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[Children on donkey]

Description: Photograph of four children with a white donkey in front of a rough shed, trees and a fence. Three of the children are seated on the back of the donkey and an older girl is standing on the right, holding the donkey's head. A handwritten note on the back says "Harry Fisher and Morgan and Birtis [sic] Vinning. Anna Warker and Snow. Georgetown, Texas."
Date: 19uu
Creator: Wilcox
Partner: The Williamson Museum

[City Ice & Bottlng Works Wagon]

Description: Black and white photo rimmed in white film. Large ice wagon "OUR ICE & BOTTLED GOODS,/ARE MADE OF PURE DISTILLED WATER" is printed on white sign at top of wagon of The City Ice & Bottling Works Company. Four large spoked wheels are on wagon. On side of wagon "ICE/PHONE NO. 110" are printed . "Peacock" signs are on back of wagon. Plant material is inside large blocks of ice at front and back of wagon. Dirt road and wooden barn buildings are in photo. Reins, brake on wheel and trailor pull are visible.
Date: unknown
Partner: The Williamson Museum

[Delivery man with horse & buggy]

Description: black and white photograph shows Tommy Harbert, a delivery man for the Voight and Brady grocery store in Round Rock; he holds the reins on a horse hitched to a wagon in front of a large "DRINK/ Coca- Cola" sign
Date: 19
Creator: Henington Publishing Co.
Partner: The Williamson Museum