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Improvement in Plows.
Patent for the improvement of the Rotary-Disk Cutters for plows that enable it to swivel and be supported by guides, including illustration.
Improvement in Gang-Plows.
Patent for the improvement of the gang plow by the plows arrangement and pivoted beams to be adjustable for convenience, including illustration.
Improved Cultivating-Plow.
Patent for a cultivating plow with a series of cutting-disks and digging-hoes, including illustration.
Improvement in Carriage-Axles.
Patent for an easily replaceable and self-lubricating carriage axle. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Permutation Locks.
Patent for improvements to permutation locks by various means.
Improvement in Combination Locks.
Patent for improved combination locks, with a bolt that is locked or unlocked by the combination of spindles and pivoted buttons. The invention combines the spindles in to an "annular ring having letters or numbers and a series of different shaped pegs or combinations of letters or figures or both jointly" (pg 1).
Improvement in Fire-Place Fenders.
Patent for "an extensible fender adapted for large or small fire-places" (lines 8-10) including instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Buckles.
Patent for improvement in buckles by providing “with two two tongues on the same pivot, and with a guard for securing the same and the straps in position, thereby producing a simple and reliable means of connecting two straps.” (Lines 6-10) Illustration is included.
Improvement in Presses.
Patent for a new press design, including illustrations.
Improvement in Nails.
Patent for a nail with hexagonal form with two sides nearly flat and beveled edges.
Improvement in Ant Traps
Patent for the improvement of Ant traps, including to illustrated and labeled figures.
Improvement in Combined Adjustable Fire-Fenders, Grates, and Andirons.
Patent for improvement in fire-fender and grate with separable andirons that is adjustable to different fireplaces, and which can be adapted for wood or coal.
Improvement in Combination-Padlocks.
Patent for "a padlock in which the permutation locking device is not permanently connected to the hasp; and said invention consists of a permutation device the fixed ends whereof are provided with sockets to receive the ends of a separate hasp, and be locked therewith by a notched bolt passing through the permutation device and both ends of the hasp, whereby the usual hinged connection of the parts is avoided, and the padlock made more secure and cheaper than when the parts are permanently united." (Lines 6-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Key-Hole Guards.
Patent for "a guard for key-holes of locks, to prevent the use of keys by unauthorized persons, the picking of the lock, and as a means for operating the bolt when fitted for that purpose." (Lines 7-11) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Corn-Shellers.
Patent for improvement in the design of the corn-sheller, including illustrations.
Improvement in Baling-Presses.
Patent for a new and useful improvements in baling-presses.
Improvement In Cotton-Gin-Saw Cleaners.
Patent for "a device for quickly cleaning the saws of cotton-gins when they become gummed. It consists in a series of knives that are supported by a movable bar or frame, and may be thrust between the saws when the saws are to be cleaned (para. 4-5).
Improvement in Bale-Ties.
Patent for new bale-tie formed from a single metal piece where the locking side (B) can be fastened to a rounded eye (C) on the opposite end.
Improvement in Cotton-Gin-Saw Cleaners.
Reissued patent for "a device for quickly cleaning the saws of cotton-gins when they become gummed. It consists in a series of knives that are supported by a movable bar or frame, and may be thrust between the saws when the same are to be cleaned (para. 4-5).
Improvement in Cotton-Gin-Saw Cleaners.
Patent for improvement in cotton-gin-saw cleaners used in cotton ginning processes, including illustration.
Improvement in Hand Cotton Pickers.
Patent for a new method of picking cotton by hand, whereby 3 spindles remove the fibers from the bolls.
Patent for a new and useful improvement in Sulky-Plows. The invention utilizes "a novel construction-levers, and arrangement of hangers, braces, and levers, whereby provision is made for the attachment of plow-beams of different sizes, and for adjusting the parts" (lines 7-11)
Churn Power.
Patent for a new and improved motorized butter churn. This design utilizes paralleled uprights, shafts, through-holes, screw-holes, a crank, pit-men, and a cross-head (lines 85-92). This combination and arrangement of parts allows rotary motion to be converted to reciprocal motion, which improves the churning process.
Spoke Socket.
