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[Car Parked on a Street in Jarrell]
Photograph of Fred Harrison and 1929 touring car; Harrison home and garage in the background. Jarrell High School in far background. This was located west of the gin. A Coca-Cola sign can be seen in the background of the photograph as well.
[Group Pulling Boat Over the San Gabriel River]
Photograph of Three couples pulling a boat across the South San Gabriel River by wire in 1930. Second from left is Frances McFarland of Liberty Hill.
[Loading Cotton onto truck-Hutto]
Photograph of men loading cotton bales on an old truck near Hutto.
[A Man in portable Jail Cell]
Photograph of a Man sitting in a portable jail automobile. A sign on the cell reads in for life.
[Man standing on tractor loaded with hay]
Photograph of bailing, hauling and stacking hay for winter-feeding of stock by Rudolph Cmerek on the Joe Cmerek, Sr., farm, eight miles west of Granger.
[Parade in Downtown Taylor]
Photograph of a marching band playing in a parade in downtown Taylor
[Round Rock Motor Company]
A black and white photograph of a large group of people standing in front of the Round Rock Motor Co. and flanking a dark Ford automobile. The auto bears the words "TWENTY-MILLIONTH" in large white capital letters, with the Ford logo appearing below.
[Students on Back of Car in Jarrell]
Photograph of Claudia Cowart and Jesse Gristinger with a Chevy car at Jarrell High School. The tire cover reads Jarrel Motor Company.
[Truck loaded with cotton bales]
Photograph of truck loaded with cotton bales.
[Two Girls on Horse at San Gabriel River]
Photograph of Mary Atkinson on the left holding the umbrella of Liberty Hill and another girl on a horse near South San Gabriel River.
[Walburg Motor Company]
Photograph of the Walburg Motor Company.
[Leo Darby and his Delivery Truck]
Photograph of Leo Darby with delivery Model T, while working for San Antonio Light newspaper in Georgetown in 1932.
[Emilee Baker Love beside car]
Photograph of Emilee Baker Love standing beside car in her wedding dress. Taken in Andice, Williamson County.
[Krieg Brothers Chevorlet Co]
Black and white photograph of Krieg Bros. Chevrolet Co. with gas pump and car, and a man fixing a tire.
[Cousins at the State Fair in Dallas]
Photograph of cousins Ouida Whitefield, Ruby Howland, Grace Smith, and Marie Howland. This picture was taken at the State Fair in Dallas during the Great Depression. The girls are from Andice, TX.
[Louis Kruger on horse]
Photograph of Louis Kruger on the showhorse "Dick" between Hutto and Taylor. Per the lender, "you could ask him (the horse) if he liked girls he would shake his head up and down."
[The SPJST Lodge Float in Granger Parade]
Photograph of several women carrying flowers on the 40th Anniversary of the SPJST Lodge float in Granger parade, June 27, 1937.
[Street Scene Granger]
Black and white photograph of East side Main Street, December 7, 1937, in Granger.
[Granger Corn Parade Carnival]
Photograph of the annual Granger Corn Parade Carnival.
[Frances McNeese Archer standing with car]
Photograph of Frances McNeese Archer wearing her Round Rock High School football letter sweater, and standing on a Model A in 1939. She claimed that "seven of us rode to school in that car".