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Primary view of Box for Meat and Oil Presses
Culberston, John J., of Paris, Texas; O'Connell, John C., of Montgomery, Alabama & Gaston, Bernard, of Paris, Texas
May 26, 1885
Primary view of Cotton Chopper and Harrow
Roberts, George W.
December 26, 1882
Primary view of Folding Coop
Martin, George W.
June 26, 1917
Primary view of Hame.
Anderson, Lee
September 26, 1893
Primary view of Harness-Saddle
Goodman, William Dave & Tuttle, Frank
April 26, 1887
Primary view of Improvement in Cotton-Seed Planters.
Nix, Manning L.; Stone, James M. & Anderson, Levi
February 26, 1878
Primary view of Improvement in Curtain-Rollers and Brackets.
Morris, James P.
March 26, 1878
Primary view of Nail-Box.
Hendricks, Gay
February 26, 1889
Primary view of Railway-Bicycle.
Herz, Raymond
March 26, 1895
Primary view of Trace Lock for Harness.
Anderson, Lee
June 26, 1888