Patent for a new and improved vehicle wheel for "preventing the tire from becoming loose" and "preventing the loosening and rattling of the spokes" (lines 8-11). This design achieves these feats with conically-tipped spokes encased by rubber cushions.
Ant Trap.
Patent for a new and improved ant trap. This design calls for a tank of water to be buried in the ground and a collar of cheap material to be attached to the tank and placed over the mouth of an anthill. The concave nature of the collar prevents ants from climbing out of it, so they are forced into the water tank, where they drown; the design is cheaper and less toxic than previous designs.
Head Protector.
Patent for a new and improved head protector. This design utilizes a wire "skeleton mask" and corresponding cap that holds the former in place. These are "designed to be covered with netting and to be worn as a protection against mosquitoes and other poisonous insects, and which is also applicable to bee-keepers' use, thrashers, gunners, railroad brakemen, &c." (lines 14-19).
Saw-Sharpening Tool
Patent for a saw-sharpening tool granted to Robert S. Munger. The tool may also be used for sharpening cotton gin blades.
Animal Power.
Patent for a new and improved animal power (engine). This design "consists in an animal-power constructed with a small wheel placed loosely upon a stationary upright shaft, and connected by hinges with the inner ends of arms and sweeps attached to the main wheel, which is mounted upon caster-wheels to support the weight of the wheel and its attachments. . . . The object of this invention is to economize power and promote convenience" (lines 16-25).
Washing Compound.
Patent for "detergent or washing compounds for cleansing clothing, fabrics, &c." (lines 14-16) which lists the ingredients and their measurements and directions for use.
Feed Governor for Cotton Gins.
Patent for a new and improved feed governor for cotton gins. This design "provide[s] means whereby the rate of feeding will be automatically decreased when the cotton is fed into the roll-box faster than it is being ginned, and whereby the feed will be finally stopped when the roll increases to a certain limit, and will be again started when the roll is reduced to a size previously fixed upon, and will be actuated to feed faster as the roll decreases in size" (lines 17-25).
Steam Heated Evaporator.
Patent for a new and improved steam-heated evaporator. This design consists in "[t]he combination of the receptacle, the chest inclosing the receptacle, the coil surrounding the chest, the vat containing the chest and coil, the pipe having branches communicating, respectively, with chest and coil, and cocks, for controlling the passage of steam to the chest and coil, and the pipe for condensing the vapor from the receptacle" (lines 60-68).
Soil Pulverizer.
Patent for a new and improved soil pulverizer. This design consists in "the combination of rotating blades on a shaft adjustable forward and backward, the driving wheel shaft, the intermediate operating mechanism, and the two transverse shafts . . . the driving-wheels, the multiplying gear-wheels, the two shafts, blades, [the] shaft adjustable forward and backward by means of a lever, frame having recesses for journal-boxes, the lugs on the latter, and the connecting rod" (lines 84-95).
Advertising Device.
Patent for a new and improved advertising sign. This design "consist[s] in the fixed staff or upright having pulley, bent rotary vane having the opening, and adapted for the display of advertisements, inside [the] bent rotary vane, and the governor adapted to regulate automatically the speed at which the vanes are to revolve" (lines 68-80).
Apparatus for Handling Seed Cotton.
Patent for cotton house with bins and conveyors that prevent the cotton from being contaminated.
Apparatus for Handling Seed-Cotton.
Patent for a "mechanism for handling seed-cotton [...] to provide novel means for conveying said cotton directly from the wagon or from the cotton-house to the ginning mechanism, whereby the cotton is cleansed and dried during its passage" (lines 7-13). It also helps to prevent fires and contamination of ginned cotton, and to reduce labor handling seed-cotton.
Cotton or Other Press.
Patent for "that class of cotton-presses in which duplex bale or press boxes arranged to swing upon centers are adapted to be brought in line with a stationary platen and a movable follower" (lines 7-11), including instructions and illustrations.
Mechanism for Handling Lint Cotton.
Patent for a new and improved mechanism for handling lint-cotton. This design "has for its object to avoid the accumulation of dust and light particles of fiber in the atmosphere of the gin-house, to greatly reduce the dangers of destructive conflagrations in ginning establishments, to avoid the repeated handling of the cotton between the gins and the press, and to secure a more perfect separation from the cotton of dust and other foreign substances" (lines 8-16).
