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Apparatus for Calcining Plaster
This patent is for an apparatus for calcining plaster of any kind. Or an apparatus that keeps clean the inner surface of a revoluble drum for ventilating the drum during the calcining operation. The apparatus also provides for easily removing the material after the completion of the cooking operation (Lawrence, 1902).
Apparatus for Grain Drying and Coffee-Roasting
Patent for "an apparatus in which grain or fruit may be dried, coffee roasted, and the water evaporated from sugar." (lines 9-12)
Attachment for Barrels of Firearms
Patent for simple, light, and durable device adapted for barrels of rifles, muskets, and other arms to prevent the noise made from when firing.
Patent for attaching wings to a car in such a way that the wings will automatically adjust as the car shifts in flight. Detailed description and illustrations are included.
Patent for Automobile-Wheel. "Its object is to provide a substitute for an automobile wheel equipped with the pneumatic tire, of cheaper and more lasting construction than such a tire" (lines 10-14).
B & G Work Adding Machine
Patent for disk to make calculations.
Patent for...Bale-Tie
Patent for an improved hive, in which bees are fed and watered more efficiently and honey can be removed without the loss of bees. Illustrations and instructions are included.
Beer Cooler
Patent for...Beer Cooler
Boll-Huller and Cotton-Cleaner.
Patent for Boll-Huller and Cotton-Cleaner. "The object of the invention is to provide a simple apparatus adapted to operate upon boll cotton for the purpose of breaking the hulls and stems from the cotton and for separating said hulls and stems from the cotton and delivering the cotton in clean condition ready to be ginned" (lines 12-18).
Patent for device for holding clothes leveraging spring medal wire and hooks at the ends.
Collar and Necktie Holder
Patent for a collar and necktie holder for holding the collar ends and tie at any position without the use of buttons. Illustrations included
Combined Agricultural Implement
Patent for a "combined cultivator and ditcher mounted" (lines 10 -12) with illustrations and instructions included.
Combined Chair, Cot and Bed
Patent for a combination of a chair, cot and bed and improvements made unto it. Illustrations and instructions included.
Combined Cotton and Corn Planter and Cultivator
Patent for...
Patent for Core Holding and Dropping Device For Cotton Presses.
Corn - Cotton Planter
Patent for...adjustable corn, cotton or seed planter.
Cotton Chopper
Patent for...cotton chopper that works vertically and horizontally.
Cotton-Chopper Attachment.
Patent for Cotton-Chopper Attachment. This invention relates to cotton chopper attachments for cultivator frames and has for its object to provide an attachment of simple structure which may be easily and quickly applied to the frame of a cultivator or detached from the same" (lines 9-14).
Cotton Harvester
Patent for "new and useful improvements to cotton harvesters" (lines 5-6) with illustrations and instructions.
Cotton Picking and Cleaning Machine
Patent for a machine for picking and disintegrating material that has short and fine fibers
Patent for improvements in cultivators and includes illustrations and instructions.
Current Wheel
Patent for "a new and Improved Current-Wheel" (line 6) including description and illustration.
Cut-Off for Steam-Feeds for Sawmills.
Patent for Cut-Off For Steam Feeds For Sawmills.
Door Check
Patent for door-check
Double Track Elevated Railway
Patent for...Double-tracked Elevated Railway
Egg Tester
Patent for an egg testing device.
Electric-heated steering-rim
Patent for electric-heated steering-rim
Elevated Railway
Patent for an Elevated Railway.
Patent for elevator
Finishing Compound for Plastered Walls
Patent for finish for plastered walls so that they reflect sunlight
Folding Table
Patent for an improved folding table design, including illustrations.
Patent for construction of cheap gates.
Grain Binder
Patent for compressing, discharging, and starting mechanism for grain binders
Patent for "a new and Improved Harness" (line 6) with illustrations and description.
Harvester for pea-vines
Patent is for harvester of pea vines. It's purpose is to provide an effective and efficient work in the harvesting of pea vines.
Hat fastener
Patent is for a hat fastener for securing a hat upon the head.
Patent for "a new and useful Hook" (line 5) with description and illustration.
Horsetail Holder
Patent for an improvement in horse harnesses pertaining to holding a horse's tail to prevent it from switching and catching the driving lines and reins.
Hydraulic Excavator
Hydraulic dredging machine in which a revolving bucket wheel is used in excavating silt and sand
Improved Hay and Cotton-Press.
Patent for a hay and cotton press, "the operation of which shall be such that the platen, in starting, moves quickly, but as it approaches the end of its movement its velocity decreases, and its power proportionately increases." (Lines 15-18) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improved Millstone-Dress.
Patent for an improved millstone dress which allows "the grain [to be] more thoroughly ground, and a larger product of flour [to be] obtained from a given quantity of grain." (Lines 11-13) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improved Suspender for Scissors.
Patent for a means to suspend scissors by a pulley method. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Buckles.
Patent for improvements in buckles used for multiple purposes including illustrations.
Improvement in Plows
Patent for a new design of plow with an arched axle, levered clevises, and opposite crank spindles.
Improvement in Post Hole Diggers
Patent for a new design of post hole digger, with a single overlapping metal blade formed into a circular triangular form.
Improvement in Thill-Couplings.
Patent for improvements in thill-couplings "whereby provision is made for the easy connection and disconnection of the shafts or pole of the vehicle without any unscrewing or removal of bolts or pins" (para. 2).
Improvement in Turning-Lathes for Wood.
Patent for an improved machine for turning saddle-tress.
Improvements in Gin-Saw Sharpeners.
Patent for new and improved Cotton-Gin-Saw sharpener.
Knotter Attachment for Harvester
Patent for "new and useful Improvements in Knotter Attachments for Harvester" (lines 5-7), including instructions and illustrations.