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I. & G. N. Depot
Color postcard of the I. & G.N. Railroad Depot in Taylor, Texas. No correspondence on the back.
[Parade in Downtown Taylor]
Photograph of a marching band playing in a parade in downtown Taylor
Taylor Bedding Company
Postcard of Taylor Bedding Company, World's Largest, Taylor, Texas. Located on West Second Street. No correspondence on the back.
Star Tire Store
Photograph of the Star Tire Store at 421 N. Main, at the southwest corner of 5th & Main Streets, Taylor. Note the visible gas tanks (glass tops of tanks) and the movie poster for "Susan Lenox: Her Rise and Fall" starring Greta Garbo in 1931.
Fire Department
Photograph of two fire trucks from the Taylor Fire Department in the driveway of the bays. The bays for the Taylor Fire Department are on the east end of Taylor City Hall.
[Emilee Baker Love beside car]
Photograph of Emilee Baker Love standing beside car in her wedding dress. Taken in Andice, Williamson County.
Hotel Blazilmar
Color postcard of the Hotel Blazilmar, located at 107 Porter Street, directly across from the I&GN Railroad Depot. The name of the hotel is a combination of the three investors: Howard Bland, A.J. Zilker and T.W. Marse. This hotel was originally the Murphy Hotel until 1917.
[Brushy Street in Georgetown]
Photograph of U.S. Highway 81 (Highway 2) known as Brushy Street in Georgetown. View of sidewalks and tree-shaded neighborhood.
[Cousins at the State Fair in Dallas]
Photograph of cousins Ouida Whitefield, Ruby Howland, Grace Smith, and Marie Howland. This picture was taken at the State Fair in Dallas during the Great Depression. The girls are from Andice, TX.
[The SPJST Lodge Float in Granger Parade]
Photograph of several women carrying flowers on the 40th Anniversary of the SPJST Lodge float in Granger parade, June 27, 1937.
[Frances McNeese Archer standing with car]
Photograph of Frances McNeese Archer wearing her Round Rock High School football letter sweater, and standing on a Model A in 1939. She claimed that "seven of us rode to school in that car".
Raymond Preslar
Photograph of Raymond Preslar leaning against parking sign. Mr. Preslar was partners with Robert Hewitt in the Preslar & Hewitt Drugs, 323 N. Main Street, Taylor. Can faintly see the cotton sign and a traffic signal in background.
Robert Hewitt
Photograph of Robert Hewitt wearing a hat. Mr. Hewitt was partners with Raymond Preslar in the Preslar & Hewitt Drugs, 323 N. Main Street, Taylor. Mr. Hewitt appears to be standing under the store sign.
[U.S. Highway 79 in Taylor]
Photograph of Federal Aid Project 279-C (1) and/or FAGM 279-B (1) on U.S. Highway 79 in Taylor. New bridge across creek that runs into Mustang Creek. Shown are railings, riprap and homes in the distance.