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Improvement in Cotton-Pickers.
Patent for "new and useful Improvements in Hand-Machines for Gathering Cotton in the Field" (lines 3-5), including instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Seed-Planters.
Patent for a seed-planter that "may be attached to the leg of the attendant and operated by the natural movement of the attendant while walking along behind the machine" (lines 20-23), including illustration.
Improvement in Machines for Extracting Cotton and Corn Stalks.
Patent for the improvement of pulling the roots of cotton and corn stalks while minimizing the damage to the soil, including illustration.
Improved Mode of Regulating the Velocity and Furling the Sails of Wind-Wheels.
Patent for a new windmill using different parts to help regulate the sails and for folding and unfolding the sails, including illustration.
Improved Water-Wheel.
Patent for the improvement of the water-wheel using curved buckets over a spiral water passage to increase power and volume, including illustration.
Improvement in Gang-Plows.
Patent for the improvement of the gang plow by the plows arrangement and pivoted beams to be adjustable for convenience, including illustration.
Improvement in Curing Meat, &c.
Patent for curing meat using an air-tight brine vacuum to heat and purify the meat, including illustrations.
Improvement in Propelling Vessels.
Patent for a hydraulic propeller that uses a current of water and steam power, including illustrations.
Improvement in Seed-Planters.
Patent for the improvement of seed planters using a gage-wheel "to regulate the depth of the furrow made by the plow" (lines 16-17), including illustration.
Method of Repairing Circular-Saw Teeth.
Patent for enabling the teeth of circular saws to be drawn out and hammered for repair, including illustration.
Portable Oven.
Patent for outdoor use of the Dutch oven and skillet converting the cover of the Dutch oven as a way to suspend frying pan or gridiron over coals to heat, including illustration.
Rotary Steam-Engine.
Patent for the improvement of the rotary engine through the arrangement of passages and system of pistons for a more simple construction with little friction, including illustration.
Improvement in Cotton-Seed Planters.
Patent for the improvement of the hopper, stirrer, and distributor in cotton-planters that dispenses seeds into the soil using two horizontal united disks that discharges the seeds regularly and evenly, including illustration.
Improvement in Cotton-Seed Planters.
Patent for the improvement of the cotton-seed planter through the arrangement of a seed dispenser over a reciprocating slide and agitator operated by a pulley system simultaneously when moving forward, including illustration.
Improvement in Seed-Planters.
Patent for a seed-planter using two vibratory vertical feed-wheels, similar in size to distribute different seeds at the same time, one is designed specifically for cotton seeds, illustration is included.
Patent for a ring pessary used as a female birth control device, including illustration.
Patent for a harness ring for connecting and disconnecting from other fastening hooks, chains, or rings, including illustration.
Improvement in Securing Iron Bands on Cotton-Bales.
Patent for the improvement of cotton-bale fastenings by using a metal plate and a flange to fasten and unfasten the bale without any other tools and with ease. Including illustration.
Excavating and Grading Machine.
Patent for a cultivating machine that pulverizes colds of soil using a revolving cylinder of blades, including illustration.
Improvement in Machines for Distributing Fertilizers.
Patent for the improvement of fertilizer-distributer which dispense fertilizers from a hopper with revolving arms that is mounted on top of a plow like machine, which would allow the fertilizers fall into the furrow. Including illustration.
Patent for a machine that cleans cotton by placing the seed into a rotating cylinder it is carried and removed using air presser through spiral fan blades and pins to rid impurities, including illustrations.
Improvement in Revolving Fire-Arms.
Patent for discharging buckshot without reloading and with the precision of firing "a single bullet fired from a barrel of proper bore to fit it" (lines 17-18), including illustrations.
Patent for a machine, which the inventor calls "The Concussion Brick-Machine", that makes bricks using molds, including illustrations.
Improved Cultivating-Plow.
Patent for a cultivating plow with a series of cutting-disks and digging-hoes, including illustration.
Improvement in Cotton-Presses.
Patent for the improvement of the cotton press using screws and nuts in conjunction of a shifting pinion for changing the motion for the revolving wheels and shafts, including illustration.
Improvement in Cotton-Seed Planters.
