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Primary view of Account-Book.
Huck, Henry J., Jr.
May 26, 1891
Primary view of Addressing-Machine.
Eberhardt, Theophilus Charles
December 27, 1887
Primary view of Ant Trap.
Barnes, Robert Hanson & Salles, George Camiel
November 9, 1886
Primary view of Apparatus for Floating Vessels.
Debose, Albert S.
November 12, 1901
Primary view of Apparatus for Handling Cotton.
Eberhardt, Theophilus Charles.
June 19, 1890
Primary view of Apparatus for the Treatment of Cotton.
Zedler, Friedrich
May 22, 1894
Primary view of Attachment for Phonographs, &c.
Perrenot, George F.
October 19, 1909
Primary view of Baby-Protector.
Dodd, Jacob Everette & Dodd, J.E.
September 16, 1913
Primary view of BED-BOTTOM
Pafford, John R.
July 13, 1880
John S. Doak & Alexander G. Farrington
April 1, 1902
Primary view of Boll-Weevil or Other Insect Destroyer.
Doak, John S. & Farrington, Alexander G.
March 28, 1905
Primary view of Car-Replacer.
Debose, Albert S.
February 13, 1894
Primary view of Combined Book and Pencil Holder.
Colbert, Charles W.
May 13, 1913
Primary view of Combined Cotton Chopper and Scraper.
McCaskill, John C.
November 1, 1881
Primary view of Combined Cultivator and Corn-Planter
Westhoff, Emil
August 23, 1887
Primary view of Combined Railway-Switch and Car-Replacing Mechanism.
Debose, Albert S.
November 27, 1894
Primary view of Combined Safety Hook and Buckle.
Hake, Francis A.
July 18, 1882
Primary view of Cotton Elevator and Distributer.
Zelder, Friedrich & Ward, Perry L.
May 14, 1895
Primary view of Cotton Sprinkler.
Wolfram, John Arnold
May 17, 1881
Primary view of Coupling for Wagon Tires.
Simon, Henry Joseph
June 15, 1886
Primary view of Cultivator.
Miltenberger, Emile Rudolph
June 22, 1886
Primary view of Design for a Watch-Chain.
Graham, William H.
May 12, 1885
Primary view of Device for Handling and Cleaning Seed-Cotton by Atmospheric Suction.
Eberhardt, Theophilus Charles
May 19, 1891
Primary view of Duplex Door-Check Holder and Buffer
Kibbe, Isaac Pease
April 28, 1908