Mechanism for Sharpening Teeth of Cotton-Gin Saws
Patent for a sharpener for cotton gin saws granted to Robert S. Munger. This patent improves upon an earlier patent received by Munger in 1882.
Combined Seed Planter and Guano Distributer.
Patent for a new and improved planter and fertilizer distributor. This design "consists in the combination and arrangement of parts, whereby the machine can be readily attached to and removed from a cultivator of any suitable description and used for planting seeds of different kinds and distributing guano at the same time that the seeds are being planted" (lines 15-22).
Spring Bed Bottom.
Patent for a new and improved box-spring. This design consists in "[t]he combination of the main frame, the springs having their connecting pieces curved or coiled to form double heart-shaped configurations, the hinged head-rests, the wide bails, movably attached at the ends of their side pieces to the connecting-pieces of the springs at the side edges of the head-rests, and having their middle pieces curved or coiled to form heart-shaped configurations resting upon the tops of the springs of the head-rest, and the coiled wire coiled around all the portions of the springs" (lines 76-87).
Paint Brush.
Patent for a new and improved paint brush. This design "consists in an extensible and contractible frame having means for clamping a brush within the same, and provided at the end of its component members or plates with a sockets or tubes, in which are fitted adjustable stems carrying brush holders or sockets at their ends which are capable of receiving an angular adjustment in relation to said stems" (lines 15-23).
Washing Machine.
Patent for a new and improved washing machine. This design consists "in a washing-machine, the combination, with the furnace, of the box, having the semicircularly-curved top, of the cylindrical cage and the flues in the box" (lines 87-90).
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design consists in "the combination of two sliding draw-heads, each provided with a shank having coiled around it a spring and a nut secured thereto, an upper sliding supporting-plate for the pin, having a tripping device, a lower sliding supporting-plate for the link, having a catch, a latch with a trip-arm for holding and releasing said plate, and a spring for drawing it back to its normal position" (lines 11-20).
Patent for a new baling press design with description of parts and their functions, with illustrations.
Cotton Chopper.
Patent for a new and improved cotton chopper. This design consists in "[t]he combination of an axle, a frame, a shaft journaled longitudinally in the frame, radial arms mounted on the said shaft, gear connecting the said shaft with the axle, rectangular blades secured upon the ends of the said arms, the said blades being set diagonally, making their side edges parallel with the spiral path of the arms . . . and one blade being narrower than the others . . . whereby each blade will exactly coincide with the spiral path of its motion and stands will be left uncut at equal intervals" (lines 24-36).
Tamping Machine
Patent for the invention of a new and useful improvement in Tamping-Machines. Includes full, clear, and exact description and illustration. Invention relates to an improvement in machines for tamping, intended for tamping dirt under railway-ties (20).
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design consists in "hinged jaws, draw-bars provided with a pin-hole . . . the jaws acting to support the pin until forced apart by the link, a hinged lever, a plate pivoted to said lever, said pin being attached to said plate, and an operating chain or rod connected to said plate for raising said pin" (lines 29-36).
Combined Cotton Chopper and Cultivator.
Patent for a new and improved cotton chopper and cultivator. This design consists in "the frame, the axle having drive-wheels, and a bevel-gear in combination with the longitudinally-sliding gear-shaft having [a] short crank on its rear end, the bar, the longitudinal rock-shaft in rear of and above the shaft and having the long crank, the handle depending from the rear-end of the rock-shaft, and the opposite chopping-hoes" (lines 27-35).
Patent for a new and improved harrow. This design "consist[s] of a central longitudinal beam having perforations, the jointed toothed frame pivoted to supports on the beam, the handles connected at their forward ends to the said beam, the brace-rods pivoted to the handles and to a cross-bar resting on the beam, and the vertical bolt adapted to the perforations in the beam to adjust the cross-bar thereupon, and thereby raise and lower the handles" (lines 85-94).
Patent for a new and improved cultivator. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with a flat shovel and a shank, of the bead on said shovel having a transverse slot therethrough, a slotted wedge inserted between said shovel and shank, and a bolt passing through said bead, wedge, and shank" (lines 95-100).