Patent for covering cotton seeds by using a hoe transversely with cams and slides with the main axle of the planter, including illustration.
Machine for Sawing Marble in Obelisk Form.
Patent for "a new and Improved Machine for Sawing Marble Blocks in Polygonal Taper Form" (lines 4-6), including illustration.
Patent for a spring lever for fastening sliding windows, including illustration.
Escapement for Timekeepers.
Patent for the improvement in the escapement of the watch for a "more regular and less liable to get out of order" through wear (lines 23-24), including illustration.
Improvement in Compositions Used as Building Materials.
Patent for making a new kind of building and fencing materials by using farm waste and inorganic settable ingredients such as quick-lime, clay or soil. No illustration.
Improvement in the Manufacture of Black Bottle-Glass.
Patent for manufacturing black bottle-glass by using "combination with other ingredients, an earthy slate of a peculiar character, called "clay-slate," for the purpose of furnishing the coloring-matter of the glass,as well as forming one of the bases of the glass itself."(line 10-15) Instruction only, no illustration.
Mode of Straining Saws by Atmospheric Pressure.
Patent for the improvement of the reciprocating saw by simplifying the arrangement of cylinders, pipes, and exhaust pumps to produce the necessary vacuum, including illustration.
Converting Reciprocating into Rotary Motion.
Patent for converting reciprocating into rotary motion by using “two vertically moving racks with a cog wheel on a small shaft between them which gears into the teeth of the racks” (lines 16-19), includes illustration.
Improvement in Sewing-Machines.
Patent for improvement in sewing-machines by using two cams, one to operate the needle-arm and another to operate the feed and shuttle movements, illustration is included.
Improvement in Seeding-Machines.
Patent for the improvement of the seed-box so the seeds are properly distributed into the soil while preventing the seed from clogging the machine, including illustration.
Boring and Mortising Machine.
Patent for a machine to bore square holes in substitute for a chisel and reduce labor, including illustration. The inventor calls it a "Mortise and Tenon Machine."
Improvment in Cotton-Presses.
Patent for the improvement in pressing cotton, hay, and tobacco with moveable bale-boxes and a more rapid-working press, including illustration.
Improvement in Cotton-Seed Planters.
Patent for the improvement of the cotton-seed planter in the arrangement of the hopper, roller with stirring and feeding teeth attached while distributing seeds accurately, including illustration.
Arrangement for Supplying Air to the Furnaces of Stem-Boilers from the Wheel-Houses of Steamers.
Patent for the "improvement in supplying air to furnaces on steamers" (lines 5-6), including illustration.
Improvement in Machines for Polishing Marble, &c.
Patent for an improved machine that rubs and polishes marble using a sand and water box moving forward and backward to polish the stone without man power and tools, including illustration.
Improvement in Plows.
Patent for the improvement of the plow using braces and mold-board for a sturdy and very durable plow, including illustration.
Patent for an improved millstone-dress that produce less heat while grinding by employing a greater number of furrows, including illustration.
Improvement in Cotton-Scrapers.
Patent for the improvement of a cotton scraper "for general cultivation of drill-husbandry" (lines 17-18) and cotton crops, including illustration.
Improvement in Cotton-Seed Planters.
Patent for the improvement to cotton-seed planters by connecting the wheel to the reciprocating stirrer to guide the seed from hopper to soil and covering it, including illustration.
Improvement in Cultivators.
Patent for a plow called the "The Texas Cultivator" (line 7) that uses left and right wings and diamond plows that may be used to plow either side of stock to eliminate additional operators and time for the same job, including illustration.
Improvment in Steam-Plows.
Patent for one machine that plows, sows, roles and harrow soil in one operation or separately, including illustrations.
Improvement in Seed-Planters.
Patent for a seed feeder using a tube connected to a revolving cylinder at the bottom of the hopper to deposit the seeds into the earth, including illustration.
Patent for an air-chamber that pumps in air confined with a flexible diaphragm to spray or diffuse fluid, including illustration.
Improvement in Harvesters.
Patent for cutting grain in gavels at regular intervals along the track of the machine, including illustration.
Machine for Threshing Grain in the Field.
Patent for a machine that collects swaths of grain for threshing using hooked teeth arranged in rows, including illustration.