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Mode of Straining Saws by Atmospheric Pressure.
Patent for the improvement of the reciprocating saw by simplifying the arrangement of cylinders, pipes, and exhaust pumps to produce the necessary vacuum, including illustration.
Improvment in Steam-Plows.
Patent for one machine that plows, sows, roles and harrow soil in one operation or separately, including illustrations.
Improvement in Drawing Off Tallow, Lard &c., from Rendering-Tanks.
Patent for a new method for drawing off tallow, lard, etc. from pressure tanks by introducing water. This includes illustrations.
Improvement in Jack-Screws and Clamps Combined.
Patent for an invention "to combine a jack-screw or lifting-jack with a clamp, so that they may be interchangeably used." (Lines 19-21) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Windmills
Patent for the improvement of wind mills, that includes a detailed description as well as labeled figure drawings.
Improvement in Shingle-Bolting Machines.
Patent for a shingle-bolting machine.
Improvement In Percussion-Shells.
This patent was created for individuals to be able to hit an object with the instrument and the oject immediately explodes on impact. It then produces an excessive amount of explosions. The invention is made out of shells with sections assembled together infused with different substances, and connected by a fuse.
A patent for a quadrucycle, or bicycle with four wheels, adaptable for use on railroads.
Gage for Adjusting Planer Knives.
Patent for a new and improved gauge for planer knives. This design is "for use in planing and other mills where side heads are used to supply the need of a convenient appliance for holding the side heads in best position for filing, sharpening, or setting the bits, to afford a strong machine for holding the side heads firmly and securely in any position that the work[person] may desire while sharpening or adjusting the bits to the desired pattern" (lines 30-38).
Fire Escape.
Patent for a new and improved fire escape. This design "is to provide a fire-escape consisting, essentially, of a cushion adapted to receive and break the fall of persons jumping from a burning building, the said cushion being so constructed as to enable it to be folded to a convenient and portable size" (lines 8-14).
Pipe Wrench.
Patent for a new and improved pipe-wrench. This design consists in "the handle having the integral L-shaped foot at its end forming the rigid jaw of the wrench, said foot or jaw having its inner face curved, so as to receive and provide a bearing for the pipe, and its outer face at right angles to the handle, and said face being serrated, combined with the C-shaped swinging jaw pivoted at one end to the handle by a single bolt, and having its entire inner face serrated from the pivot-point to the outer end, and the teeth along the outer edge of the handle in close proximity to the rigid foot" (lines 12-24).
Patent for "a dredger which shall in an improved manner co-operate with and utilize the current in removing accumulations from the bed of channels" (lines 13-17).
Patent for a new and improved screw. This design consists in "[a] screw, the body and shank of which are of corresponding diameter throughout their length, the shank terminating in a rounded end, and the shank and body being provided with a longitudinal straight channel extending throughout their lengths, one of the terminal shoulders of the channel being removed" (lines 4-10).
Pan Lifter and Turner.
Patent for a pan lifter and turner using a bent handle, a curved plate is secured at the end of the bent handle; extending upward from the curved plate with a series of teeth to engages the crimped rim of a pan for lifting. At both ends of the curved plate provided with curved notches or recesses to receive and engage the rim of a pan for turning. Illustration is included.
Mill-Carriage-Wheel Guard.
Patent for a new mill-carriage-wheel guard "to prevent obstruction falling on the wheels or on the [railroad] track, this guard also carries scrapers in front and in rear and on each side of the wheel, whereby the obstructions are scraped off the track." (Lines 23-28) This guard can be used with a wood-working machine carriages and/or rail.” Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in feed-troughs in which a controlled amount of feed can be placed in a feed box, and in which the latter will be fed as rapidly as consumed and the unconsumed feed will be protected. (Lines 11-14) Illustration in included.
Trunk-Strap Fastener.
Patent for a device "whereby a trunk-strap after having been tightly drawn around a trunk or other article of baggage can be fastened without the use of the usual buckle," (lines 10-14) including instructions and illustrations.
Refuse-Carrier Frame.
Patent for a support frame for devices that carry refuse from the saw mill to the burning pile, with instructions and illustrations.
Trunk-Strap Fastener.
Patent for an improved trunk fastener "whereby a strap after having been tightly drawn around a trunk or other article of baggage can be fastened without the use of the usual buckle" (lines 13-16). It consists of a hook-securing mechanism that holds the buckle at one end, an opposite toothed beveled clamping-face, a swinging lever with opposite arms that is connected with the fixed mechanism, a beveled clamping-face between the arms, and a lever that clamps the strap between the beveled clamping faces.
Saw-Hammering Machine.
Patent for a simple hammering machine for circular saws that "carries the saw in such a way that it may be held at any necessary or desired angle to suit the operator, which has a sliding anvil adapted to be adjusted so as to come opposite the various parts of the saw, which is provided with an adjustable hammer adapted to be brought opposite the anvil, which is constructed so as to cause a blow to expand both sides of the saw equally, and which in general is intended to facilitate the quick and efficient hammering of a saw" (lines 12-23).
Trunk-Strap Fastener.
Patent for an inexpensive and simple trunk strap fastener meant to "insure a strong tightening of the same without resorting to the old laborious method of buckling the strap about the baggage, while at the same time the invention also contemplates the employment of a specific arrangement of the strap about the article being bound therewith, in combination with the fastener proper whereby a stronger and more efficient strapping is effected" (lines 16-25).
