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Texas Patents - Browse

Primary view of Abdominal Supporter.
Galney, Augustus.
September 11, 1883
Primary view of Acetylene-Gas-Generating Lamp.
Eldridge, Hilliary
December 5, 1899
Primary view of Acetylene-Gas Generator.
Eldridge, Hilliary & Blum, Sylvain
July 18, 1899
Primary view of Adjustable Hame Fastner
Boyle, F.
October 14, 1901
Primary view of Adjusting Device for Compressing-Rolls.
Goldthwaite, Joseph G.
June 16, 1891
Primary view of Amusement Device
Corneliussen, Ivar
November 23, 1910
Primary view of Apparatus for Baling Cotton.
Goldthwaite, Joseph G.
November 5, 1890
Primary view of Apparatus for Expressing the Fluids Out of Paraffin Compositions and Separating the Scale Therefrom
Hansen, Julius
November 25, 1911
Primary view of Apparatus for Freezing Wine.
Wadhams, Arthur
May 9, 1893
Primary view of Apparatus for Handling Lint-Cotton.
Campbell, Douglas M.
March 19, 1895
Primary view of Apparatus for Producing Ammoniacal Gas.
Lee, Charles B.
July 21, 1885
Primary view of Apparatus for Steaming and Cleansing Barrels, & c.
Lee, Archibald K.
May 5, 1873
Primary view of Apparatus for Treating Cotton-Seed Hulls
Bohn, Emil
October 21, 1890
Primary view of Arrangement of Devices for Lowering and Detaching Boats.
De Veuve, Henry
March 16, 1858
Primary view of Attachment for Laundry-Extractors
Moore, Robert Marion
May 2, 1910
Primary view of Automatic Bale-Rolling Attachment for Compress.
Reisel, Henry
September 21, 1875
Primary view of Automatic Car Uncoupler.
Flett, John Henry
June 7, 1887
Primary view of Automatic Gun or Rifle.
Douglas, William M.
May 7, 1912
Primary view of Automatic Hay-Press
Laughlin, Aries C.
October 26, 1909
Primary view of Automatic Railway Switch
Ditmars, Frederick R. S. & Hendrix, A. S.
March 18, 1905
Primary view of Automatic Type-Writing Machine.
Templeton, Allison
April 13, 1897
Primary view of Automobile Torpedo
Douglas, William M.
December 20, 1910
Primary view of Automobile Torpedo
Douglas, William M.
July 18, 1911
Primary view of Back-Band Buckle.
Brown, John Staddart
April 20, 1897