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Patent for "a cheap and simple machine adapted to chop or hoe cotton and simultaneously plow or hill the same; furthermore, to adapt the chopper to form stands composed of any number of plants and at any distance apart, and, finally, to provide means for raising and lowering the plows out of and into operative position and throwing the chopping mechanism into and out of gear, which means are controlled in a convenient manner by the driver or operator" (lines 10-20).
Patent for a cotton chopping wheel which can be attached to any style of plow or cultivator. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "cotton-scraper which can be applied to a shovel or other plow generally applied for cultivating cotton and which will admit of the scraper-blade-vertically, laterally, and angularly with respect to the line of motion-thereby adapting the attachment to the condition and nature of the soil, so as to secure the best results possible." (lines 8-17).
Patent for an improvement in rivet-sets which having various sizes of holes and cavities for cutting and setting; it can be riveted by hand or machine. Illustration is included.
Sash Holder And Fastener.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in sash holders and fasteners, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a tool that can be used for fence construction by stretching the wires to the desired tension, or for repairing fences by crimping the slack in the wires. Includes instructions and illustrations.