Gravity Oil-Distributer for Ships.
Patent for a gravity oil-distributors for ships at sea that calms the water during storms. "the objects of [the] invention are to produce a very simple, cheap and buoyant boat or float, that may be compactly stored upon deck, conveniently launched over the side of the vessel, and so manipulated therefrom as to keep a proper and desired relative position in connection therewith, and which will automatically feed oil to the water" (lines 11-18).
Means for Propelling Boats.
Patent for a means for propelling boats that uses pneumatic pressure and does not use propellers and screws. The invention has increased propulsion.
Dredging Apparatus.
Patent for an improved dredging apparatus that plows or scoops, and has "an endless traveling elevator, the latter, being arranged in a rigid frame that is supported at a suitable angle, and the scoop being hinged to the lower end of said frame so that it works horizontally, or practically so" (lines 9-14).
Patent for improved car couplings "of the Janney type, capable of readily coupling on short curved, and adapted to be either coupled or uncoupled without going between cars. A further object of the invention is to provide means whereby the parts may be readily set for automatic coupling, or to prevent coupling." (Lines 13-20) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for simple and efficient oil-distributor that is meant to calm the water next to a ship. It also takes up little space and can easily be launched over the side of the ship and is insured so that oil is automatically distributed into the water.
Log-Loading Mechanism.
Patent for a machine that hauls and loads logs upon cars from either side of the track, or both sides at once. The machine can easily be transported on a car. The machine "consists, essentially, in a platform of about the length of an ordinary log-car and of a height and width to enable it to span the same, mounted upon which are a steam engine and a boiler and a rotating crane, said platform being provided with pivoted legs for holding it above the track, with pivoted legs for holding it above the track, with means for locking said legs in a vertical position" (lines 23-30).
Patent for improvements in a machine that hauls logs and loads them on railways, based on a patent application submitted by the inventor previously (serial no. 563,242). A swinging crane loads and unloads the logs.
Patent for a log-carrier with an improved construction from a previous patent (No. 539,380). Improvements include a change in "the angle of strain of the draft-chain as the lever approaches the horizontal position...when the load is elevated" (lines 34-37). It also maintains "a uniform leverage without the use of guide-rollers or other means" (lines 54-56), and balances the sliding tongue so that "the team is relieved of the weight thereof" (line 62).
Patent for a mucilage-bottle that has a brush which stays in the bottle, and is held in place with a cork. A spring is in the neck, and is compressed when the cork is inserted. This mucilage-bottle will not get clogged with dried mucilage.
Mining Sulfur.
Patent for a method of mining sulfur and other things that have similar melting points that is less expensive and more efficient than previous methods. A machine sprays hot fluid at fissures where the mineral exists, melts it, and carries it away in the stream.
Pen-Cleaning Attachment for Inkstands.
Patent for innovations in "pen-cleaning attachments for inkstands" (lines 9-10). It is a lip that extends past the top of ink-wells, and is meant to prevent blotting. The attachment is "an annular expansible body portion of spring metal adapted to be fitted in the mouth of an ink-well" (lines 93-95)
Log-Hauling Locomotive.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in log hauling locomotives, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "handle-bars for bicycles, velocipedes, and the like; and the primary object is to enable the successful use of animals' horns in the formation thereof and to provide for the adjustment and securing of such handle-bars in either a raised or lowered position or at any point within range of a circular adjustment" (lines 8-15).
Patent for a new and useful drawers supporter, including instructions and illustrations.
Cheese-Cutting Gage.
Letter Patent for gage "for cutting articles in bulk, such as whole cheese" (lines 9-10); including illustration and instructions
Patent for a roller truck that is comprised of "plurality of rollers, a suitable framework upon which said rollers operate, and an improved means of retaining them in position in said framework." (lines 14-17); including illustration and instructions
Patent for an improved splint.
Electrically-Actuated Sawmill Set-Works
Patent for an electrically-actuated sawmill set-works that regulates movement of the clutch-stop and set-shaft, which determines the extent of knee-movement including illustrations.
Patent for a trace fastener for whippletrees. This is a device that "provide[s] a simple, efficient, reliable fastener which will when in use, at all times and under all circumstances, hold the trace in connection with the end of the whiffletree [sic] and which will prevent undue wear on the cockeye or hole in the end of the trace." (Lines 9-16)
Patent for life preserver worn on the human body and inflated with a valve attached to rubber tubes. Includes illustration.
Process of Making Artificial Fuel
Patent for process of creating artificial fuel and the resulting product.
Bicycle Support
Patent for a bicycle support, which can be attached to different bicycles and carried in the pocket.
Non-Refillable Bottle.
Patent for improvements to non-refillable bottles to prevent tampering and/or re-filling of container with alternate substance. Item is designed to be used on any ordinary bottle.
Patent for a rail joint.
Hydraulic Drill
Patent for a hydraulic drill. This invention is a class of drill for deep drilling that delivers water to the bottom of the opening.
Reamer for Deep Wells
Patent for a reamer for deep wells. "This invention provides a reamer for enlarging the bore of wells by progressive action" (line 8-10). Illustration included.
Portable Press for Hay
Patent for a portable press for hay. "My invention relates to portable hay and other presses, and has for its objects, first, an improved power-transmission and lever device for pressing or forcing the hay or other material into th box or frame of the press" (line 8-13). Illustration included.
Patent for a wrench. Illustration included.
Wall And Floor Brace
Patent for wall and floor brace. Illustration included.