictured are Lupe and Robert Madrigal.
[Lupe's Self Service Station, Round Rock]
Black and white photograph of Lupe's Self Service Station, ' "A Service Station--Not a Filling Station"--Minor Auto Repairs--Wash--Polish--Lube--Tires--Batteries--Cars Picked Up and Delivered.' The two men pictured are Lupe and Robert Madrigal.
[Madge McCormick Smith on Horse]
Photograph of Madge McCormick Smith, "cowgirl" of Florence-Andice.
[Main drag in Liberty Hill]
Photograph of Highway 29, "The Main Drag," in Liberty Hill and some labeled businesses with automobiles parked along street.
[Main St. and Crossroads in Andice]
Photograph of Main Street and crossroads which at the time had a population approximately 60 people. There are also several automobiles in the background of the picture.
[Main Street Granger]
Photograph of Street scene in Granger. Main Street. There is a handwritten note with an arrow that says "my place of business".
[Main Street in Jonah, TX]
Photograph of Main Street in Jonah, TX. Several Model T cars are parked in front of old buildings.
[Main Street of Granger, TX]
Photograph that has writing stating the photograph is the West side of Main Street in Granger in 1916. There are also several buggies and automobiles in the street.
[Main Street of Thrall]
Photograph of automobiles and people on Main Street in Thrall. There is writing in white at the very bottom of the photograph describing the scene.
[Main Street with buggies, Georgetown]
Black and white photographic print- horizontal print of Georgetown, Texas with a southeast view of Main street. A woman is seen in a horse-drawn wagon on left bottom side. Three dogs are in the middle of the dirt road. Power poles are also visible near the buildings: "TEXAS BAKERY" is on the top of last building in front of trees. People are in sidewalk wearing their nicer clothing-white shirts, long skirts and white lacy dresses. "RICHARDSONS BOOK STORE" is atop store in middle of street.